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Venus - Ruler of taurus and libra, in astrology

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Venus - Ruler of taurus and libra, in astrology Venus - Botticelli's 'the birth of ___' Venus - Neighbor of earth Venus - Morning star Venus - Earth neighbor Venus - See 123-across Venus - Earth's neighbor Venus - Serena's rival Venus - Second planet from the sun Venus - Bright shiner Venus - Goddess of love Venus - Mariner's first destination Venus - First name among tennis stars Venus - Serena's sister Venus - Performance by an actor in a leading role: 25-down in "___" Venus - Planet with a nearly circular orbit Venus - Planet with the most circular orbit Venus - "magellan" mapped it Venus - Epilogue: band member: where can we possibly go where they won't find us? t: i'm thinking __ (frankie avalon) Venus - Love goddess Venus - Magellan visited it Venus - Tennis star williams Venus - Mythological subject for titian and botticelli Venus - *2006 Venus - Evening star Venus - Adonis' love Venus - Botticelli's 'birth of --' Venus - End of a john gray title Venus - Aphrodite counterpart Venus - Roman goddess of love Venus - You'd love to see her at sun-up at last Venus - Second nearest planet to the sun Venus - Body spaces, barring the east Venus - Locations abandoned by oriental deity Venus - It's nearer the sun - that's some evenings from the east Venus - Goddess taking new arrivals, if 19 down Venus - Love reversing gas guzzler around tyneside etc Venus - 1 across the wrong gender to be from here? (half have daily turns) Venus - Like blood vessels, say, in marine mollusk Venus - Wanderer with seamen on the 'victory' in europe? Venus - Love endless tryst with pole Venus - Body of little beauty after 19 Venus - Planet Venus - *'the bringer of peace' Venus - Women's home, said john gray Venus - Moonless planet Venus - Lover of nevada backing you and me Venus - Planet between earth and mercury Venus - Target of the magellan probe Venus - Roman love goddess Venus - One of the planets Venus - Next planet in Venus - Aggrieved, peeved Venus - Goddess is not really a star Venus - Planet second nearest to the sun Venus - Roman counterpart of aphrodite Venus - Planet; goddess Venus - Goddess; planet Venus - Brightest planet Venus - This is extremely visible, turning round what it orbits Venus - A goddess, nearly 5 and starting school Venus - Vision emerging naked - under sea, initially Venus - Star returning after victory in europe Venus - The second planet from the sun in the solar system Venus - Swap final directions for place to meet enchantress Venus - Beautiful female from america following archdeacon Venus - A planet Venus - Even usa accepts a wimbledon champion Venus - Vision emerging naked, upon shell initially Venus - Planet earth's latterly devastated in places Venus - Extremely visible star? on the contrary, a planet Venus - Archdeacon facing american space traveller Venus - Beauty spot, mostly square Venus - Roman goddess Venus - Most of the stadium is sold initially by roman lover Venus - Big name in pro tennis Venus - Planet nearest to earth Venus - Roman goddess in heaven usually Venus - Most of the ground is sold initially by roman lover Venus - Hot planet Venus - Goddess of certain vessels, you could say Venus - Yet a non-starter, american beauty Venus - Most of the site is sold initially by roman lover Venus - Second rock from the sun Venus - Étoile du berger Venus - 'evening star' planet Venus - Planet appearing in heaven, usually Venus - Tennis great williams Venus - Nearby planet