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Cheer - All alternative

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  • 5 - st. word R

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Cheer - All alternative Cheer - Root on Cheer - Gaiety Cheer - Root for the home team Cheer - "ol!" for one Cheer - "give me an a...," e.g Cheer - Sound at a pep rally Cheer - Holiday ___ Cheer - Shout of encouragement Cheer - Root in the stands Cheer - Sound from the stands Cheer - Good spirits Cheer - Make happy Cheer - Root Cheer - "bravo!" or "hurrah!" Cheer - Brighten Cheer - Jubilation Cheer - Merriment Cheer - 'gimme an a ...!,' e.g Cheer - Joy Cheer - Gladden Cheer - Be a fan, in a way Cheer - Supportive sound from the crowd Cheer - Shout from a fan Cheer - Root for the team Cheer - Shout of approval Cheer - "huzzah!" or "hurray!" Cheer - What fans do Cheer - Support one's team Cheer - Be a rooter Cheer - Spirit Cheer - Do a fan's job Cheer - Root for Cheer - 2-down, e.g Cheer - More than one for a drink, three for applause Cheer - By the sound of it, make a 34 across Cheer - Good for xmas - hurrah! Cheer - Shout hooray Cheer - Shout in approval Cheer - Applaud and acclaim Cheer - Applaud vocally, hurray etc Cheer - Shout hooray! Cheer - Vocal sound of applause Cheer - Shout applause and support Cheer - Does the church, in short, even get such applause? Cheer - Applaud Cheer - Encouraging cry, such as the one formed by the ends of 20-, 37-, and 56-across Cheer - Shout of welcome for revolutionary monarch Cheer - Shout for food Cheer - Hurrah for food! Cheer - Encourage - applaud Cheer - Applaud - encourage Cheer - Encourage Cheer - Hooray! Cheer - Applause - encourage Cheer - Rooted for Cheer - Provide spirit, in a way Cheer - Back a back, say Cheer - Pull (for) Cheer - Bleacher bleat Cheer - Roar at revolutionary in hospital Cheer - Hoot and holler in the stands Cheer - Shout encouragingly Cheer - Applaud; mood Cheer - Acclaim Cheer - Comfort food? Cheer - What the leader gets in the usa? Cheer - Jolly pair of hips can get me going! Cheer - Applaud with shouts Cheer - Food and drink down in price - dropping a penny Cheer - Bellyache erroneously being narrowed down to party refreshment? Cheer - Shout of praise Cheer - Hearten Cheer - Lift the mood of one in three, perhaps Cheer - Give comfort to Cheer - Fare once provided by revolutionary monarch Cheer - Revolutionary head of state brings joy Cheer - Inspirit Cheer - Encouraging shout Cheer - Shout, losing way in city Cheer - Laborious eater leaving with provisions for feast Cheer - Joyful shout Cheer - Good humor Cheer - Comfort Cheer - Cry of approval Cheer - Shout encouragement Cheer - Central heating always offers comfort Cheer - Give encouragement to little child always Cheer - Comfort the church always provides Cheer - Festive food and drink Cheer - Famous south american monarch bringing happiness Cheer - Applaud diva retaining energy Cheer - Root for food Cheer - Caught that woman swallowing oriental fare Cheer - Buck up Cheer - Church always provides festive food and drink Cheer - That man in church, getting rector's encouragement Cheer - Joyfulness Cheer - Seeing revolutionary monarch, shout 'hooray' Cheer - Support vocally and gladden Cheer - Root audibly Cheer - Rallying cry Cheer - Sat away from teachers to bring the house down Cheer - Pep squad output Cheer - Say "ole!" Cheer - Pep rally sound Cheer - Revolutionary monarch getting welcome from the crowd? Cheer - "gimme an a!" might start one Cheer - Urge on Cheer - Root (for) Cheer - Say 'hooray,' say Cheer - The church always brings comfort Cheer - Stadium sound Cheer - Hearten; shout Cheer - Oral encouragement Cheer - Festive fare honoured companion always provides Cheer - Step 5: a show of contempt Cheer - Shout approval of revolutionary meeting queen Cheer - Companion always providing comfort Cheer - 'i don't know if there'll be snow, but have a cup of ___' Cheer - Food and drink always provided after church Cheer - Shout out for one's team Cheer - Less expensive �- reduced by a penny? hurrah!