Pun - Bit of cerf humor

Word by letter:
  • Pun - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word N

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Pun - Equivoque Pun - 'miró, miró, on the wall,' e.g Pun - Wit's end? Pun - 'let us spray,' e.g Pun - Play on words Pun - "mir—, mir—, on the wall," e.g Pun - Bit of cerf humor Pun - Many a crossword clue Pun - 20-, 39- or 53-across, say Pun - Many an 'airplane!' gag Pun - Bad humor? Pun - Bit of wit Pun - Cause for a groan Pun - Cause of a smile, maybe Pun - Ogden nash bit Pun - Crux of some riddles Pun - It may elicit groans Pun - 'queen of denial,' e.g Pun - 'the santa clause,' for one Pun - 'queen of denial' for queen of the nile Pun - It may involve a homophone Pun - Wordplayer's ploy Pun - Groan and bear it? Pun - "don't be fuelish," for one Pun - Groaner of a joke Pun - Semantic antic Pun - "treat homonyms as synonyms": walter redfern Pun - What 61-across contains Pun - Bit of paronomasia Pun - It may not be intended Pun - Slain rapper big ___ Pun - 'queen of denial', e.g Pun - Yuckster's specialty Pun - "i can't ride my bike. it's two tired," e.g Pun - Wordplay groaner Pun - A play on words Pun - Verbal groaner Pun - Knock-knock joke, usually Pun - Groaner? Pun - According to oscar levant, it's "the lowest form of humor--when you don't think of it first" Pun - "pick a cod, any cod," e.g Pun - Groan inducer Pun - Word joke Pun - "my bike won't stand up. it's two tired," e.g Pun - Nash specialty Pun - "don't be fuelish," e.g Pun - "plain fair," for one Pun - 86-across, e.g Pun - "queen of denial," e.g Pun - Insignificant Pun - Knock-knock joke punchline, usually Pun - Alexander the grape, e.g Pun - Bit of wordplay Pun - It may not have been intended Pun - Groaner, sometimes Pun - Witty bit Pun - Many a joke involves one Pun - Unit of wordplay Pun - Bit of word play Pun - "my bike won't go because it's two tired," e.g Pun - "i'd like to study philosophy, but i just kant," e.g Pun - 'the lowest form of humor,' per samuel johnson Pun - Groan trigger Pun - One of about 3,000 in shakespeare's plays Pun - "whirled peas" is one Pun - "when the smog clears in california, ucla," e.g Pun - "frank and ernest" or "hi and lois" Pun - Groan-producing wordplay Pun - Ogden nash forte Pun - Bit or wordplay Pun - Groan cause Pun - Instance of wordplay Pun - Crossword clue, at times Pun - Riddle's punch line, often Pun - Cutesy crossword clue Pun - Sample of wordplay Pun - Piece of wordplay Pun - That might be a funny sort of gent - biting too Pun - That would be a funny sort of gent - breath-taking Pun - The sort of gent that crosaire is - a bit of a stinker Pun - That gent crosaire could be that sort of stinker Pun - That would be a funny sort of gent - quite a stinker Pun - A play on words - not the height of wit Pun - Humorous play on words Pun - A play on words, not really wit Pun - A humorous play on words Pun - A play on words, may be funny Pun - Humorous play on words Pun - A play on words, perhaps the lowest form of wit Pun - What a joke to get over the smelly gent! Pun - "i threw away my golf shoes when i got a hole-in-one," e.g Pun - Many a puzzle clue ending in "?" Pun - Play on a name, say Pun - One may not be intended Pun - The title of this puzzle, e.g Pun - Cause of some wincing Pun - So-called 'lowest form of humor' Pun - Humorous wordplay Pun - “the gop has a koch problem,” e.g Pun - "doing a crossword with a broken pencil is pointless," for example Pun - Crossword clue that might end with a question mark Pun - What the french call "game of words" Pun - Wordplay bit Pun - Ogden nash specialty Pun - Wordplay from groucho Pun - Groucho specialty Pun - Essence of many a punch line Pun - Jeu de mots Pun - 'poultry in motion,' e.g Pun - Essence of a knock-knock joke Pun - Knock-knock joke, essentially Pun - "i threw away my golf shoes when i got a hole in one," e.g Pun - Feature of many a duchamp work Pun - Funny bit of wordplay Pun - Feature of many a ludacris lyric Pun - Many a bon mot Pun - Many a new york post headline Pun - Gent following such wordplay must be sharp Pun - Double entendre Pun - Quip Pun - Form of wordplay Pun - 'ugh, german sausage is the wurst,' e.g Pun - Many a '?' clue in a crossword Pun - Wordplay Pun - What's oddly missed in quip taken the wrong way? Pun - One may involve a homonym Pun - So-called "lowest form of wit" Pun - Many a punch line Pun - "piano is not my forte," e.g Pun - Type of wordplay Pun - Word play Pun - The lowest form of wit Pun - Feature of many an ogden nash poem Pun - Mae west's "i used to be snow white, but i drifted" is one Pun - Groucho marx specialty Pun - "i used to be a banker but i lost interest," e.g Pun - Many a weird al yankovic title Pun - Lewis carroll specialty Pun - Title like 'the santa clause' or 'knight and day' Pun - 'my tailor is happy to make a pair of pants for me, or at least sew it seams,' e.g Pun - One of 'the highest form of literature,' per hitchcock Pun - "noah kept bees in the ark hive," e.g Pun - Groan cause, perhaps Pun - 'the lowest form of wit,' they say Pun - Joke with a homophone, say Pun - "a horse is a stable animal" is one Pun - Bit of ogden nash wordplay Pun - 'the lowest form of humor-when you don't think of it first': oscar levant Pun - "the lowest form of humor-when you don't think of it first": oscar levant Pun - 'horse voice,' e.g Pun - "sherwood florist," e.g Pun - Bit of wordplay from groucho Pun - The clue for 58-down, e.g. [sorry!] Pun - 'sign language is pretty handy,' e.g Pun - "sign language is pretty handy," e.g
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Bit of cerf humor (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - bit of cerf humor. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter U. 3 - st. letter N.

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