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Better - Preferable for the teetotaller to have around of beer

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Better - More proficient Better - Outdo Better - End of the quip Better - See 83 down Better - Not quite best Better - Greater in excellence Better - Ford has a _____ idea Better - Improve Better - Improving Better - Sound again Better - Improved Better - How one might be gambling on improvement Better - One does not drink when there's beer about and one is at the races, perhaps Better - Does it do more good to get the teetotaller in the ale? Better - It's an improvement for the non-drinker to have some drink around Better - It's an improvement if the teetotaller has a drink around here Better - Is there any improvement in the sort of person you'd find at the racecourse Better - It would improve the teetotaller to have drink around Better - More to the point to be a teetotaller when there's drink around Better - Preferable to have ale all around the teetotaller Better - What an improvement for the non-drinker to be in the drink! Better - It's an improvement for a teetotaller to have drink around (6) Better - Improvement to have drink around a teetotaller Better - Preferable to be more of a gambler? Better - Is it preferable for a non-drinker to have drink around? Better - Is there beer around for the teetotaller - that's more like it! Better - It's more than good for the teetotaller to have some beer around Better - Is it preferable to have a non-drinker in the drink? Better - It's an improvement for the teetotaller to have some drink around Better - Comparatively good Better - Partly or fully recovered from illness Better - 'discretion is the . . . . . . part of valour' Better - Is this to be be preferred for 3 down? Better - Superior Better - Seems an improvement for one to go where there are 29 down Better - Superior of two alternatives Better - Superior of two Better - More satisfactory or partly recovered Better - Recovered from illness - more satisfactory Better - More good may come of one that likes to gamble Better - It's an improvement for a teetotaller to be in a round of beer Better - An improvement for ascot, perhaps Better - Preferable for a teetotaller to have a round of ale Better - One might gamble on improvement Better - Preferable for the teetotaller to have around of beer Better - To get a non-drinker into the beer is an improvement Better - Around a teetotaller drink is preferred Better - Seems it's preferable for one to be gambolling here, by the sound of it Better - It's an improvement so to get a non-drinker in the drink Better - It does the teetotaller more good to have beer around Better - It's preferable to have a drink round a teetotaller Better - It would be preferable not to drink if there was beer around Better - A teetotaller is improved if there's drink around Better - It's an improvement to be this sort of a gambler, perhaps Better - Might the teetotaller be a gambler if there's beer around Better - Can one make good as a gambler? Better - Left the bar, ordered by the wife Better - Man races to get in drink that's superior Better - It's preferable when dry to get in a drink Better - Recovered gambler Better - It's preferable to be a speculator Better - Recovered from booze, not wanting any brought in Better - Mrs 51%? Better - More competent - gambler Better - Well again Better - Much improved Better - Surpass Better - Not as bad, though he will take risks Better - Improved layer Better - One may lay but is no longer sick Better - Speculator recovering from illness Better - More effective; gambler Better - Superior punter Better - More desirable; gambler Better - More satisfactory Better - Superior person making use of 43 Better - M ore appropriate Better - Gambler Better - Top layer Better - Gambler; more effective Better - Improved a layer? Better - Cap for bookie's client Better - Punter's cap Better - Gambler; more Better - One making wager; more advantageous Better - More effectively Better - Gambler cured? Better - Being teetotal, when surrounded by alcoholic, is superior Better - Having recovered from the backer Better - More advantageous for the punter Better - This punter improved Better - One might gamble on being over ill health Better - Superior; gambler Better - He supports gambling reform Better - Recovering gambler Better - Recovering gambler? Better - To get cured, he's taking a chance Better - More suitable for punter Better - 'raise', one might say? Better - Cap for racegoer Better - Improve on Better - Improve upon Better - See 2 down Better - More acceptable Better - More successful person taking risks for financial gain? Better - Excel as risk-taker Better - More effective Better - Superior person punting? Better - Drink that's swallowed time and time again to make one stronger Better - Raise? he might! Better - Recovered; gambler Better - On the mend Better - Worse alternative? Better - "___ call saul" Better - Gambler improved Better - Race to enter compet­ition with right player Better - Punter is completely recovered Better - More able Better - Gambler; cured Better - Preferable Better - Hall & oates "some things are ___ left unsaid" Better - Improved - gambler Better - One having punt improved