Aesop - Noted didacticist

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Aesop - Ancient moralist Aesop - 'the lion and the mouse' writer Aesop - Fable fellow Aesop - 'belling the cat' author Aesop - 'the wolf in sheep's clothing' writer Aesop - 'the fox and the grapes' storyteller Aesop - Name on a children's book Aesop - Man of morals Aesop - Man with morals Aesop - Fabulist of yore Aesop - His tales often featured animals Aesop - Noted didacticist Aesop - Storyteller of yore Aesop - He wrote of "sour grapes" Aesop - The greek poet babrius versified his stories Aesop - Apologue author Aesop - Famous fabler Aesop - Greek storyteller Aesop - Fabulous fellow Aesop - Certain moral authority Aesop - Fabled storyteller Aesop - Man of fables Aesop - Fabulous storyteller Aesop - Morals man Aesop - "the bundle of sticks" author Aesop - Fabled fabulist Aesop - Fabulist Aesop - Fable composer Aesop - Sixth-century b.c. storyteller Aesop - Name on many a children's book Aesop - Man of many morals Aesop - "the goose with the golden eggs" author Aesop - Fabulous fabulist Aesop - Noted greek fable writer Aesop - Tortoise immortalizer Aesop - See 103-across Aesop - Fabulous author Aesop - Fables author Aesop - Originator of the phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt' Aesop - Noted fabulist Aesop - "the tortoise and the hare" writer Aesop - 'the fox and the grapes' author Aesop - Memorable moralist Aesop - Noted moralist Aesop - Tale teller Aesop - "belling the cat" author Aesop - Fabulous writer Aesop - Greek fabulist Aesop - Ancient fable teller Aesop - Famous fabulist Aesop - Fabulist extraordinaire Aesop - Fabulous greek Aesop - Life-lesson tale-teller Aesop - Greek moralist Aesop - Storyteller of samos Aesop - His many tales featured many tails Aesop - The fable guy Aesop - Ancient tale teller Aesop - 'the tortoise and the hare' author Aesop - Fable writer Aesop - Teller of tales Aesop - 'the boy who cried wolf' writer Aesop - Old greek storyteller Aesop - Ancient fabulist Aesop - "sour grapes" storyteller Aesop - Moralist of yore Aesop - Ancient fable spinner Aesop - "the lion and the mouse" writer Aesop - Moral fabulist Aesop - Man of morals? Aesop - 'the mischievous dog' author Aesop - Noted storyteller Aesop - "familiarity breeds contempt" coiner Aesop - Moral man Aesop - "the dog and the bone" author Aesop - Writer with morals Aesop - Greek fabler Aesop - Fabulous guy? Aesop - Tortoise-and-hare name Aesop - 'the wolf in sheep's clothing' author Aesop - Storyteller with morals Aesop - Literary contemporary of croesus Aesop - Fabulous guy Aesop - Greek writer of fables Aesop - Ancient fable source Aesop - Fable guy Aesop - Source of ancient fables Aesop - "the tortoise and the hare" source Aesop - "the wolf in sheep's clothing" author Aesop - Underground rapper ___ rock Aesop - Legendary storyteller Aesop - 'the lion and the mouse' storyteller Aesop - Fabled moralist Aesop - Fabulous fellow? Aesop - "the frog and the ox" author Aesop - Croesus contemporary Aesop - "belling the cat" originator Aesop - Tale-with-a-point guy Aesop - Ancient moralizer Aesop - Classical storyteller Aesop - Man with many fables Aesop - 'the goose that laid the golden eggs' writer Aesop - See 8-down Aesop - "slow and steady" storyteller Aesop - "the fox and the grapes" fable writer Aesop - Greek moralizer Aesop - "the lion and the mouse" fabulist Aesop - "boy who cried wolf" source Aesop - Story-telling slave Aesop - Whence the phrase 'sour grapes' Aesop - Fable creator Aesop - "the boy who cried wolf" fabulist Aesop - "lion's share" fabulist Aesop - Fable source Aesop - "the ant and the grasshopper" author Aesop - Ancient storyteller Aesop - Writer known for moralizing Aesop - 'the frogs who desired a king' author Aesop - Teller of fables Aesop - Legendary story byline Aesop - Greek with lessons Aesop - 'familiarity breeds contempt' fabulist Aesop - Fab fabulist Aesop - Man with a moral Aesop - Fable author Aesop - Writer of many fables Aesop - Fabled guy? Aesop - Moral man? Aesop - Old fable writer Aesop - Famed fable writer Aesop - Famed fabulist Aesop - 'the tortoise and the hare' writer Aesop - The fabled work of russell Aesop - A classical fable teller Aesop - The fabled work of george russell Aesop - What a fabulous backward position! Aesop - Pose a fabulous one standing on his head Aesop - Around the east this mixture of soap was fabulous Aesop - His work made george russell quite fabulous Aesop - The fabulous work of george russell? Aesop - The fabulous work of george russell may be his Aesop - Russell's work shows what a fabulous chap he was Aesop - Around the east the soap in just fabulous for him Aesop - The work of russell was absolutely fabulous Aesop - The work of russell was fabulous (5) Aesop - The work of russell was simply fabulous Aesop - A pose by greek writer of fables Aesop - Greek author, famous for his fables Aesop - Greek father of fables Aesop - 'united we stand, divided we fall' writer Aesop - A pose for fable teller Aesop - Great greek teller of animal fables Aesop - A pose of famed fable teller Aesop - Fable maker Aesop - Greek teller of animal tales with a moral Aesop - So ape the writer of fables Aesop - Poses as ancient greek writer Aesop - Greek author of fables Aesop - The work of ae was fabulous Aesop - The work of russel is fabulous Aesop - Source of the saying 'the gods help them that help themselves' Aesop - Fables source Aesop - "the wolf and the crane" author Aesop - He told of the ant and the grasshopper Aesop - His many tales had many tails Aesop - 'the boy who cried wolf' storyteller Aesop - Ancient greek author still widely read by kids Aesop - Creator of many talking animals Aesop - Legendary creator of talking animals Aesop - Greek with 12-downs Aesop - Author of many a talking animal story Aesop - Classical subject of a velázquez painting in the prado Aesop - His stories made one sit up Aesop - Sit back after opening of 'absolutely fabulous' man Aesop - His morals were fabulous Aesop - Writer taking ecstasy in a sweetener Aesop - A bluff, upstanding moralist Aesop - Storyteller's revolutionary main work Aesop - Writer of bad english soap Aesop - Writer of comic operas? not right Aesop - Suggest a rise for the storyteller Aesop - A concession to retain eastern storyteller Aesop - Old storyteller makes one sit up Aesop - Writer of fables Aesop - "__ & son": "the bullwinkle show" feature involving morality tales Aesop - Moral creator Aesop - Fabled tale teller Aesop - Fabled man? Aesop - Ancient greek storyteller Aesop - Greek river with body of water rising Aesop - 'venus and the cat' writer Aesop - Ancient greek author of moral tales Aesop - Fabled fabler Aesop - "the fox and the crow" writer Aesop - There was always a point to what he wrote Aesop - Noted taleteller Aesop - Fable teller of note Aesop - Greek fable writer Aesop - 'the lion's share' author Aesop - "the tortoise and the hare" author Aesop - To whom the mouse and the lion pose a problem Aesop - Looking back, model for a greek storyteller Aesop - 'the two pots' storyteller Aesop - "the fox and the grapes" author Aesop - "the tortoise and the hare" penner Aesop - A model, upwardly mobile greek writer Aesop - Fable penner Aesop - 'the ant and the grasshopper' author Aesop - Ancient master of didacticism Aesop - 'the tortoise and the hare' storyteller Aesop - Creator of a cocky hare Aesop - Famous fable writer Aesop - Fable master Aesop - Teller of fabulous tales Aesop - Writer's work published after tide turns Aesop - Backward attitude adopted by a very old writer Aesop - Fabulous writer's main rejected work Aesop - Fabulous writer's uplifting main work Aesop - Greek fabulist (tortoise and the hare) Aesop - Affectation rejected by a fabulous writer Aesop - A stance taken up by story-teller Aesop - Fabulist takes a retrograde attitude Aesop - Classic fable writer Aesop - 'no, no, go not to --, neither twist / wolf's-bane ...' (keats) Aesop - A pose re-examined by greek satirist Aesop - Storyteller made front of audience sit up Aesop - Writer's deep, reflective work Aesop - Storyteller when full of energy on top of work Aesop - Reverse stance on answer he wrote in greek Aesop - Ancient author writing up main work Aesop - Writer's rejected main work Aesop - He wrote a short work about french art Aesop - Fabulous man, a 24 dn on the up Aesop - A style of writing rejected, not right for story teller Aesop - He wrote a work about french art Aesop - A rounded style of writing, but not right for author Aesop - Greek satirist seen in a retreating attitude Aesop - A masquerade withdrawn by author Aesop - He wrote a work about el salvador's leaders Aesop - Take a stance over classic author Aesop - He may be legendary, his work was fabulous Aesop - Fabulist discerned in irish poet's work Aesop - A show about a satirical writer Aesop - Turned up main work of greek author Aesop - Greek fabulist initiates all 12's satires or parodies Aesop - Article taking stance about author Aesop - Writer painted by velàzquez Aesop - Fabled tale-teller Aesop - Big name in old fables Aesop - Sit back alongside a storyteller Aesop - Fable figure Aesop - "the fox and the grapes" writer Aesop - "__ and son": storytelling segment on "the bullwinkle show" Aesop - Greek writer noted for his fables Aesop - Storyteller to make adult sit up Aesop - Fabulous writer? Aesop - Famous greek from thermopylae, so powerful Aesop - A bluff retiring moralist Aesop - A model put up a writer from athens Aesop - Sit up following ace storyteller Aesop - Greek writer a model brought over Aesop - Reflective attitude adopted by a greek writer Aesop - Fable-teller Aesop - The traditional author of a collection of popular animal fables Aesop - An attitude turning up in fabulous writer Aesop - Fabulous writer having a retrogressive attitude Aesop - Fabulous writer of english soap that's broadcast Aesop - Reflective attitude adopted by a greek author? Aesop - A recurring question for ancient storyteller Aesop - A model looking back for guy who spun stories Aesop - Greek writer Aesop - Writer takes aversion, oddly, to political leader Aesop - Legendary pea soup served up elsewhere Aesop - A set backing fabulous author Aesop - A model turned author Aesop - A present turned up for ancient greek Aesop - An excellent storyteller of phrygia, originally Aesop - A bluff upstanding moral story-teller Aesop - Author's written up main work Aesop - Storyteller cited by aristotle Aesop - A reflective attitude taken by a storyteller Aesop - 'sour grapes' storyteller Aesop - Moral authority? Aesop - 'slow and steady wins the race' source Aesop - A model upstanding moralist Aesop - A model upset satirist Aesop - Old author a model set up Aesop - Noted man of fables Aesop - Who told 'the goose that laid the golden eggs' Aesop - "mother of invention" source Aesop - Fabulous writer providing a masquerade that's uplifting Aesop - Notable author of animal tales Aesop - Storyteller from thrace Aesop - 'sour grapes' fabulist Aesop - Creator of 'the tortoise and the hare' Aesop - 'the old lion' storyteller Aesop - Moral authority Aesop - 'the hares and the frogs' writer Aesop - Source of "sour grapes" Aesop - Story-teller writing article up? not right Aesop - Big name in fables Aesop - 'the fox and the crow' author Aesop - 'the fox and the crow' storyteller Aesop - Greek fable guy Aesop - Fabulist of old Aesop - Fabulist initially allowed revolutionary attitude Aesop - Slave known for his stories Aesop - "the boy who cried wolf" storyteller Aesop - A model's upset -- this man told stories Aesop - Greek writer making comeback with the main work Aesop - "sour grapes" coiner Aesop - "zeus and the tortoise" storyteller Aesop - "lion's share" source Aesop - Ultimate source of sour grapes Aesop - Guy with good morals? Aesop - 'the tortoise and the hare' fabulist Aesop - Famous writer of fables Aesop - "sour grapes" fabulist Aesop - Storyteller backed main event in theatre Aesop - One writing about 'hare loss'? Aesop - 'slow and steady' storyteller Aesop - Writer with plenty of morals Aesop - He told tales for soap set around english capital Aesop - Fabulous writer circulating main work Aesop - Allegorist's work written after deep reflection Aesop - Originator of the phrase 'the lion's share' Aesop - Many of his tales have speaking animals Aesop - Fable's byline Aesop - Fable teller Aesop - A model head over heels with old greek storyteller Aesop - Fabulist mentioned by aristotle Aesop - He wrote of talking animals Aesop - Ancient man of fables Aesop - He wrote of sour grapes Aesop - Fabulist who gave us "cry wolf" Aesop - 'look before you leap' source Aesop - Legendary fabulist Aesop - Source of sour grapes Aesop - A model written up for old storyteller Aesop - Storyteller withdrawing main work Aesop - Famous man of fables Aesop - Writer of tales with talking animals Aesop - Fabulous writer of a work about french art? Aesop - Ancient greek fabulist Aesop - Greek author of fables (c 620-560 bc) Aesop - He wrote article on model from the south Aesop - Storyteller of the 6th century b.c Aesop - Writer of 'the gnat and the bull' Aesop - One of his stories is the source of the 'sour grapes' idiom Aesop - One of his stories is the source of the "sour grapes" idiom Aesop - Legendary moralist Aesop - 'the ant and the grasshopper' storyteller Aesop - Fabulist who created speaking animals Aesop - One telling tales gets a question in return
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