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Marble - Crystalline limestone often used in sculpture

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Marble - 'hard, crystalline rock (6)' Marble - Alley possibly used by sculptors? Marble - Bust makeup Marble - Cat's-eye or aggie Marble - Child's small glass ball Marble - Childish toy made of hard stone Marble - Column material Marble - Crystalline limestone often used by sculptors Marble - Crystalline limestone often used in sculpture Marble - Crystallised limestone Marble - Decorative stone Marble - Decorative stone - ball Marble - Export of 57-across Marble - Fine stone Marble - Fine tile material Marble - Floor material Marble - Glass ball Marble - Glass ball toy Marble - Glass ball; stone Marble - Hard crystalline limestone Marble - Hard crystalline limestone used for sculpture Marble - Hard crystalline limestone, can be polished Marble - Hard crystalline metamorphic rock Marble - Hard crystalline rock Marble - Hard limestone that takes a high polish Marble - Hard rock Marble - Hard shiny stone used by sculptors Marble - Hard stone Marble - Hard, crystalline rock Marble - Hard, crystalline, metamorphic rock Marble - Harmless shooter Marble - Horse swallows black stone Marble - Material for praxiteles – chap working in silvery-white metal symbolically Marble - Medium for michelangelo Marble - One of the rolling stones? Marble - Ornamental stone Marble - Polished limestone Marble - Polished rock used in sculpture Marble - Ramble (anag.) Marble - Rock means first half of walk is upset Marble - Rock that upsets first half of country walk? Marble - Rock used for building and sculpture Marble - Rock used for sculpture Marble - Rock used for sculptures Marble - Round plaything Marble - Sculpting material Marble - Sculptor's material, perhaps Marble - Sculptor's medium Marble - Sculptor's stone Marble - Sculpture medium Marble - Shooter of a sort Marble - Small ball of glass used in game Marble - Small ball of glass used in games Marble - Small glass ball Marble - Statue stuff Marble - Stoker and railway both turned to stone Marble - Taj mahal material Marble - Toy glass ball Marble - Turns up, star sign leads lawyer to spain with glass ball Marble - Type of rock Marble - Venus de milo material Marble - You'd be unfortunate to lose more than one 16