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Leg - Standing prerequisite

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Leg - "pulled" limb Leg - "shake a ___!" ("hurry!") Leg - "the amazing race" division Leg - 'amazing race' episode Leg - 'sweep the ___' ('karate kid' quote) Leg - 'the amazing race' episode Leg - 'the amazing race' segment Leg - 'the amazing race' unit Leg - 4-across counterpart Leg - 57-down support Leg - 637 Leg - A joker might pull yours Leg - A limb Leg - A lower limb Leg - A stereotypical pirate may have one Leg - A stereotypical pirate only has one Leg - Advantage, with 'up' Leg - An april fooler might pull yours Leg - Appendage Leg - At the start of 13 across, it's connected to bottom of 2 down Leg - Bar stool part Leg - Bar stool part Leg - Boost, with "up" Leg - Boost, with 'up' Leg - Bureau supporter Leg - Calf locale Leg - Calf setting Leg - Calf spot Leg - Calf's locale Leg - Calf's place Leg - Certain extremity Leg - Chair part Leg - Chair support Leg - Chair supporter Leg - Chicken bucket choice Leg - Chicken choice Leg - Chicken drumstick Leg - Chicken eater's choice Leg - Chicken offering Leg - Chicken or turkey offering Leg - Chicken or turkey part Leg - Chicken order Leg - Chicken order, sometimes Leg - Chicken part Leg - Chicken piece Leg - Chicken serving Leg - Choice after carving the turkey Leg - Cricket side Leg - Cricket side in stage of competition Leg - Cut of lamb Leg - Dark meat choice Leg - Dark meat piece Leg - Dark meat, e.g Leg - Drumstick Leg - Drumstick, basically Leg - Drumstick, e.g Leg - Drumstick, essentially Leg - Drumstick, initially Leg - Drumstick, partially Leg - Drumstick, really Leg - Edible chicken part Leg - Fibula setting Leg - Flight component Leg - Flight part Leg - Folding part of a folding table Leg - Fowl piece Leg - Furniture supporter Leg - Gigot is part of course Leg - Good thing to break, in a saying Leg - Half a huge cost? Leg - Ham's place Leg - Hamstring locale Leg - Holiday serving Leg - Hose filler? Leg - Hypotenuse neighbor Leg - If it's over one foot, the end of it could be fabulous (3) Leg - If nothing in 4 down comes to an end, that's only mythical Leg - It could be the anchor one Leg - It gives one good standing? Leg - It has a supporting role Leg - It is run before a change over Leg - It may be pulled Leg - It may be shaken or pulled Leg - It might come to an end of one foot Leg - It's just a myth that it's only one foot down to the end of this Leg - It's kept under the table Leg - It's not 28 across that may have an end that's mythical Leg - It's one foot from the bottom Leg - Itinerary portion Leg - Jeans part Leg - Journey part Leg - Journey portion Leg - Journey segment Leg - Journey stage Leg - Kfc portion Leg - Kicker Leg - Knee locale Leg - Knee's place Leg - Lamb cut Leg - Lamb serving Leg - Lap part of a garment Leg - Limb Leg - Limb; stage Leg - Location of the quadriceps Leg - Long john silver had one Leg - Long john silver was lacking one Leg - Long part of jeans Leg - Long writers' blocks? Leg - Low limb Leg - Lower limb Leg - Meet portion, or portion of meat Leg - Meet portion, or portion of meat Leg - Mellencamp "get a ___ up" Leg - Member of a cricket side Leg - More than one foot of what one pound is an instance of Leg - Mutton hunk Leg - Mutton purchase Leg - Not off for a walk for the cricketer Leg - On line, say Leg - On stage Leg - One of a stool's three Leg - One of a stool's three Leg - One of eight on odin's horse Leg - One of four, on most tables Leg - One of six for an insect Leg - One of three on a tripod Leg - One of two adjoining the hypotenuse Leg - One to stand on Leg - One with a supporting role Leg - One ___ is here Leg - Over one foot at this end of the myth Leg - Over one foot before you get to the end of the tale Leg - Over one foot is the half of 11 down Leg - Pants part Leg - Part of a journey Leg - Part of a kfc order Leg - Part of a long race Leg - Part of a race Leg - Part of a relay Leg - Part of a relay race Leg - Part of a stool Leg - Part of a tour Leg - Part of an itinerary Leg - Part of field in cricket match set back Leg - Perhaps an instance of fifty being just over one foot Leg - Piano part Leg - Piano piece Leg - Piano piece? Leg - Piano support Leg - Piece of chicken Leg - Piece of dark meat Leg - Place for a cast Leg - Portion of a journey Leg - Projecting support for chair or table Leg - Punter's pride Leg - Race part Leg - Race portion Leg - Race section Leg - Race segment Leg - Race stage Leg - Race unit Leg - Regatta unit Leg - Relay component Leg - Relay division Leg - Relay part Leg - Relay portion Leg - Relay race part Leg - Relay race section Leg - Relay race segment Leg - Relay runner's assignment Leg - Relay section Leg - Relay segment Leg - Relay stage Leg - Relay-race part Leg - Relay-race segment Leg - Sartorius muscle locale Leg - Section of a race Leg - Section of journey; limb Leg - Segment of a journey Leg - Segment of a relay Leg - Segment of a trip Leg - Selection after carving the turkey Leg - Shin locale Leg - Shin's place Leg - Short or square, perhaps Leg - Side adjacent to the hypotenuse Leg - Side of a right triangle Leg - Sign seen by a seer Leg - Sofa part Leg - Something to hop on Leg - Something to shake or break, so to speak Leg - Something to stand on Leg - Spinet support Leg - Spoke of a cartwheel? Leg - Stage Leg - Stage (of a journey) Leg - Stage (of race) Leg - Stage of a journey Leg - Stage of a race Leg - Stage prop Leg - Standing need Leg - Standing prerequisite Leg - Stereo knob: abbr Leg - Stilt's place Leg - Stocking stuffer Leg - Stocking stuffer? Leg - Support Leg - Support; cricket side Leg - Supporter Leg - Supporting member? Leg - Supporting part Leg - Table feature Leg - Table necessity Leg - Table or turkey piece Leg - Table part Leg - Table prop Leg - Table support Leg - Thanksgiving dinner request Leg - Thanksgiving serving Leg - That could get walker to the end of a myth Leg - The end of this is a tale of a foot, perhaps Leg - The end of this would be absolutely fabulous Leg - The french ostler had space Leg - The other ___ is here Leg - Thigh locale Leg - Thigh's place Leg - This ally is right over one foot, so the story goes before the end Leg - This needs 21 across at last to make one fabled foot, perhaps Leg - This will set up what may be set after break Leg - Tour part Leg - Tour phase Leg - Tour stretch Leg - Tour stretch before short break Leg - Travel division Leg - Trek segment Leg - Triangle part Leg - Triangle side Leg - Triathlon part Leg - Trip segment Leg - Trip part Leg - Trip portion Leg - Trip section Leg - Trip segment Leg - Tripod feature Leg - Tripod part Leg - Tripod piece Leg - Tripod support Leg - Trouser half Leg - Trouser part Leg - Trousers part Leg - Turkey drumstick Leg - Turkey helping Leg - Turkey part Leg - Turkey part choice Leg - Turkey piece Leg - Turkey serving Leg - Turkey serving, sometimes Leg - Under-the-table item Leg - Voyage segment Leg - What mellencamp got "up" on "whenever we wanted" Leg - Where a cast may be found Leg - Wing alternative Leg - With 22-across, runner's woe Leg - You can shake it or break it Leg - You might shake it or break it Leg - You move faster when you shake it Leg - Yours may be asleep while you're awake Leg - Yours might be pulled by a joker