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Sem - Pastor's sch

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Sem - Cleric's sch Sem - Coll. for clergymen Sem - Coll. period Sem - Coll. term Sem - Coll. time period Sem - College yr. division Sem - D.d.'s inst Sem - Divinity sch Sem - Father's alma mater: abbr Sem - Father's sch Sem - Fils de noé Sem - Four mos. at school, perhaps Sem - Future father's sch.? Sem - Future shepherd's place: abbr Sem - Grad. school class, maybe Sem - Grading period: abbr Sem - Half a 125-across year: abbr Sem - Half a college year: abbr Sem - Half a sch. year Sem - Half a school year: abbr Sem - Half a school yr Sem - Half a year of coll Sem - Half of a sch. year Sem - Half of a school yr Sem - Half of a yr Sem - L'aîné de noé Sem - Luth. or bapt. school Sem - Part of a college yr Sem - Part of a sch. year Sem - Part of a school year: abbr Sem - Part of a school yr Sem - Part of an academic yr Sem - Pastor's sch Sem - Personnage biblique Sem - Place for a father-to-be: abbr Sem - Place of bible study: abbr Sem - Place to get a th.d Sem - Priests' sch Sem - Rabbinical sch Sem - Rel. school Sem - Relig. institution Sem - Relig. school Sem - Relig. training ground Sem - Religious sch Sem - Rev.'s alma mater Sem - Sch. for ministers Sem - Sch. for priests Sem - Sch. for the preordained? Sem - Sch. period Sem - Sch. term Sem - Sch. unit Sem - Sch. yr. division Sem - School year section: abbr Sem - School yr. division Sem - School yr. section Sem - Th.d.-issuing school Sem - Theol. school Sem - Theologian's sch Sem - Theological inst Sem - Theological sch Sem - Theology inst Sem - Theology sch Sem - Two qtrs Sem - Univ. term Sem - Where to study for a th.d Sem - You might get credit for this period of work: abbr Sem - Yr. fraction