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Codes - Writes software

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Codes - Things to crack Codes - Some are made of bars Codes - Systems of rules Codes - Writes software Codes - Crackers may be used on them Codes - Computer programmers' expertise Codes - Cryptographer's study Codes - They may be cracked Codes - Features of secret messages Codes - See 5-across Codes - Encrypts Codes - They're sometimes cracked Codes - They're no good if broken Codes - Encryptions Codes - Rules Codes - Secret languages Codes - Protocols Codes - Secret writings Codes - Buildings often have them Codes - Area and zip Codes - Cryptographers' creations Codes - See 71-across Codes - Country __: used by the org. in 65-across, there are 16 circled in this puzzle Codes - Programmers' output Codes - Sets of regulations Codes - 'one if by land, two if by sea' and others Codes - Message systems Codes - Ciphers Codes - Cryptography topics Codes - Cryptography topic Codes - Sets of laws Codes - Cryptanalyst's concerns Codes - Regulations for builders Codes - It may be hard to decipher how to be firm with a boy Codes - Poems by the hundred need to be deciphered Codes - Sets of rules or cryptograms Codes - Word systems devised to create secrecy Codes - Works on a program Codes - Man following company rules Codes - Morse and others Codes - Does some computer programming Codes - Programs Codes - Symbolic systems the end for pindaric works? Codes - Programmes ('morse' is one of them) Codes - Sets of principles Codes - Many panegyrics contain symbolic messages Codes - Lewis initially penning poem for morals Codes - Ciphers, say Codes - Writes a program Codes - Writes in c++, say Codes - Writes an app Codes - Things broken by alan turing Codes - Systems of signals Codes - Implements some website design, say Codes - Creates a routine, e.g Codes - Builds a program from scratch, say Codes - Cryptography creations Codes - Cryptographers' studies Codes - Does a tech job Codes - Systems for transmitting secret messages Codes - Secret writings and fragments from morocco destroyed Codes - Housing regulations