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Hedonist - For whom pleasure is the chief god

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Hedonist - Pleasure seeker Hedonist - That could be what he had on to sit there for pleasure Hedonist - He believes pleasure is the chief good in life Hedonist - One who lives only for pleasure Hedonist - Pleasure-seeker Hedonist - For whom pleasure is the chief god Hedonist - One who believes in pleasure Hedonist - He believes that pleasure is the chief good Hedonist - One seeking pleasure from bank job, framing mafia boss Hedonist - His noted fancy is the pursuit of pleasure Hedonist - Chinese daughter upset, featuring in 'the revolutionary playboy' Hedonist - Fellow entertained by robbery - he enjoys the fun Hedonist - Fellow into crime, one seeking pleasure Hedonist - The trouble about a spaniard is he puts pleasure before work Hedonist - Fellow in robbery is a pleasure-seeker Hedonist - Take pleasure in what he'd on first Hedonist - That man from the mafia is trouble from the start for pleasure seeker Hedonist - Assume one's in the wrong to be pleasure-seeker Hedonist - Fellow caught in the act of robbery is a playboy Hedonist - Self-indulgent type of mafia leader in robbery Hedonist - Playboy member of teaching staff engaged in crime Hedonist - Seeker of sensual pleasure dines with hot totty Hedonist - Rip off clothes put on pagan Hedonist - A seeker after luxury, fellow gets involved in armed robbery Hedonist - One who's just out for a good time Hedonist - Pleasure-seeker - noted his downfall Hedonist - Keep quiet about the wrong done by the sybarite Hedonist - He first included college lecturer, one seeking pleasure Hedonist - Fellow entertained by robbery -- he enjoys the fun Hedonist - Fellow into crime may be one with the wrong idea about good life? Hedonist - Bon vivant mafia boss in armed hold-up Hedonist - Extreme pleasure-seeker Hedonist - Spaniard is in the wrong -- he puts pleasure before work! Hedonist - Pleasure-seeker and academic held hostage in robbery Hedonist - Mafia boss in robbery is pleasure-seeking type Hedonist - One in search of a good time Hedonist - Cutting crime, academic sybarite Hedonist - Fellow in criminal activity as one looking for kicks Hedonist - The don is too much of a libertine Hedonist - In robbery, assume one does things for fun