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Cloth - Dressmaker's need

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Cloth - Linen or denim Cloth - Dressmaker's need Cloth - Man of the --- (clergyman) Cloth - Garment district purchase Cloth - Word with dish or dust Cloth - It may be habit-forming Cloth - Man of the ___ (clergyman) Cloth - Minister's calling, with 'the' Cloth - Word after dish or dust Cloth - Piece goods Cloth - Fabric Cloth - Cleric's attire Cloth - Draper's offering Cloth - Car seat option Cloth - Terry, e.g Cloth - Fabric store purchase Cloth - Piece of fabric Cloth - Material Cloth - Textile-shop wares Cloth - Dishrag, e.g Cloth - The clergy are reluctant to finish this Cloth - In church, but it's all put on Cloth - The church Cloth - Fabric, textile Cloth - That's the stuff for the clergy Cloth - Drapers' wares Cloth - It can be bought by the bolt Cloth - What many are reluctant to wear Cloth - Dedicated type much seen in church Cloth - Companion absorbs a great deal of material Cloth - Charlie picks things up - though he may not? Cloth - Material for some car seats Cloth - Yard sale? Cloth - Biblical figure in switzerland cleans up Cloth - Woven product Cloth - Draper's material Cloth - Stuff sold in bolts Cloth - Dust collector Cloth - Textiles Cloth - Fabric mass stuck together hard Cloth - Is a snooker player a man of this? Cloth - Gingham, say, large amount in check Cloth - Reluctant to support conservative ministers Cloth - Reluctant to have on cape in this material Cloth - Jerk hard to produce material Cloth - Husband put mug on rag Cloth - Dress material Cloth - Textile Cloth - Church without many clergy Cloth - The clergy can get a great many into church Cloth - The small child takes in a great deal - that's material Cloth - The clergy provide masses in church Cloth - Clerical material Cloth - The clergy Cloth - Many reluctant to take the stuff Cloth - Clergy indisposed to follow their leader Cloth - Rag Cloth - Stuff chic lot has to pack Cloth - It's often worn (in both senses of the word :p) Cloth - Man of the ___ Cloth - Quilter's need Cloth - Diaper option Cloth - Denim or linen Cloth - It's sold in bolts Cloth - Tailor's need Cloth - Covered cloaks are lacking in a particular sense? Cloth - Seamstress's supply