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Marine - Is she sounding hoarse about one in for the sea?

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Marine - "from the halls of montezuma" soldier Marine - "leatherneck" soldier Marine - "north ___ drive" Marine - "semper fi" shouter Marine - "semper fi" soldier Marine - 'battle cry' soldier Marine - 'nautical, maritime (6)' Marine - 'semper fi' sayer Marine - 'semper fidelis' person Marine - *jarhead Marine - Airmen (anag.) Marine - Are, in short, in a state of 17 down Marine - Camp pendleton inhabitant Marine - Camp pendleton recruit Marine - Certain enlisted man Marine - Concerned with the sea Marine - Concerning the sea Marine - Corps member Marine - Devil dog Marine - Fishy? Marine - Flag raiser on iwo jima Marine - Flying airmen with one of a number of troops Marine - For waters Marine - French husband born at sea Marine - Get the horse around in for th sea Marine - Get the horse around in there to go by sea Marine - Gomer pyle, e.g Marine - Gyrene Marine - How the academician comes back in my one to be all at sea Marine - How the sheep came up in the east by sea Marine - I must go into battle at sea Marine - In the sea with the horse around Marine - Is she sounding hoarse about one in for the sea? Marine - Iwo jima figure Marine - Iwo jima flag raiser Marine - Iwo jima flag raiser Marine - Jarhead Marine - Jolly king lying in state Marine - Kind of biology Marine - Kind of fighter airmen crashed Marine - Kind of geology Marine - Lance corporal, e.g Marine - Leatherneck Marine - Mainly a soldier Marine - Maritime Marine - Maritime - seagoing soldier Marine - Member of forces - one holed up in battleground Marine - Member of the corps Marine - Merchant _______ Marine - Nautical Marine - Nautical, maritime Marine - Naval battle secures island Marine - Naval bomb holding rear admiral back Marine - Not terrestrial, perhaps Marine - Oceanic Marine - Of the sea Marine - Of the sea; a soldier Marine - One of "a few good men" Marine - One of "the few, the proud" Marine - One of 'the few, the proud' Marine - One with a "semper fi" bumper sticker Marine - Part of usmc Marine - Perhaps see the sound of it Marine - Puissance navale Marine - Relating to shipping or naval matters Marine - Relating to the sea Marine - Remain all at sea - all at sea Marine - River in new england state on the sea Marine - Sea horse trapped in Marine - Sea soldier Marine - Sea where river cuts through state Marine - Sea-related Marine - Sea-soldier Marine - Seagoing Marine - See 14 Marine - See the sound of a horse in the army around in here Marine - Soldier associated with a navy Marine - Soldier at sea Marine - Soldier i chucked in the river Marine - Soldier in uris's 'battle cry' Marine - Soldier likely to hear an incredible tale? Marine - Soldier-sailor Marine - The horse, around in here, is all at sea Marine - There's a sea horse around in here Marine - To do with the sea Marine - Toby keith "call a ___" Marine - U.s.s. nautilus, for one Marine - Under the sea Marine - Usmc member Marine - What's in the inside of the horse is just liquid Marine - ___ one (president's helicopter)