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Advent - Coming Advent - Onset Advent - Start Advent - Period beginning four sundays before christmas Advent - Pre-christmas period Advent - Christian observance Advent - Beginning Advent - Arrival Advent - About to be in rome Advent - Thus father is coming back to the escape Advent - Is father coming up over the escape? Advent - Coming to five in a dingy setting Advent - One depression around five is coming here Advent - Period before christmas Advent - The coming of a religous period? Advent - Is father coming back to the exit? Advent - Father is up and coming over the exit Advent - The coming of the outlet for the present age Advent - Coming back for father and what he may be going through Advent - How father is coming back to the escape Advent - Coming to five in a hole made in it Advent - It's the turn of father to be going out there for coming Advent - That's coming before christmas Advent - Might that be a becoming way out for the present age? Advent - It's coming to one hole around five Advent - It's coming to some escape for the present age Advent - The coming of an escape for the present age Advent - Thus might father be coming up to the exit Advent - Some escape for the present age is coming Advent - It's coming when christmas is coming Advent - Is the advertisement coming over the outlet? (6) Advent - Father is coming back to the exit Advent - Father is coming back to 4 down Advent - Coming to outlet for advertisement Advent - Coming to 4 down at last Advent - The season leading up to christmas Advent - Pre-christmas season Advent - Season preceding christmas Advent - Time before christmas Advent - Arrival of important person or event Advent - Coming or arrival Advent - Season leading up to christmas Advent - Period in church calendar Advent - Period in the christian calendar Advent - Coming before christmas Advent - The festival is coming for five in a dingy sort of way Advent - Pre-christmas season for christians Advent - Coming from no middle-aged outlet Advent - The coming of the christian faith Advent - Notice the opening coming Advent - Commercial opening is coming Advent - The arrival of a commercial airway Advent - Coming up with rude hairstyle, 'airhole' Advent - Coming into season Advent - In such a calendar one door's opening, then another opening Advent - Notice gap coming Advent - Approach plughole Advent - Notice opening time before christmas Advent - Arrival - time before christmas Advent - Coming - occasion in church calendar Advent - Season before christmas Advent - Time approaching christmas Advent - Coming - before christmas Advent - Arrival (of christmas) Advent - Coming (of christmas) Advent - Arrival (with calendar?) Advent - Pre-christmas time Advent - Season for a candle? Advent - A puff atop the discharge pipe is coming Advent - David upset by old books before christmas Advent - Commercial outlet for this sort of calendar Advent - Some hundreds will be in a hole before christmas! Advent - Commercial opening observed by christian church Advent - A duke opening the season Advent - Coming very shortly during a depression Advent - Coming into port, see the last of fleet Advent - Christmas shopping time in commercial outlet Advent - Forty days preceding christmas Advent - Adapted hollowed-out opening for arrival Advent - A depression, very intrusive, when the christmas shopping has to be done? Advent - Notice slit in garment is good for appearance Advent - Notice archdeacon getting tense when the church year begins Advent - 'expecting still his -- home' (tennyson, in memoriam) Advent - Entering a depression, see what's coming Advent - Arrival of digital video, initially in a hospital department Advent - Run-up to christmas Advent - Notice gap coming in the church calendar Advent - Notice split coming Advent - Coming trailer perhaps shown before opening Advent - David upset by good books before christmas Advent - All around figure a depression is coming Advent - Church season preceding christmas Advent - Period up to the present time? Advent - Arrival of a head of department at an opening Advent - Notice a gap coming Advent - Coming from plug hole Advent - Church season Advent - Bill takes a breather on arrival Advent - Christian season Advent - Notice a split coming Advent - Notice an opening coming Advent - Commercial outlet that is coming Advent - Coming of christianity Advent - Commercial opening for a kind of calendar Advent - Plug hole's entrance Advent - Season in the christian calendar preceding christmas Advent - Second coming Advent - Appearance of plughole? Advent - Arrival of christianity Advent - Coming first or second Advent - A depression very briefly set in? it suggests christmas is coming! Advent - Commercial opening that occurs before christmas Advent - Victor entering a depression in winter season? Advent - Period before christmas opening, after a dubious beginning Advent - Poster outlet is coming Advent - A season in the christian calendar Advent - Notice a gap coming in the church calendar Advent - In eastern orthodox churches, the forty days preceding christmas Advent - Now opening for a season Advent - Commercial outlet in period leading up to christmas Advent - Notice opening in time Advent - David shifts good books before christmas Advent - Notice opening in the run-up to christmas Advent - Arrival of a head of department at opening Advent - Five pound ten bill before the run-up to christmas Advent - Starting time Advent - Approach Advent - Arrival of public notice requiring release Advent - Bill has duct coming Advent - ___ calendar (holder of little gifts leading up to christmas to kind of whet your present-receiving whistle) Advent - Notice opening time for christmas shopping? Advent - Commercial opening that covers four sundays Advent - 2016's arrival Advent - Candle-lighting season Advent - ___ calendar (holder of small chocolates) Advent - End vat problem before christmas Advent - Coming a day before opening Advent - Coming ahead of the festive season Advent - Coming period of history has nationalist kept in check Advent - For some, the present opening is the first sign of christmas Advent - It's a-coming in december! Advent - With short notice, check about new arrival Advent - Church season mainly or totally in december Advent - Coming into being Advent - Commercial outlet is coming Advent - Arrival at commercial outlet Advent - Period of up to four weeks before christmas Advent - Period of up to four weeks before christmas
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