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Now - "--- you tell me!" Now - "don't dawdle!" Now - "don't delay!" Now - "get cracking!" Now - "get it done" Now - "i don't have all day!" Now - "immediately!" Now - "move it!" Now - "on the double!" Now - "pronto!" Now - "quit stalling!" Now - "right this instant!" Now - "right this minute!" Now - "stat!" Now - "straight away!" Now - "straight away" Now - "then" partner Now - "this instant!" Now - "this second!" Now - "this very minute!" Now - "what are you waiting for?!" Now - "when do we want it?" Now - "when do we want it?" answer Now - "when do we want it?" respone Now - "__ you tell me!" Now - "___ hear this!" Now - "___ is the time for all good men ..." Now - "___ what?" Now - 'a.s.a.p.!' Now - 'at once!' Now - 'buy it ___' (ebay option) Now - 'get going!' Now - 'i mean ... this instant!' Now - 'i need it yesterday!' Now - 'i said - ___!' Now - 'i said ___!' Now - 'i won't wait another second!' Now - 'i'm not waiting one more second!' Now - 'immediately!' Now - 'it can't wait!' Now - 'on the double!' Now - 'pronto!' Now - 'stat!' Now - 'this instant!' Now - 'this minute!' Now - 'whaddya waitin' for?!' Now - '___ what?' Now - --- and zen (robert plant album) Now - A present for having come first the wrong way Now - A present for the one sound up here Now - As matters stand Now - As we speak Now - At once Now - At present Now - At present, this instant Now - At the moment Now - At the present moment Now - At the present time Now - At this juncture Now - At this moment Now - At this moment in time Now - At this time Now - At this time or moment Now - At this very moment Now - B. friedan co-founded it Now - Be inquisitive Now - Before another moment passes Now - Before anything else Now - Came back first for a present Now - Children's prayer starter Now - Come back first for a present Now - Common cue Now - Cousin of 'well...' Now - Current Now - Currently Now - Def leppard's 'contemporary' release Now - Definitely not later Now - Demanding tot's word Now - Demanding word Now - Difference between winter and inter for a present Now - Diva's demand Now - E.r.a. backers Now - End of a parent's order Now - Era supporter Now - Even as we speak Now - Feminist org Now - Feminist org. since 1966 Now - First word of 'richard iii' Now - Forthwith Now - Got up straight away Now - Gp. that supported the 31-across amendment Now - Here's partner Now - If a weight were to have this, you'd be left with eight from this present (3) Now - Immedi-ately Now - Immediately Now - Immediately; today; november 5th, 2008 Now - Impatient cry Now - Impatient demand Now - In this day and age Now - In this time Now - It can happen at christmas, misplacing small present Now - It's much sooner than later Now - Japanese acts on wife's present Now - Jimmy eat world "live right ___, just be yourself" Now - Kim jong-un's ready to move to the west today Now - Like, immediately Now - Make a present of having come first back here Now - Moment at hand Now - Never alternative Now - Never's counterpart Now - Not before or after Now - Not sooner or later Now - On the double Now - One might get the luck to be in india and get a present like this Now - One was awarded this back for a present Now - Opening word of “richard iii” Now - Oxymoronic lead-in to 'then' Now - Parent's order Now - Parental imperative Now - Partner of again Now - Partner of then Now - Present Now - Present from magazine Now - Present taken up Now - Present that’s bagged up Now - Present time Now - Presently Now - Promptly Now - Pronto! Now - Quiet riot "mama, weer all crazee ___" Now - Raconteurs "you've had too much to think, ___ you need a wife" Now - Response to "when do we want it?" Now - Right away Now - Right this minute Now - Rights org. since 1966 Now - See 3 Now - See 5-across Now - See 50-down Now - See 56-down Now - See 85 across Now - Short order from mom Now - Son should stay off the cocaine today Now - Straight away Now - Straightaway Now - Surrey ____ Now - That's just for a present Now - The present Now - The present day Now - The present moment Now - The time being Now - The time for action, often Now - The time for all good men? Now - The wrong way to have been a winner of a present Now - Then partner Now - These days Now - This instant Now - This instant! Now - This minute Now - This minute! Now - This moment Now - This moment in time Now - This second Now - This time Now - This very minute Now - This very moment Now - This very second Now - Today Now - Today, but quicker Now - Tough concept for procrastinators Now - Trendy Now - Up-to-the-minute Now - When brats want something Now - When brats want something? Now - When do we want it? Now - When impatient people want it Now - When impatient people want things Now - When kids usually want things Now - When most children want things Now - When repeated, 'all right, that's enough!' Now - When repeated, a calming phrase Now - When repeated, a phrase of reproof Now - When to "hear this" Now - When you figure out the answer to this clue? Now - When, for an eager beaver Now - Without delay Now - Without delay, succeeded in getting up Now - Without further ado Now - Without further delay Now - Without hesitation Now - Won in the present Now - Word of impatience Now - Word of urgency Now - Word said before 'then,' oxymoronically Now - You can have it for a present Now - ___ and then Now - ___ and then (occasionally)
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