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Trend - That's the way it goes

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Trend - A graph may reveal one Trend - A tendency to finish at last Trend - Be likely to possess ultimate in flair and fashion Trend - Be much tweeted about Trend - Become notable, like a hashtag Trend - Become popular on social media Trend - Bias Trend - Bone-dry in the middle and to finish - it's the flavour of the month! Trend - Business direction Trend - Business tendency Trend - Craze Trend - Current Trend - Current fashion Trend - Current fashion is teenager's first and last goal Trend - Current pair of trailing curtains Trend - Current style Trend - Current thing Trend - Developing direction Trend - Direction Trend - Direction, tendency Trend - Drift Trend - Drift; vogue Trend - Economist's finding Trend - Economist's observation Trend - Economists' concern Trend - Election night data Trend - Everybody's doing it Trend - Exit poll indication Trend - Exit-poll indication Trend - Extremes of terror, aim of roughly defined movement Trend - Fashion Trend - Fashion direction Trend - Fashion has turned right back at last Trend - Fashion in which tyrannosaurus rex heads for extinction Trend - Fashion shown by nurse hosting queen Trend - Fashion; general direction Trend - Fashion; general drift Trend - Fashionista's concern Trend - Forecast, of a sort Trend - Forecaster's concern Trend - Gain popularity on facebook Trend - Gallup concern Trend - Gallup finding Trend - Gallup poll revelation Trend - General course Trend - General direction Trend - General direction in which something is developing Trend - General direction of change Trend - General direction of movement Trend - General direction or fashion Trend - General drift Trend - General heading Trend - General movement Trend - General tendency Trend - General way things are going Trend - Get big on twitter Trend - Get hot on twitter Trend - Graph line indication Trend - Graph revelation Trend - Graph revelation, possibly Trend - Have a hot hashtag Trend - Have a tendency to finish at last Trend - Have an inclination to welcome rebel leader's fashion Trend - Have an inclination? that's about right Trend - Hot concept Trend - In thing Trend - Inclination Trend - Incline to be right in fashion Trend - It's currently popular Trend - It's what's happening now Trend - Latest style Trend - Latest thing Trend - Leaning Trend - Leaning; fashion Trend - Market analysis discovery Trend - Market analyst's discovery Trend - Market analyst's find Trend - Market current Trend - Market direction Trend - Market indicator Trend - Market movement Trend - Med. port, taken by crusaders Trend - Mind about mid-14 drift Trend - Mind about mid-afternoon drift Trend - Mind when going around right turn Trend - Mode Trend - Most of 8 down is worth following Trend - Most of endeavour is set on border going up or going down Trend - Movement Trend - Movement that's in time runs to a climax Trend - Music that's hot now Trend - News that may be illustrated by a graph Trend - Nu metal, e.g Trend - Nurse accepting doctor's conclusion and direction Trend - Nurse provides cover for the end of her shift Trend - Nurse retains right to proceed in particular direction Trend - One may be indicated by a line on a chart Trend - Poll finding Trend - Poll revelation Trend - Polling news Trend - Pollster's concern Trend - Pollster's determination Trend - Pollster's discovery Trend - Pollster's find Trend - Pollster's finding Trend - Pollster's prediction Trend - Pollster’s find Trend - Popular current taste Trend - Popular movement finally let rip Trend - Prevailing direction Trend - Prevailing tendency Trend - Rage makes tory leader tear apart Trend - Right up to the last, in fashion Trend - Runs into nurse in a rage Trend - Sales manager's concern Trend - See to keeping right general direction Trend - Show a particular inclination? that's about right Trend - Statistician's discovery Trend - Style Trend - Style, vogue Trend - Tendency Trend - Tendency or fashion Trend - That's the way it goes Trend - The first split in swing Trend - The inclination to care is about right Trend - The way the wind blows Trend - The way things are going Trend - The way things are going? Trend - There's a tendency to tear after tea Trend - Tide of events Trend - Time to tear up literary tendency? Trend - Upswing on a chart Trend - Urbanization, e.g Trend - Vogue Trend - Vogue or tendency Trend - Vogue, tendency Trend - Way the wind blows Trend - Way things are going Trend - What 19-across may reveal Trend - What a graph may illustrate Trend - What a graph may show Trend - What a line on a chart may show Trend - What polling may reveal Trend - What's happening Trend - What's hot Trend - What's in vogue Trend - Where opinion is headed Trend - Where things are headed Trend - With 40a, a fad