Endow - Provide financial backing

Word by letter:
  • Endow - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word N
  • 3 - st. word D
  • 4 - st. word O
  • 5 - st. word W

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Endow - Give Endow - Fund Endow - Provide with a permanent fund Endow - Provide funding for Endow - Grant Endow - Provide with funds Endow - What foundations do Endow - Set up financially Endow - Back, in a way Endow - Provide funding Endow - Pump with money Endow - Provide financial backing Endow - Provide with funding Endow - Provide a source of income Endow - Supply (with) Endow - Provide income, as a scholarship Endow - Fund, as one's alma mater Endow - Support, as a college Endow - Provide for Endow - Furnish with a fund Endow - Provide financial grants Endow - Emulate a foundation Endow - Provide with income Endow - Furnish for free Endow - Provide funds for Endow - Fund, as a university chair Endow - Provide, as with funds Endow - Give money to Endow - What some wealthy alumni do Endow - Fund, as a museum Endow - Fund, in a way Endow - Fund, as a scholarship Endow - Furnish (with) Endow - Be a benefactor Endow - Provide income for Endow - Help set up chairs for? Endow - Provide money for Endow - Empower Endow - Establish, as a chair Endow - Give, as a grant Endow - Back financially Endow - Create, as a chair Endow - Favour with Endow - Start a foundation Endow - Provide financing for Endow - Fund, as a foundation Endow - Finance, as a scholarship Endow - Fund, as a fellowship Endow - Provide with funds, as a college Endow - Provide a fund for Endow - Found, as a foundation Endow - Bestow Endow - Supply with funds Endow - Supply with grants Endow - Supply with a grant Endow - Furnish with an income Endow - Be philanthropic Endow - Show philanthropy Endow - Be philanthropic to Endow - Furnish with a grant Endow - Give philanthropically Endow - Provide an income for Endow - Furnish with funds Endow - Fund, as a college Endow - Give one final cry or pain Endow - Give a final cry of pain Endow - This will give you what 32 across does Endow - We are about to give the nod to this Endow - Provide capital to ensure an income for an institution Endow - Provide with an income, say a college Endow - Provide with a permanent income, say a school Endow - Provide with a permanent income Endow - Provide with permanent income, say school Endow - Provide income for, say a college Endow - Provide with a permanent income - perhaps a college Endow - Settle permanent income on Endow - Provide with, say permanent income Endow - Help build, as a foundation Endow - Bequeath Endow - Provide funds and conclude it hurts! Endow - Confer on purpose with old women Endow - Provide for party in various ways, as does the sparrow or the crow Endow - Present downfall that's hurting Endow - Settle on death that hurts! Endow - Provide at last half what's due Endow - Present design of endless wonder Endow - Note down new present Endow - Present with a source of income Endow - Provide (with financial support, qualities etc) Endow - Fund, as a professorship Endow - Present letter to jones Endow - Give funds for Endow - Provide with a fund Endow - Infuse Endow - Fund a fellowship, e.g Endow - Furnish, as with talent Endow - Set up, as a chair Endow - Create, as a scholarship Endow - Furnish Endow - Some men do well to provide permanent finance for ... Endow - Give cry of pain after butt Endow - Bequeath object to old wife Endow - Pay to found Endow - Provide enough, at one time, to keep daughter Endow - Give permanent income to old wife after death Endow - Bequeath an income to Endow - Establish (university post) by giving funds Endow - Provide funds, enough to get daughter settled Endow - Pay for party in new mess Endow - Finance some men do without Endow - Gift some women do without Endow - Set up with money Endow - Found when downloading documents? Endow - Give funding to establish (something) Endow - Bequeath property to Endow - Grant a death that's painful Endow - Present some children do want Endow - Aid one's alma mater Endow - To present Endow - Stop and shout 'present' Endow - To give a party, getting into a new dress Endow - Will stop with a cry of pain Endow - Provide a finale to the second half of the show Endow - Attribute abilities to Endow - Support old wife following dissolution Endow - Bequeath estate to Endow - Provide money, enough to keep daughter Endow - Give painful expression following goal Endow - Award Endow - Present some women do want Endow - Woden (anag.) Endow - Fund invested in umpteen dowries Endow - With nod we provide money Endow - Found old wickets behind goal Endow - Incomplete dividend ownership grant Endow - Provide, as with talent Endow - Bequeath or give an income or property to Endow - Furnish with funding Endow - Give a big donation Endow - Bequeath a building to, as a college Endow - Provide with a source of income Endow - Underwrite Endow - Give a large donation Endow - Bequeath (an income) to Endow - Provide income now or tomorrow -- somehow, all do Endow - Supply, as a chair Endow - Present goal preceding cry of pain Endow - Fund new loony borders party Endow - Leave from 19 down Endow - Fund, as an academic chair Endow - Supply with funding Endow - Earn naming rights for Endow - Enrich (with a facility or gift) Endow - Support, as a foundation Endow - Be a benefactor to Endow - Provide closure before old wife ... Endow - Provide as a gift Endow - Subsidize Endow - Provide with a generous sum, perhaps Endow - Be the benefactor for Endow - Provide permanent funding for Endow - Fund, as a chair Endow - Supply with financing Endow - Fund, as a grant Endow - Give last cry of pain Endow - What some wealthy alums do
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Provide financial backing (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - provide financial backing. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter N. 3 - st. letter D. 4 - st. letter O. 5 - st. letter W.

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