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Bassi - They have low ranges

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  • Bassi - Letter on B
  • 1 - st. word B
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word S
  • 5 - st. word I

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Bassi - Some 'aïda' singers Bassi - Don pasquale and others Bassi - Operatic voices Bassi - Operatic villains, often Bassi - Lowest male voices Bassi - Low-voiced singers Bassi - They have low ranges Bassi - Bad men of opera, usually Bassi - Pinza and chaliapin Bassi - Often villainous operatic roles Bassi - Low men Bassi - They can go pretty low Bassi - Lowest parts Bassi - Robeson and pinza Bassi - Boito's mefistofele and others Bassi - Low men at the met Bassi - Low-pitched singers Bassi - Several roles in 'the barber of seville' Bassi - Met men Bassi - Some opera singers Bassi - Bad men of opera, often Bassi - Some opera voices Bassi - Low opera voices Bassi - Ezio pinza et al Bassi - Lowest voices Bassi - Pinza and chaliapin, for two Bassi - Low men at the opera Bassi - Low guys at the opera Bassi - Many singing villains Bassi - Villainous operatic voices Bassi - Some male singers Bassi - Lowest 56-across members Bassi - Low men at la scala Bassi - They can go pretty low (var.) Bassi - Deep opera voices Bassi - Low-voiced belters Bassi - Ezio pinza and samuel ramey Bassi - Choir voices Bassi - They've got deep voices Bassi - Singers with low voices Bassi - Deep singers Bassi - Deep vocalists Bassi - Met villains, perhaps Bassi - Low voices Bassi - Deep-voiced singers Bassi - Several 'boris godunov' parts Bassi - They have very low ranges Bassi - Deep voices Bassi - Deep, low voices Bassi - Some singers Bassi - "boris godunov" singers Bassi - Some opera performers Bassi - Singers in opera perch on one Bassi - Group of unmissable, up-and-coming singers Bassi - Instrument of false spy alert Bassi - Guys who go deep? Bassi - Singers of low songs Bassi - Low men in the choir Bassi - Plishka and pinza Bassi - Deep-voiced opera stars Bassi - Choir members Bassi - Low operatic voices Bassi - Many opera villains Bassi - Many opera singers Bassi - King philip and the grand inquisitor in verdi's 'don carlo,' e.g Bassi - Typical opera villains Bassi - Singers from us behind ac/dc covers Bassi - Low-voiced choir members