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Raisin - The wrinkled, fruity artist is at home

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Raisin - Kind of bread Raisin - Bran accompanier Raisin - Gorp morsel Raisin - "a ___ in the sun" Raisin - Plum pudding tidbit Raisin - Cereal fruit Raisin - Sunsweet item Raisin - Cookie addition, perhaps Raisin - Granola ingredient Raisin - California fruit Raisin - Cereal morsel Raisin - Dried fruit Raisin - Bran-cereal fruit Raisin - Trail mix fruit Raisin - Bread choice Raisin - Dark purplish blue Raisin - Dried grape Raisin - Panettone bit Raisin - ___ bread Raisin - Former grape Raisin - 'a ___ in the sun' (first play written by a black woman to be produced on broadway) Raisin - Gingerbread man's eye, maybe Raisin - Trail-mix fruit Raisin - Trail mix bit Raisin - Gorp bit Raisin - Granola bit Raisin - Muffin extra Raisin - Scone add-in Raisin - Muffin bit Raisin - 1973 hansberry-based musical Raisin - Shriveled grape Raisin - Grape that's seen better days? Raisin - -- bran Raisin - By the sound of it, gettin' it up to having wrinkles Raisin - How you might be growin' grapes for dryin' Raisin - The wrinkled artist is at home Raisin - By the sound of it, gettin' up with the wrinkles Raisin - How the 21 down artist is at home Raisin - The artist's at home with the wrinkles Raisin - Sounds like gettin' up to havin' wrinkles - how sweet! Raisin - The sweet, wrinkled artist is at home Raisin - It is in the rain but it's dried Raisin - By the sound of it, gettin' up with wrinkles Raisin - Seems the artist's not out of bed, but he's gettin' up, by the sound of it Raisin - How sweet to have such a wrinkled painter at home Raisin - The artist's not out of doors and so has been kept dry Raisin - What is in the end of 1 across makes it both sweet and dry Raisin - The wrinkled academician's at home - how sweet! Raisin - The wrinkled artist's at home Raisin - How sweet if the wrinkled artist's at home! Raisin - How sweet of the artist to be so at home Raisin - The artist is at home, sweet and wrinkled Raisin - So the painter is at home? isn't that sweet! Raisin - How the sweet academician's at home and gets dry Raisin - A dried grape used in cake Raisin - A dried grape Raisin - Dried grape used in cakes Raisin - A dried grape, nice in cake Raisin - The dry artist's at home Raisin - At last one is home and dry - how sweet! Raisin - The wrinkled, fruity artist is at home Raisin - How sweet if the artist's at home Raisin - The artist's in a wrinkled state, though still quite sweet Raisin - Gettin' up to being dry and wrinkled Raisin - With a confused air it's very wrong to be so wrinkled Raisin - 'the sweet, wrinkled academician's at home (6)' Raisin - The artist's at home, sweet but dry Raisin - Oatmeal-cookie tidbit Raisin - Sun-maid tidbit Raisin - Trail mix tidbit Raisin - Growin' fruit Raisin - Dried fruit is placed in water Raisin - Fruit painter is at home Raisin - Fruit is gathered in the fall Raisin - Fruit is planted in wet weather Raisin - Fruit managed to protect one's ego Raisin - Fruit lasts in 'what into each life must fall' Raisin - Fruit may be elevating, though not entirely Raisin - Granola bar ingredient Raisin - Fruit of glorifying without tips? Raisin - Rum's ice-cream partner Raisin - Dried-up type is caught in downpour Raisin - Sultana, e.g Raisin - Wager Raisin - Dried 18 Raisin - Granola morsel Raisin - Cultivating endless fruit that's been processed Raisin - Partially dried grape Raisin - Endlessly promoting fruit Raisin - Somewhat dry fruit is immersed in water Raisin - Praising top - and - tailing fruit product Raisin - Slowly cooking peeled fruit Raisin - Endlessly cooking dried fruit Raisin - Fruit is appearing in the fall Raisin - Growin' dried fruit Raisin - Painter appeals to the trendy sultana, say Raisin - Artist is at home depicting fruit Raisin - Fruit's growing, but incomplete Raisin - An iris (anag) Raisin - French for 'grape' Raisin - Briefly growing fruit Raisin - Nearly got lift home with fruit Raisin - Rain is needed to produce fruit Raisin - Display of fruit that's almost uplifting Raisin - Fruit for the christmas cake is planted in wet weather Raisin - There's no good in lifting dried fruit Raisin - Fruit is eaten by cats and dogs Raisin - Fruit that is caught in shower Raisin - Fruit for the christmas cake Raisin - Fruit for the academician's home Raisin - Growing no end of fruit Raisin - Fruit is detected in drops Raisin - Fruit is in water Raisin - Current, we hear, could be gettin' higher by the sound of it Raisin - Stirrin' up something in the cake-making mix? Raisin - Fruit is seen in the fall Raisin - Fruit stewing without limits Raisin - Fruit is floating in torrent Raisin - Artist is at home -- a bit of a fruitcake? Raisin - Dried fruit's mostly strengthening Raisin - Somehow, iran is left out to dry Raisin - Scone fruit Raisin - Is caught in shower with wine producer left out in the sun for too long Raisin - Is iran making something associated with shiraz out in the sun too long? Raisin - Bit of fruit in a box Raisin - Fruit in a cereal bowl Raisin - Water is assumed to be ingredient in fruit cake? Raisin - Bringin' up fruit Raisin - Rum __ ice cream Raisin - Large dried grape Raisin - Raise a stink losing stake to wizened dried-up type Raisin - Endlessly producing fruit Raisin - Bread flavoring Raisin - Growing endless fruit Raisin - Dried fruit ailsa regularly fed to cats and dogs? Raisin - __ bread Raisin - Fruit in a poitier title Raisin - No good cultivating fruit Raisin - Something dry and fruity is favoured by artist Raisin - Rearing mostly fruit Raisin - Producing endless dried fruit