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Static - Still here

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Static - It might make your hair stand on end Static - Kind of electricity Static - It's often heard during storms Static - Unwanted noise Static - Interference Static - Criticism, so to speak Static - Noise Static - Back talk, slangily Static - Cling cause Static - Noisy opposition Static - Winter buildup, at times Static - Radio noise Static - Bad reception Static - Radio interference Static - Noise on the air Static - Storm production Static - Radio woe Static - Flak Static - Complaints, informally Static - Tv interference Static - Electrical interference Static - Constant Static - Crackling radio noise Static - Slangy criticism Static - Radio annoyance Static - Unwanted radio noise Static - Reception problem Static - Radio broadcast interference Static - Trouble Static - Shocking buildup? Static - Sign of bad reception Static - Sign of a bad connection Static - Radio problem Static - Radio nuisance Static - Radio trouble Static - Unmoving Static - Reception hindrance Static - Is it still interfering with reception? Static - Still, it may be electrical Static - Noise caused by electrical interference Static - It's still a southern attic Static - Still there's tit for in like this Static - Still, that's it Static - It may be still in a cast Static - It's still causing interference Static - It's still interference by the sound of it Static - It's still the cause of the trouble on the air Static - The southern attic is still here Static - That's not still electrical, by the sound of it Static - It's still a current nuisance, by the sound of it Static - Still, the noise is a current one Static - Currently, it still gives interference at the reception Static - Unmoving, still Static - Not active or moving Static - Inactive, motionless Static - Crackling noise from electrical interference Static - Lacking movement or action Static - Not moving Static - Back here one might find it in felines Static - Not moving, like some electricity Static - Motionless like certain electricity Static - Motionless, like some electricity Static - Immobile Static - Inert, motionless Static - Inactive or inert Static - Motionless like some kind of electricity Static - Still, not moving Static - Not active, immobile Static - Crakling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference Static - Inert or passive, like some electricity Static - Crackling or hissing noise caused by electrical interference Static - Not moving or changing Static - Crackling noise from interference Static - Noise caused by electrical interferance Static - Inert like some electricity Static - Crackling noise caused by electrical interference Static - Unmoving like kind of electricity Static - That still causes interference on the air Static - Still interfering with the reception Static - Might 'e see this and still be thrilled? Static - Still making attics of this? Static - Still here Static - Still you get confused reception with this Static - Still it is back in the cats Static - Still it spoils the reception Static - Still tit for this (sic) round about it Static - It still sounds annoying Static - Still it may turn up among the cats Static - Still there's interference Static - It acts badly, lacking motivation Static - Snow on tv still! Static - Interference ruined its act Static - ... still, cats keep it up Static - Stable and attics needing renovation Static - Stable form of electricity Static - Still getting interference Static - Make cat sit still Static - Radio reception problem which never goes away Static - Still - radio interference Static - Inactive Static - Stationary Static - Still - type of electricity Static - 8-ing - sort of electricity, line or memory Static - Still - crackling on the radio Static - Still Static - Not moving - electrical interference Static - Its cat (anag) Static - Cast it (anag) - unmoving Static - Motionless Static - Jacques tati can't keep still Static - At a standstill Static - Noise from electrical interference Static - Crackling in exaltation, having left the city Static - Not going anywhere with rubbish covered in (sic) Static - Reception disruption Static - Can't move a muscle in converted attics Static - Crackly feedback Static - Unchanging Static - Radio crackling Static - Southern volunteers get nervous reaction still Static - Immobile interference Static - Still a problem on the radio? Static - Still at breaking point with spasm Static - Stable mousers holding it back Static - It's still a disturbing thing Static - Passive interference Static - Lacking movement Static - Still hissing Static - Lacking change Static - Atmospheric disturbance - felines upset about it rising! Static - Still an irritation for the listener? Static - Problem in reception is fixed Static - Still from jacques tati comedy Static - 'revelation, like inspiration, is a process, not a -- condition' (w. r. inge, faith) Static - Still it can shock and ruin the reception Static - Volunteers mostly stand around, not moving Static - It can shock and ruin the reception still Static - Constant appeal stops musical going west Static - Not moving, but causing interference Static - Still standing! Static - Crackling on a vinyl record Static - Stationary cats hold it back Static - Still a cause of poor reception Static - Constant interference? Static - Hissing but making no move Static - Good person a short time in charge, not dynamic Static - Frozen crackling Static - Interference in stable Static - Inactive plant nearly visible Static - Stuck in a traffic jam? that can be shocking Static - Something shocking that could be found in attics Static - Resting in stable Static - Old director in south carolina resting Static - Interference caused by a nervous reaction on the way Static - Still blissful, having abandoned the city Static - Crackling or hissing noise on phone, radio or other telecommunication system Static - Vinyl record's crackling still Static - Still enthralled by contest at ice-skating Static - Interference on box in stable Static - Stationary in street, meeting a jerk Static - Still, it could affect one's reception Static - Still, unchanging Static - Part of jacques tati comedy is not moving Static - Attics converted to stable! Static - Jazz fans holding it up still Static - Fixed a problem with radio reception Static - Still very happy, although missing the city Static - Criticism Static - Not going anywhere building attics Static - Still - interference Static - Nearly all stand around at stable Static - Not moving? that could be shocking Static - Reception annoyance Static - Fixed interference affecting tv Static - A lot of criticism about a source of television interference Static - Audio interference Static - Not in physical motion Static - In stable, animals eat it standing up Static - Not moving? it's shocking Static - Still hissing? Static - Electric spark