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Cape - Vacation spot

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Cape - Vacation spot Cape - Supergarb Cape - Bull's target Cape - Superhero accessory Cape - May in new jersey, e.g Cape - ___ canaveral Cape - With 118-down, a massachusetts locale Cape - Massachusetts vacation spot, with 'the' Cape - ___ horn Cape - You don't tug on superman's --- Cape - Attire for the headless horseman Cape - Zorro garb Cape - Sleeveless garment Cape - Superhero accessory, perhaps Cape - Ann or may Cape - --- canaveral Cape - Attire for superman Cape - Good hope, e.g Cape - Part of batman's garb Cape - Part of batman's ensemble Cape - Cod or fear Cape - Bull baiter Cape - Where to watch whales in massachusetts, with 'the' Cape - Man of steel's accessory Cape - Cod or town Cape - That's a wrap Cape - Spit relative Cape - Matador's need Cape - Piece of supergarb Cape - Horn or hatteras Cape - With 26-across, massachusetts resort area Cape - Fear, for one Cape - Part of zorro's costume Cape - Superhero garb Cape - May in new jersey? Cape - Peninsular area Cape - Headland Cape - 7 with 33 across, a new jersey resort Cape - Back cover Cape - Part of a dracula costume Cape - Sort of peninsula Cape - Fear or horn Cape - Magician's garb Cape - Cod or ann Cape - Bullfighter's cloth Cape - Part of superman's costume Cape - Count dracula's garb Cape - Superhero's garment Cape - James brown garb Cape - Garb for superman Cape - Seaside land formation Cape - Part of batman's costume Cape - Promontory Cape - Horn of africa Cape - Matador’s prop Cape - Feature of zorro's outfit Cape - Crusader's apparel Cape - Superman has it, spiderman does not Cape - Horn or fear Cape - Floor-length garment, often Cape - Bull's rouser Cape - Corrida wear Cape - New england attraction, with "the" Cape - Bit of batman attire Cape - Fictional crime-fighting attire Cape - Action hero's garb, and what each first word in this puzzle's four longest answers is Cape - Dracula's mantle Cape - New jersey's ___ may Cape - Superman accessory Cape - __ town Cape - Batman accessory Cape - Massachusetts getaway, with 'the' Cape - Bit of superhero attire Cape - Matador gear Cape - Superhero's accessory Cape - Back coverer Cape - Headless horseman's wear Cape - Justice league wardrobe item Cape - Part of a superhero outfit Cape - Cod, for one Cape - May, for one Cape - Mantle, for one Cape - May or ann Cape - Fear, e.g Cape - Part of dracula's costume Cape - Billowing garment Cape - Accessory for batman Cape - Beach site, maybe Cape - Garb for dracula Cape - -- cod Cape - Inverness part Cape - Zorro attire Cape - Bullfighter's need Cape - With 28-across, martin scorsese film 28. see 27-across Cape - Zorro accessory Cape - Superhero's wear Cape - Part of a superman costume Cape - Hatteras, e.g Cape - Part of a batman costume Cape - Hatteras, for one Cape - Part of a superhero costume Cape - Superhero raiment Cape - Part of a supersuit Cape - Part of a batsuit Cape - Superhero costume part Cape - Feature of a batsuit Cape - Superhero garment Cape - -- of good hope Cape - Superhero costume feature Cape - A cloak - or promontory Cape - Loose cloak or promontory Cape - Cloak or headland Cape - Short sleeveless garment Cape - Cloak or promontory Cape - Garment for the headland Cape - Point of land jutting out into the water Cape - Cloak or headland (4) Cape - Short cloak Cape - An old cloak or a headland Cape - The hope could be good for such protection Cape - Flowing garment Cape - Superman costume part Cape - What a matador waves Cape - Horn, for one Cape - Seaside setting Cape - A head on one's shoulders Cape - Batman has one head Cape - Headland - cloak Cape - Cloak - headland Cape - Covering for the shoulders Cape - Notorious chilean headland Cape - Horn or good hope - cloak Cape - Garment - headland Cape - Cloak - promontory Cape - Headland - garment Cape - Garment - promontory Cape - Clear maybe, about physical education Cape - Carbon copy - in the main, it's outstanding Cape - Shoreline feature Cape - __ cod, ma Cape - South africa has a famous one Cape - This point will probably go over one's head Cape - Newfoundland's ____ charles Cape - Northeast vacation locale, with 'the' Cape - Bullfighter's garment Cape - Superhero's prop Cape - What a bullfighter waves Cape - __ cod Cape - 'phantom of the opera' accessory Cape - Bullfight wear Cape - Some wind back through clear gap used at site of battle Cape - ___ verde islands Cape - Canaveral or hatteras Cape - Garment for batman Cape - Accessory for superman Cape - A cloak; a headland Cape - Bound, just before the end, to get the point Cape - Head about to take school lesson Cape - Headland facing west in the pacific Cape - Wrath perhaps shown by head Cape - Cloak, promontory Cape - Cloak; head Cape - Cloak; headland Cape - Covering for shoulders and head Cape - Publisher's cover Cape - Carbon copy of the head Cape - (sleeveless) cloak Cape - Wrath, say, displayed by father going back into church Cape - Headland; cloak Cape - Was thoreau's a take-off? Cape - Cod possibly caught by primate Cape - Head; garment Cape - Cod, for example, consumed at first by primate Cape - Where the pilgrims first landed in the new world Cape - Garment draped around shoulders - or head Cape - Outer garment Cape - Batman's garment Cape - Elvis impersonator's accessory Cape - -- -- islands, islands off the coast of senegal Cape - The point about a work-out Cape - Horn, perhaps, the bullfighter flirts with Cape - About to copy garment Cape - It's intended for the shoulders - or the head Cape - Cloak Cape - It keeps one warm. that's the point Cape - Part of a map found in the wardrobe Cape - Carbon copy for head Cape - Sleeveless cloak Cape - Wrath possibly shown by head Cape - Covering a muscle back to front Cape - Garment's carbon copy Cape - Shawl Cape - Headland under which one may shelter Cape - It's worn over shoulders and head Cape - & 23 1962 film starring gregory peck and robert mitchum Cape - Do better than expected initially, finding something to wear Cape - Stole from catholic primate Cape - Head jockey needs it for last race Cape - May in new jersey Cape - Sleeveless coat Cape - A hundred take off sleeveless cloak Cape - And 13 down: plant two creatures in the hands of b. diddley's associate Cape - Attire for dracula Cape - Darth vader accessory Cape - Batman's cloak Cape - Covering for shoulders, also head Cape - Superman's accessory (he's a very strong superhero) Cape - Cloth waved by a bullfighter Cape - __ canaveral, fl Cape - Flashy apparel item Cape - Garment for a superhero Cape - Matador's prop Cape - Part of a superhero's garb, sometimes Cape - Better english head Cape - Garment that's a source of penance in church Cape - Accessory for supergirl Cape - Garment for dracula Cape - Accessory for batman or robin Cape - Batman has one Cape - Cod or canaveral Cape - Hat on european's head Cape - Cloak, robe Cape - Military rainwear Cape - Florida space flight centre Cape - Vampire costume part Cape - Zorro costume item Cape - Comic-book flapper Cape - Toro's target Cape - Manteau sans manches Cape - Head pedicab off with crazy bid to escape Cape - Swapping pc plod's head? Cape - Something for dracula to wear Cape - Magician accessory Cape - Something superman wears Cape - Dracula costume item Cape - Accessory for doctor doom Cape - Superman has one Cape - With 48-across, east coast vacation spot Cape - Jockey needs it for last race on bloody foreland Cape - Superhero attire Cape - Land jutting into the sea Cape - Hurricane-prone area, maybe Cape - Stole loan from al capone Cape - Sleeveless overgarment Cape - Part of many a superhero's costume Cape - Cod or horn Cape - Hat perched on back of the head