Cigar - Stogie

Word by letter:
  • Cigar - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word G
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word R

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Cigar - 1995 horse of the year Cigar - New father's handout Cigar - It may be in a poker player's hand Cigar - Stogie Cigar - Puff piece? Cigar - Victory smoke Cigar - Smoke Cigar - Churchill trademark Cigar - Exploding joke item Cigar - Groucho marx fixture Cigar - Groucho marx prop Cigar - '... but no ___' Cigar - George burns trademark Cigar - New dad's handout Cigar - Panatela, e.g Cigar - What a tabaquero makes Cigar - Cuban, e.g Cigar - Cuban export Cigar - Groucho trademark Cigar - Havana product Cigar - Proud papa's handout, perhaps Cigar - Brown smoke Cigar - Puffer's pleasure, perhaps Cigar - Smoke after a delivery Cigar - Thick smoke? Cigar - Havana, e.g Cigar - Prop for groucho Cigar - Marx trademark Cigar - Churchillian trademark Cigar - Humidor item Cigar - Prop for groucho marx Cigar - Perfecto, e.g Cigar - Havana export Cigar - It usually has a band around it Cigar - Castro's prop Cigar - Its brand is on its band Cigar - Havana smoke Cigar - "close, but no __" Cigar - "exploding" gag gift Cigar - Celebratory smoke Cigar - Corona, e.g Cigar - George burns prop Cigar - Groucho prop Cigar - Famed mid-1990s racehorse Cigar - Ernie kovacs trademark Cigar - Kovacs trademark Cigar - How the american solider comes back in his smoking motor Cigar - The american serviceman turns up in his automobile, smoking Cigar - A roll of leaf tobacco Cigar - Roll of tobacco for smoking Cigar - Roll of tobacco leaves for smoking Cigar - Smoke from a backward bit of stuff, i see Cigar - 'the american soldier comes up in his automobile, smoking one (5)' Cigar - 'the american soldier gets back in the car, smoke coming from it (5)' Cigar - Churchill item Cigar - Practical joker's exploder Cigar - Gag that might explode Cigar - Smoke rising tragically without account Cigar - Soldier climbs back into vehicle for a smoke Cigar - Calamitous reverses with no time for a smoke Cigar - Not initially sad about cuban export Cigar - Roll of tobacco leaves Cigar - Havana, perhaps Cigar - Tobacco leaf rolled for smoking Cigar - Item kept in a humidor Cigar - Rolled tobacco leaf for smoking Cigar - Havana, say Cigar - Tobacco product Cigar - Cylinder of tobacco Cigar - __ band Cigar - Proud papa's present Cigar - With 56-down, refuse to be cleaned out from a poker game? Cigar - Big roll of tobacco Cigar - Thick smoke Cigar - Smoke rising, sad, timeless Cigar - Thick smoke? one needs light Cigar - Us wonder horse that was a real smoker! Cigar - Leaders of cubans initially gathering all rebels in havana, perhaps Cigar - Roll of cured tobacco Cigar - Eg, havana, panatella Cigar - Smoke, being sad about losing time Cigar - Eg, havana Cigar - Eg, panatella Cigar - Smoke channel islands fish Cigar - Something to smoke Cigar - Smoke one's beginning to get between wheels Cigar - Eg, a cheroot Cigar - Smoke discovered by one beginning to get in vehicle Cigar - Havana, for example Cigar - Channel islands fish that's meant to be smoked Cigar - Havana retrograde in tragic drama Cigar - Smoked item Cigar - Smoke fish, one caught up in leading position Cigar - 'sometimes a - is just a -' (sigmund freud, attrib.) Cigar - Smoke from wheels? one thousand parts Cigar - Smoke upset soldier in vehicle Cigar - Corona, eg Cigar - Item for smoking Cigar - Groucho's smoke Cigar - Soldier trapped in vehicle overturning, producing smoke Cigar - Soldier pulled up in vehicle for a smoke Cigar - Cylindrical roll of cured tobacco leaves Cigar - Tragically without a match, has to return a smoke Cigar - Cheroot Cigar - Smoke 101 fish Cigar - Roll of leaves for smoking Cigar - Island group tabloid up in smoke Cigar - Smoke coming from vehicle carrying retired soldier Cigar - Rolled tobacco for smoking Cigar - Havana Cigar - Smoke provoking tears, though not beginning to rise Cigar - Cuban product Cigar - 'exploding' gag gift Cigar - Cohiba esplendido, notably Cigar - Pyschoanalytically speaking, it may be just what it is Cigar - It's seen in some poker-playing dog prints Cigar - Symbol of victory for immortal celtics coach red auerbach Cigar - Burns prop Cigar - Disastrous upset -- no time for celebratory smoke Cigar - Winston churchill prop Cigar - "it's a girl!" handout Cigar - 'close but no ___' Cigar - Puff piece associated with this puzzle's four long answers Cigar - "he smoked a big ___" (boston) Cigar - Boston "he smoked a big ___ and drove a cadillac car" Cigar - Pink floyd wants you to "have" one Cigar - Pink floyd smokable on "wish you were here" Cigar - A havana Cigar - Rolled tobacco Cigar - Smoke irritated craig Cigar - Corona, for one Cigar - 36-across, for one Cigar - Pink floyd "have a ___" Cigar - Panatella Cigar - Cold fish, one potted, one smoked Cigar - Postdelivery handout Cigar - Postdelivery handout
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Stogie (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - stogie. word on "C". 1 - st. letter C. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter G. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter R.

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