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Widow - Black ___ spider

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Widow - 'the merry ' Widow - Bereaved wife Widow - Bereaved, but making marriage vow within two weeks Widow - Black spider Widow - Black -- (spider type) Widow - Black or golf follower Widow - Black or merry Widow - Black __ spider Widow - Black ___ Widow - Black ___ (deadly spider) Widow - Black ___ spider Widow - Bubbly dowager? Widow - Certain heiress Widow - Chuck-will's- -- (nocturnal bird) Widow - Dowager Widow - Drag character or characters from 'www.', one entered with an 'enter', perhaps Widow - Eg dowager Widow - Exclamation of surprise about identity revealed by woman post-match Widow - Expression of admiration i'd included for the bereaved lady Widow - Extra cards dealt to the table Widow - Extra hand of cards Widow - Extra set of cards Widow - Golf ___ Widow - Golfer's nonplaying wife, facetiously Widow - Grass --, divorced woman Widow - Heiress, at times Widow - Her husband is dead Widow - Husband leaves one west indies party with whiskey Widow - Husband leaves west indies party with whiskey Widow - I do get in here when she's left Widow - I had to be captured in sensational success for single woman Widow - John irving's 'a ___ for one year' Widow - Lehár operetta "the merry __" Widow - Lehar operetta "the merry ___" Widow - Lehar operetta 'the merry ___' Widow - Lehar's "the merry ___" Widow - Lehar's 'merry' one Widow - Lehár's 'the merry ___' Widow - Lehar's merry one Widow - Lehar's was merry Widow - Mrs trollope's was barnaby, and she later married Widow - One left name out of area on screen Widow - One left wides - i make runs between them Widow - One losing husband Widow - One missing partner from north going west in bay, maybe Widow - One who's husband is dead Widow - One without partner opening without knight Widow - One's husband's late Widow - Opportunity to give out name woman left Widow - Orphan's kin, in typesetting Widow - Printer's incomplete line Widow - Relict Widow - Relict without name to be seen through? Widow - See 20 Widow - Set of cards dealt to the table Widow - She may remarry Widow - She's left? right! Widow - Single woman, subject of ancient tax? that's not new Widow - Survivor, of a sort Widow - To whom a husband leaves an estate Widow - Typesetting no-no Widow - Typographical no-no Widow - Typographical runover Widow - Wife, one attending function with dowager Widow - Woman in black, perhaps Widow - Woman left opportunity spurning occasion at the last Widow - Woman who has lost her husband Widow - Woman whose husband has died Widow - Woman whose husband is dead Widow - Word on the spider variety list Widow - Word with 'merry' or 'black' Widow - Word with golf Widow - Word with golf or grass Widow - Wow! i would get in it for her to be left Widow - Wwii telegram recipient, maybe Widow - ___'s cruse (endless supply)