Spear - Long pointed weapon

Word by letter:
  • Spear - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Spear - Primitive weapon Spear - Bushman's weapon Spear - Catch fish, in a primitive way Spear - Headhunter's equipment Spear - Weapon that's thrown Spear - Buffalo hunt weapon Spear - Fishgig Spear - Warrior's weapon Spear - Harpoon Spear - Primitive fishing tool Spear - Impale Spear - Asparagus unit Spear - Catch fish, primitively Spear - Pike Spear - Mint starter Spear - Lance Spear - Mammoth hunter's weapon Spear - Word with head or mint Spear - Long weapon Spear - Bit of broccoli Spear - Stereotypical opera prop Spear - Mammoth hunt weapon Spear - Element of tribal warfare? Spear - Javelin Spear - Opera prop, perhaps Spear - Phalanx weapon Spear - Put the fork to Spear - Caveman's tool Spear - Piece of asparagus Spear - Pickle unit Spear - Ancient weapon Spear - Pickle piece Spear - It has a pointy head Spear - Thrown weapon Spear - Whaling weapon Spear - Broccoli unit Spear - Stick a fork in Spear - Extra's weapon Spear - Stone age weapon Spear - Flung weapon Spear - Aborigine's weapon Spear - Shoot Spear - Grass blade Spear - Fishing tool Spear - Grab with a toothpick Spear - Sharp weapon Spear - Pickle portion Spear - Pointed weapon Spear - Stab Spear - Sticker Spear - Bit of asparagus Spear - Primitive projectile Spear - Asparagus piece Spear - Shoot in the garden Spear - Grass unit Spear - It has a point Spear - Safari weapon Spear - Weapon that's hurled Spear - Gaff, to a fisherman Spear - Broccoli portion Spear - Low-tech weapon Spear - Hook or net alternative Spear - Opera prop Spear - Trident Spear - Catch with a harpoon Spear - How long to get to the point of the fruit at last Spear - It takes one long to get to the point Spear - The point of this is that it's the fruit of the south, it seems Spear - Long pointed weapon Spear - Old weapon Spear - Plant shoot Spear - Single pickle Spear - Old fishing tool Spear - Hurled weapon Spear - Stalk of asparagus Spear - Slender stalk of asparagus Spear - A bit of padding inserted to dry out weapon Spear - Weapon used by the mint? Spear - Weapon found in spare ground Spear - Weapon for society over fruit Spear - Pole with pointed end Spear - Sharp-tipped weapon Spear - Broccoli bit Spear - Piece of broccoli Spear - Weapon for a childless listener Spear - Renaissance fair prop Spear - Javelin or harpoon Spear - Headhunter's weapon Spear - Asparagus shoot Spear - Javelin, basically Spear - Catch fish, in a way Spear - Pickle serving Spear - Turns up private secretary connects listening device in gaff Spear - Elmer holds one in "what's opera, doc?" Spear - Weapon and drug stored in box Spear - Piece of wood fitted with blade at end? Spear - A bit of asparagus - mint may be added Spear - Portion of asparagus served for starters with avocado? Spear - Shafted weapon Spear - Stabbing, throwing, weapon Spear - Throwing weapon Spear - Shoot using weapon Spear - Weapon Spear - Open box with key to get weapon Spear - Simple weapon Spear - Shoot, or pierce with this? Spear - The point of herbert's oeuvre Spear - Weapon for throwing Spear - With head in stocks, fruit's something that may be thrown Spear - Some asparagus, succeeded by fruit Spear - Poet heard to make threatening gesture with it Spear - Carried on in minor role Spear - Caveman costume accessory Spear - Asparagus serving Spear - Fight, in practice, holding english weapon Spear - Pike, and how to kill it? Spear - Son given something to eat -- a bit of broccoli? Spear - Weapon made from spare parts Spear - Box holding earl's weapon Spear - Long weapon with pointed head Spear - Fight involving energy weapon Spear - Pole incorporating point? Spear - Asparagus stalk Spear - Pierce small fruit Spear - Box containing eastern weapon Spear - Accessory with a gladiator costume Spear - Attack illegally, in the nfl or, i guess, in real life too Spear - Gladiator's weapon Spear - Jungle-movie prop Spear - Trident, e.g Spear - Weapon with a pointy head Spear - Lance spins artist's record inside Spear - Serving of asparagus Spear - Small fruit -- asparagus for example Spear - ___ gun Spear - "slavery days" burning ___ Spear - Grammy-winning reggae singer burning ___ Spear - Jamaican legend winston rodney, aka burning ___ Spear - Asparagus morsel Spear - Stick fork, say, into small fruit or vegetable, right? Spear - Box contains energy weapon Spear - Dill pickle quarter Spear - Primitive fishing weapon Spear - Fight over fishwife's last pike Spear - Catch suddenly in the infield Spear - Harpoon, essentially Spear - Asparagus portion, small, served with avocado? Spear - Caveman's weapon Spear - Get onto one's fork, say Spear - Javelin, for example Spear - Weapon's redundant when base moves west Spear - Pineapple portion Spear - Weapon seen on the kenyan flag Spear - Long-shafted weapon Spear - Long-shafted weapon
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Long pointed weapon (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - long pointed weapon. word on "S". 1 - st. letter S. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter R.

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