Etal - And others, in a bibliography

Word by letter:
  • Etal - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word T
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word L

All questions by word:
Etal - List-ending abbr Etal - Useful latin abbr Etal - List shortener Etal - Catchall abbr Etal - And others: abbr Etal - List ender Etal - And others, in brief Etal - Library card catalogue abbr Etal - List-shortening abbr Etal - Substitute for the unnamed Etal - Handy abbr Etal - Abbr. at the end of a list Etal - End of a list of names Etal - Bibliography abbr Etal - Bibliographic abbr Etal - Bibliographical abbr Etal - Plus others Etal - Roster abbr Etal - Series finale: abbr Etal - And others, for short Etal - Footnote abbr Etal - Plus more: abbr Etal - Inclusive abbr Etal - Catalog card abbr Etal - Bibliog. space saver Etal - Substitute for unmentioned text Etal - Relative of etc Etal - Citation ender Etal - Catchall latin citation Etal - And others, briefly Etal - Abbreviated latin phrase Etal - List-ending words Etal - And others, in a bibliography Etal - List-ending wds Etal - Roster finish Etal - And others (abbr.) Etal - Card catalogue abbr Etal - Series finale Etal - Roster ender Etal - List catchall Etal - Series ender Etal - Footnoter's abbr Etal - Research paper abbr Etal - Etc. cousin Etal - Lineup finish Etal - Plus everyone else Etal - And others Etal - Footnote term Etal - Common latin abbr Etal - Citation ender, briefly Etal - "and others" Etal - Card catalog abbr Etal - And others, abbreviated Etal - Latin catchall Etal - Space-saving abbr Etal - Catchall term Etal - Abbr. ending a list Etal - Cousin of etc Etal - Abbr. in a library catalog Etal - And others (lat) Etal - Series ending Etal - The rest of the group Etal - And others, in shorthand Etal - List-shortening abbreviation Etal - Footnote ender: abbr Etal - Rest-of-the-team stand-in Etal - End of some lists Etal - Bibliographer's abbr Etal - Often used latin abbreviation Etal - "and others" abbreviation Etal - Latin list ender Etal - Series follower: abbr Etal - Latin extension Etal - Bibliography notation Etal - Latin list-ender Etal - List-curtailing abbr Etal - List-finishing abbreviation, perhaps Etal - Sentence ender, on occasion Etal - List reducer Etal - Etc. relative Etal - List wrap-up Etal - And others, in footnotes Etal - Catalog abbr Etal - List ender (abbr.) Etal - Latin catchall citation Etal - Abbr. after a list of names Etal - It may be last on a list Etal - List shortening abbr Etal - Enumerator's ending Etal - Inclusive notation Etal - And elsewhere Etal - Library catalog abbr Etal - Academic paper abbr Etal - List ending abbreviation Etal - Catchall latin citation, briefly Etal - List abbr Etal - List ender, briefly Etal - Abbr. at the end of a list, perhaps Etal - Handy term Etal - Plus others, briefly Etal - Latin shortcut Etal - Abbr. for unnamed co-conspirators? Etal - Convenient abbr Etal - Footnote abbreviation Etal - Latin abbr Etal - Footnote finish, perhaps Etal - Handy latin abbreviation Etal - Substitute for the unnamed, briefly Etal - List wrap-up, perhaps Etal - Latin and others Etal - Roster-truncating abbr Etal - Series terminal Etal - List expediter Etal - Oft-used latin abbreviation Etal - Abbr. after a list of people Etal - Short list shortener Etal - And others, in latin Etal - 'and others,' briefly Etal - List extender Etal - Citation abbr Etal - Sub for the unnamed Etal - Series terminal, briefly Etal - Library indexing abbr Etal - Enumerator's finish, briefly Etal - And the rest Etal - Substitute for some names Etal - Abbr. in a listing Etal - List-ending latin abbreviation Etal - List finisher Etal - List conclusion Etal - Subst. for the rest of the list Etal - Lineup ender Etal - Footnote notation Etal - An unlikely beginning Etal - And addl. ones not itemized Etal - List finish Etal - Authors' list ender Etal - Abbr. that obviates itemizing Etal - Concluding abbr Etal - Abbr. that shortens text Etal - Wrap-up abbr Etal - List end, sometimes Etal - Possible roster ender Etal - Short list end Etal - Subst. for some names Etal - And others, to antony Etal - And others: lat Etal - Abbr. used to avoid a long list Etal - Abbr. in a footnote Etal - Abbreviated catchall Etal - Series-curtailing abbr Etal - Frequent list ender Etal - Roster closer, briefly Etal - Bibliographic space saver Etal - Abbr. akin to etc Etal - 99 across rel Etal - Substitute for unmentioned people Etal - And the list goes on, briefly Etal - "yada yada . . ." relative Etal - And others, in a list Etal - It can replace a lot of things Etal - List ender: abbr Etal - Abbr. following a list of people Etal - Abbr. at the end of a list of names Etal - Abbr. meaning "and others" Etal - Endnotes abbr Etal - Latin catchall (abbr.) Etal - Abbr. used by name-droppers? Etal - Abbreviation akin to etc Etal - "too many to list" abbr Etal - Abbr. in a bibliography Etal - Series-ending abbr Etal - Citation abbreviation Etal - Cataloging abbr Etal - Abbr. for co-conspirators? Etal - Citation part, perhaps Etal - Research-paper abbr Etal - And the rest: abbr Etal - All the rest Etal - Abbr. after a list of authors' names Etal - Name-dropper's abbr.? Etal - Abbr. after some names Etal - Academic article abbr Etal - Abbr. in a 'works cited' list Etal - Indication that there's more: abbr Etal - And others, in academic txts Etal - Bibliographic shortener Etal - Name-dropping abbr Etal - Abbreviation meaning "and others" Etal - Abbr. in a footnote, perhaps Etal - Bibliographer's space-saving abbr Etal - Abbr. after a name in a bibliography Etal - Bibliography shortener Etal - Abbr. for a list of names Etal - List-shortening words Etal - Abbr. in a "works cited" list Etal - "too many more to mention" abbr Etal - Unnamed others, briefly Etal - And others, in latin (abbr.) Etal - List shortener: abbr Etal - Bibliography abbreviation Etal - And the like (abbr.) Etal - Class action lawsuit abbr Etal - Indexing abbr Etal - List-ender from the latin Etal - Replacement for those left out Etal - "and others," in lists Etal - Lat. list ender Etal - List-ending abbreviation Etal - List ending abbr Etal - Series finale, in brief Etal - Sub. for omitted names Etal - List-shortening term Etal - And the others Etal - End-of-list abbr Etal - Endnote abbr Etal - And the rest (abbr.) Etal - And others: abbr Etal - And friends, facetiously Etal - Latin abbr. used in lists of names Etal - Listing abbr Etal - Citation space-saver Etal - Abbr. after a list Etal - 'and others,' in a bibliography Etal - Abbr. on an abbr. list Etal - List space saver Etal - To name but a few? Etal - Substitute for the missing Etal - "and a lot of others," in four letters Etal - And elsewhere (abbr.) Etal - List-condensing abbr Etal - Handy pc. of latin Etal - List-ending latin Etal - And others (lat.) Etal - And others (latin) Etal - List-end abbr Etal - Handy latin abbr Etal - Kin of 5-across Etal - Common pc. of latin Etal - List shortener (abbr.) Etal - Abbr. curtailing a list Etal - And the like: abbr Etal - List-ending lat. phrase Etal - Plus others: abbr Etal - Latin notation - late for others Etal - And others, to old romans Etal - 'and others, to the old romans (2,2)' Etal - Latin abbreviation meaning 'and others' Etal - Name dropper? Etal - Latin list lopper, briefly Etal - Latin abbreviation - and others Etal - And others, in a latin abbreviation Etal - And the rest ( legalese) Etal - Latin notation meaning and others Etal - And the rest, to the old romans Etal - And others, to the romans Etal - And the rest, to old romans Etal - Citation shortener Etal - Replacement for some omissions Etal - End of a series: abbr Etal - End-of-the-roster abbr Etal - Stand-in for omitted items Etal - Listmaker's abbr Etal - And the rest come back late Etal - Abbr. in an abbreviated list Etal - End of many a list Etal - Roster curtailer: abbr Etal - "along with all the rest" abbr Etal - And all the rest, briefly Etal - The others coming from latin and elsewhere Etal - "along with all the rest" Etal - Others also turn up late Etal - And the rest still in bed, cryptically? Etal - Delayed, held up with other people … Etal - And others (from latin) Etal - ... and others Etal - … and other people (or things) (abbr) Etal - "there are more names . . ." Etal - Late and covers the others Etal - 'too many to mention' abbr Etal - The tale of the others in latin Etal - Bibliography space-saver Etal - Name dropper's notation? Etal - Citation ender, perhaps Etal - List lengthener Etal - And other people, in latin Etal - Latin abbr. that means "and others" Etal - Bibliography list ender Etal - List shortener, for short Etal - "just to name a few" Etal - Short skirt Etal - "and others," in a bibliography Etal - Abbr. that usually refers to people Etal - Note of omission Etal - It ends many scholarly citations Etal - "just to name a few" abbr Etal - Abbr. that can replace a lot of things Etal - Etc.'s cousin Etal - Ink-saving abbr Etal - Roundup phrase (abbr.) Etal - List-lengthening abbr Etal - Inclusive ending Etal - Latin list-concluder Etal - Bibliog. term Etal - Lister's abbr Etal - Reference list abbr Etal - Abbr. seen in repeat citations Etal - Abbr. for the nameless? Etal - Abbr. after many names Etal - Liberal, worried, retreating along with others Etal - Clipping indicator: abbr Etal - "and others," briefly Etal - And the others still expected to return Etal - List finisher: abbr Etal - Abbr. for the listless? Etal - Name series condenser Etal - 'and others' abbreviation Etal - Translated tale for the others Etal - Series finale?: abbr Etal - Series curtailer Etal - Card-catalogue abbr Etal - Short skirt? Etal - And others, in citations: abbr Etal - Rising in the night, perhaps, along with others Etal - With some others, rising far on in the day Etal - And the rest (lat. abbr.) Etal - Getting up, departed with the rest Etal - Having got up, departed along with others Etal - And others (abbrev.) Etal - Behind rising, along with others Etal - And the rest turn up towards the end Etal - ... and others behind moved back Etal - Advanced from the right with others Etal - Rising sometime with others Etal - And others in some talbot essay Etal - Space-saving term Etal - Latin list shortener Etal - Abbr. following a list Etal - Catchall abbreviation Etal - List cropper Etal - Suffix denoting "and the rest" Etal - Tale that's been changed? Etal - Cousin of 10-down Etal - Bibliog. catchall Etal - Series ender: abbr Etal - Reference abbr Etal - Latin for and other things Etal - Story elevating european and other people Etal - The others, too, returned unpunctually Etal - Other people return after time Etal - Overdue return of other people Etal - And other things Etal - And elsewhere tale unfolds Etal - And other things (or 'and elsewhere') Etal - End of a series, briefly Etal - Short space-saver Etal - "and a lot of others besides that" Etal - Bibliog. shortener Etal - List substitute Etal - And others, in lat Etal - Roster-ending abbr Etal - The others in a funny tale Etal - Substitute in a list Etal - Bibliographer's abbreviation Etal - Bibliography bit Etal - 'and the rest of those people' in a paper Etal - Citation shortening Etal - Lister's shortcut Etal - Latin for 'and other things' Etal - Latin list-shortener Etal - Catchall abbreviation at the end of a list Etal - Prescription for an academic omission Etal - Roll clipper: abbr Etal - Latin list-ending abbr Etal - Abbr. for avoiding an unwieldy list Etal - Stand-in for the unnamed Etal - 'too many more to mention' abbr Etal - Bibliographer's space saver Etal - "and others" (abbr.) Etal - Up late? Etal - Series ender (abbr.) Etal - Plus more (abbr.) Etal - Table de boucher Etal - Abbr. ending many a list Etal - Long list shortener Etal - Table à débiter Etal - Abbr. at the end of lists, sometimes Etal - And others, in bibliographies Etal - Rising late with others in old rome Etal - Space saving abbr Etal - Table Etal - Bibliographer's 'and other folks' Etal - Latin abbreviation for "and others" Etal - Bleat about leaving leader with others Etal - Greek Etal - Abbr. that's a list shortener Etal - Abbr. similar to 8-down Etal - "and others" abbr Etal - And others after time turned up Etal - Latin list-shortening abbr Etal - Lead removed from copper, say, and the rest Etal - What makes lists briefer, briefly Etal - Itemization limiter Etal - Series curtailer: abbr Etal - Abbr. on a list Etal - Table de bois Etal - Abbr. in a bibliographic citation Etal - Footnote shorthand Etal - Heads of english, technology, art, latin, and the rest Etal - Shortening for a bibliographer Etal - Table de travail Etal - List shortcut Etal - On y débite de la viande Etal - On y dépèce du gibier Etal - & others Etal - List-shortening lat. phrase Etal - Name-dropper's shortcut? Etal - "and others," for short Etal - Name-list shortener Etal - And so on: abbr Etal - Bibliography list shortener: abbr Etal - Le boucher y travaille Etal - Devant le boucher Etal - And others (abbr) Etal - List shortener, briefly Etal - Letters replacing unlisted items Etal - Letters replacing unlisted items Etal - Abbr. for name droppers Etal - On y trouve du sang Etal - 'more than i can list' abbr Etal - "more than i can list" abbr
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And others, in a bibliography (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - and others, in a bibliography. word on "E". 1 - st. letter E. 2 - st. letter T. 3 - st. letter A. 4 - st. letter L.

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