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Placid - Lake name of two olympics

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Placid - 'calm, yet biting at last (6)' Placid - A lake not easily ruffled Placid - A little of the plural gets to be biting, yet calm Placid - Adirondacks lake Placid - Calm Placid - Calm and free from disturbance Placid - Calm and not easily upset Placid - Calm and peaceful Placid - Calm and still Placid - Calm and tranquil Placid - Calm and unruffled Placid - Calm clan leader wearing tartan cloth Placid - Calm for most of the play by coincidence at the centre Placid - Calm of nature Placid - Calm policemen attached to port authority Placid - Calm, peaceful Placid - Calm, phlegmatic Placid - Calm; lake Placid - Clap the calm, so i would Placid - Collected short cape in tartan material Placid - Collected tartan cloth worn by head of clan Placid - Composed answer for inclusion in company papers Placid - Composed opening for ceilidh, wearing tartan cloth Placid - Composed or serene Placid - Composed some material in c? the other way round Placid - Cool about wearing tartan Placid - Cool and unruffled Placid - Cool or cold? wrap woollen cloth around Placid - Cool or possibly cold - needing to be wrapped in cloth Placid - Don't lose your cool and get paid with elsie, by the sound of it Placid - Easy-going college head dressed in tartan Placid - Easy-going leader of celts in highland dress Placid - Easy-going, endless amusement for police department Placid - Equable Placid - Even-tempered Placid - Even-tempered cub leader held in check Placid - Head of clan wears tartan, unruffled Placid - Head of couture in tartan, being cool Placid - How a hundred get calm in scottish wear Placid - Hundred held in check are calm Placid - Imperturbable Placid - In short, the plural may get biting but calm Placid - Lake --, new york, site of the 1932 and 1980 winter olympics Placid - Lake name of two olympics Placid - Lake __, 1980 winter olympics town Placid - Left bitter, under pressure but calm Placid - Might make to clap this, so i would, if it was calm enough Placid - Not easily excited Placid - Not easily upset or excited Placid - Not ruffled Placid - Of a calm nature Placid - One hundred in scottish dress would make them calm Placid - Opposite of turbulent Placid - Peaceable and not easily disturbed Placid - Peaceful Placid - Peaceful - composed Placid - Peaceful and tranquil Placid - Peaceful and unruffled Placid - Phlegmatic Placid - Phlegmatic conservative wearing tartan Placid - Place with a group of detectives becomes calm Placid - Quiet and still Placid - Quiet conservative held in check Placid - Quiet piece of cloth in tartan Placid - Retired medical practitioner's still content Placid - Serene Placid - Serene - unruffled Placid - Serene and unruffled Placid - Still - us lake Placid - Still and quiet lake with chemical harmful to it? Placid - Still caledonian's first dressed in tartan Placid - Still caught in check Placid - Still check the figure entered Placid - Still cold when wrapped in tartan cloth Placid - Still cold, wrapped in piece of woollen cloth Placid - Still used as a name for a us lake Placid - Still used as a name for an american lake Placid - Swim back across french lake - or is it an american one? Placid - There's a cool hundred in this for a scot Placid - Tranquil Placid - Tranquil head of clan in highland dress Placid - Tranquil, even-tempered Placid - Tranquil, unruffled Placid - Unconcerned, being cold in scottish dress Placid - Undisturbed Placid - Unexcitable Placid - Unexcitable leader of clan, appropriately dressed Placid - Unruffled Placid - Unruffled college head dressed in tartan