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Petard - Loud firecracker

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  • Petard - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word T
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Petard - A small bomb - don't be hoist by your own Petard - A small bomb - don't hoist yourself with it Petard - A small bomb - you may be hoist with your own Petard - Besieger's bomb Petard - Bomb - depart (anag) Petard - Bomb dog maybe found by a road Petard - Bomb one can be hoist with Petard - Castle-breaching explosive Petard - Depart agitatedly; it may explode! Petard - Detonating device Petard - Early explosive device Petard - Explosive device (with which one may be hoist) Petard - Explosive device carried to blow in a door Petard - Explosive device found by dog maybe on a road Petard - Explosive device, one could have been hoist by their own, of old Petard - Explosive device, one may be hoist by their own one Petard - Explosive oath coming up, getting under people's skin Petard - Favourite way to wrap a firework Petard - Gate-breaching bomb Petard - Hoist with one's own - Petard - Hoisted on one's own ___ Petard - Idiomatic hoister Petard - Loud firecracker Petard - Loud firework Petard - Noisy explosive Petard - Old demolition device Petard - Old demolition weapon Petard - Old explosive device Petard - Old gate crasher Petard - Pistolet Petard - Possession that one may be hoist with Petard - Sailor in gym died from explosive device Petard - Small bomb - don't be hoist with your own Petard - Small bomb used for breaking down gates Petard - Small bomb; firework Petard - Small bomb; one to be hoist with Petard - Something likely to explode? depart in a frenzy Petard - Something to be hoist by Petard - Something to hoist with? Petard - Tape transported by road for an infernal device?