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Royalist - Monarchist

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Royalist - Monarchist Royalist - King's champion Royalist - King supporter Royalist - Old tory Royalist - One is all for the 24 across Royalist - Advocate of the principles of monarchy Royalist - Solitary kind of person who favours monarchy Royalist - It's a cavalier for roy and the vips Royalist - Cavalier in solitary, tortured Royalist - Chap with a bias - for the queen? Royalist - Solitary eccentric, supporter of the monarchy Royalist - One pro-monarchy Royalist - Strangely solitary cavalier? Royalist - Leaderless lad with a leaning to follow king? Royalist - Man with a leaning towards monarchic rule? Royalist - It would be terrible to slay rex, one held Royalist - Solitary, confused opponent of republicans Royalist - Cavalier official, missing maiden over, left first Royalist - Cavalier man with a 20 Royalist - Cavalier chap on a roll Royalist - Civil war participant in leaderless ancient city on a roll Royalist - Monarchy supporter Royalist - For queen, is yacht finally under sail? Royalist - Faithful person after initial changing of sides, one in civil war Royalist - Cavalier attitude initially on record, boy having come first Royalist - Civil war cavalier Royalist - Solitary (anag.) Royalist - Solitary criminal, supporter of monarchy Royalist - Sadly solitary opponent of the commonwealth Royalist - Strangely solitary queen fan Royalist - Wrongly take solitary man with king or queen Royalist - ... he liked a bourbon in solitary state Royalist - Cavalier man's on a roll Royalist - Solitary slapdash cavalier Royalist - Orbison and top celebrities supporting the monarchy Royalist - Castle perhaps attended by top celebrities -- one defending establishment? Royalist - Cavalier sort stupidly accepting one bet retrospectively Royalist - Orbison and top celebrities supporting queen Royalist - Fan of john or george at various times, but never ringo? Royalist - Supporter of monarchy Royalist - Cavalier man having celebrity status Royalist - Cavalier fighter allegedly the greatest in stirring story Royalist - Cavalier, once - a fellow with a record! Royalist - A tory is oddly accepting line that was opposing parliament Royalist - 12 (anag) Royalist - Solitary revolutionary monarchist Royalist - Monarch's supporter