Term - Time in office

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Term - Presidential run Term - School session Term - Six years, for a senator Term - Insurance policy specification Term - Duration Term - Semester Term - Time in office Term - Tenure of office Term - Carter had one Term - Four years, maybe Term - Prison sentence Term - Two years in the house Term - Six years, in the 46-across Term - Period of office Term - Glossary entry Term - Five to ten, e.g Term - Contract stipulation Term - Con's time Term - Full gestation period Term - Part of a semester Term - School period Term - Something to serve Term - Prison stretch Term - Glossary part Term - Subject of some limits Term - Kind of paper Term - Expression Term - Semester, e.g Term - School year division Term - Period in office Term - Presidential time Term - Senator's six years, say Term - Jimmy carter had one Term - Kind of life insurance Term - Stretch for criminals or politicians Term - You might use it loosely Term - Phrase Term - Course Term - Four years for a u.s. president Term - College period Term - Six years, for senators Term - Lexicographer's study Term - Tenure Term - Time spent in a seat Term - Stretch in the senate Term - Word for something Term - Contract condition Term - Senate stretch Term - Contract proviso Term - Incumbency Term - Call Term - Appointed date Term - Period Term - Condition Term - Division of a school year Term - Judge's determination Term - Four years at 1600, e.g Term - ___ paper Term - Time in a seat Term - Academic session Term - Insurance type Term - What to call it Term - ___ limits (election issue) Term - Stretch in a seat Term - Jail sentence Term - School division Term - Six years, for a 23-across Term - Kind of insurance Term - Academic calendar division Term - Stretch Term - Academic period Term - Contract clause Term - Four years, for a u.s. president Term - Active span Term - Set length of time Term - __ insurance Term - School semester Term - - Term - School-year division Term - Four years, for a president Term - Length of a sentence Term - Life insurance option Term - Service period Term - Four years in the white house Term - Six years in the senate Term - Clause in a contract Term - Office length Term - How some schooling comes to an end in us Term - Call it some schooling Term - A fixed or limited time Term - Limited period of time Term - Word or expression and period of time Term - Expression, or period in which law court holds sessions Term - Fixed period or special word Term - An expression or period in office Term - Expression, or school period Term - Expression or period as of office Term - A fixed or limited time - or an expression Term - An expression, or college period Term - A fixed or limited time, or an expression Term - Limit setter Term - Bit of schooling to begin 26 down Term - The word for a bit of schooling Term - Name of some schooling Term - Six years, for a u.s. senator Term - A word used among master mariners Term - Hilary, perhaps, one of 3 Term - Computer device reduced by 50% for a limited period Term - Spell name Term - A little costermonger's call Term - Limit - school time Term - Limit Term - Expression - period of time Term - Spell - word Term - Stretch in the womb Term - Contract period Term - Expression for teaching someone a lesson? Term - Division of the school year Term - Time spent in an office Term - Four years, perhaps Term - Contract detail Term - President's four years, e.g Term - __ paper: school composition Term - Regular features of the grim academic session Term - Presidential stint Term - Time spent in office Term - Life insurance category Term - Period with limits Term - College session Term - Length of office Term - Six years, perhaps Term - Prisoner's sentence Term - Sentence Term - Type of life insurance Term - What-you-may-call-it Term - Time between inaugurations Term - Six years, for u.s. senators Term - Stretch before giving birth Term - Period of schooling Term - A word or a sentence? Term - Call time Term - Word in the next answer maybe Term - A period, esp. of schooling Term - Season of endearment? Term - Word; limited period Term - Players gaining runs for a limited period Term - Name such as hilary Term - Through which something has got to last word Term - Call time? Term - Fixed period Term - Word; school time Term - Call to give expected time of delivery Term - Part of school year Term - Expression repeatedly used by quartermaster, maybe Term - School time; word Term - Limited period; school session Term - Time in jail for one hilary, in a word Term - Time spent at school during winter months Term - Part of the school year Term - One of mcmurtry's endearing endings? Term - Political period Term - Elected period Term - Period of service Term - Go around tea-party platform, in a manner of speaking Term - Name for school period Term - Call for a school period Term - A limited period Term - Expression of male following better half Term - Call for prison sentence Term - Period of education Term - Spell 'designate' Term - Scholastic period Term - Word Term - Schooltime in the winter months Term - Word; trimester Term - Condition of contract Term - Condition of contract for a school period Term - An end to time at school Term - Period of school life Term - It's inter milan's season Term - Division in school year Term - Happy event for hilary? Term - End time at university Term - Part of semester, maybe Term - Quantity of tuition yielding some better minds Term - Fixed period of time Term - When there's no holiday in winter months Term - Expression used in 'mastermind' Term - Word, expression Term - Name? hilary for one Term - School segment Term - Nine-month pregnancy Term - Two semesters Term - Describe as Term - Part of trimester, maybe? Term - Time spent in one's seat Term - Name most of the conditions Term - Hill stint Term - Insurance policy datum Term - College semester Term - Four years, for some Term - Stretch in congress Term - Presidential run? Term - Word; school session Term - Senate stint Term - Word or phrase Term - In-office time Term - Call from quartermaster made more than once Term - __ paper Term - Period for a prisoner or president Term - Word or sentence Term - Heads of the easter rising movement, in a manner of speaking Term - Part of a school year Term - The four years of a u.s. president Term - In a manner of speaking, it was covered by letterman Term - Five years, for the u.n. secretary general Term - See 6 Term - Label spell behind bars Term - Presidential period Term - Senator's six years Term - Duration of contract Term - Period of contract Term - Course of record contract Term - Cure "a short ___ effect" Term - Time spent on 4 down Term - Record contract course Term - School unit Term - Contractual detail Term - Measure of heat needed in the absence of hot period Term - Length of a piece of watermelon Term - Possibly hilary's part of greater manchester Term - Senator's stretch Term - Contract condition; school time Term - Hilary's one expression Term - Period after making sandwiches Term - Stint Term - Bit of computer memory, in a manner of speaking Term - President's run Term - Hilary's time at oxford Term - See 23 Term - Type of paper Term - Life is a bad one Term - Instructive period crucial to betterment Term - Limited time period Term - Hidden by computer monitor for a period in office Term - Educational period Term - Contract part Term - Life, for one Term - Prisoner's stretch Term - Specific word to spell Term - Some quartermaster, in a manner of speaking Term - Politician's time Term - End in outer mongolia Term - Sextet in the senate
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Time in office (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - time in office. word on "T". 1 - st. letter T. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter R. 4 - st. letter M.

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