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Tee - Support for tiger woods?

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Tee - Certain shirt Tee - Support for tiger woods? Tee - Kickoff aid Tee - Pipe joint Tee - See 44-across Tee - Golfer's gadget Tee - Peg with a concave top Tee - Collarless shirt Tee - Three-way joint Tee - 'fore' site Tee - Hole opener Tee - Golf bag item Tee - Resort souvenir Tee - Kicker's aid Tee - Golf ball prop Tee - Third of october Tee - Driving aid? Tee - Driving point Tee - Driver's helper? Tee - Swing site Tee - Summer shirt, informally Tee - It starts tomorrow? Tee - Links prop Tee - Piece of pipe Tee - Small peg Tee - Batting practice aid Tee - Links peg Tee - Top-flite support Tee - Athletic supporter? Tee - Driving need Tee - Peg with a dent on top Tee - Start of a giggle Tee - Couples may swing here Tee - Tiny opening? Tee - Woods launch pad Tee - Suitable letter? Tee - The end of the road, sometimes Tee - Kind of shirt Tee - Golf course elevator Tee - Golf expendable Tee - Couples' starting point Tee - Course requirement? Tee - Start of a long drive? Tee - Palmer's peg Tee - Souvenir shop item, for short Tee - Cross it (and dot your i's while you're at it) Tee - Green peg Tee - Plumbing fitting Tee - Golf ball peg Tee - Driver's thingie Tee - Driver's aid Tee - Summer wear Tee - Driving platform? Tee - Driver's aid? Tee - Kickerâs need Tee - Start of some drives Tee - Buttonless shirt Tee - Ball point? Tee - Informal shirt Tee - Fore site? Tee - Football supporter? Tee - It gets things off the ground Tee - Kind of time Tee - Vacation souvenir Tee - Pigskin's perch Tee - Spot for a first shot Tee - Titleist supporter Tee - Kickoff need Tee - Golfer's thingamajig Tee - Souvenir shop offering Tee - Resting place on a field Tee - Starting-off place Tee - Links item Tee - Kickoff platform Tee - Driving aid Tee - Peg of the lpga Tee - Shirt type Tee - Driver's little helper? Tee - Pebble beach prop Tee - Hole-opening device? Tee - Pigskin prop Tee - Driver's peg Tee - Concert souvenir Tee - Where drives begin Tee - Golf gadget Tee - Golf hole start Tee - Course accessory Tee - Item used in a balancing act? Tee - 'fore' site? Tee - Half a laugh Tee - Pigskin holder Tee - Casual attire Tee - Peg of the lpga? Tee - Hole's starting point Tee - Golf peg Tee - Casual shirt Tee - Anger, with 'off' Tee - Pga prop Tee - Ball prop Tee - Strange prop? Tee - Top worn with shorts Tee - Woods' prop Tee - Course starting point Tee - Driver's helper Tee - Pro shop item Tee - Driving gadget Tee - Golf ball support Tee - It helps woods drive Tee - Weather center? Tee - Informal wear Tee - A nike's perch Tee - Pipe fitting Tee - Ball holder Tee - It gives support in sport Tee - Course requirement Tee - Young batter's ball supporter Tee - Something to drive off of Tee - Giveaway shirt Tee - Golf platform Tee - Placekicker's aid Tee - Driving place Tee - Course start Tee - Site of the first stroke? Tee - There's one in two Tee - It's under the ball Tee - Ball-bearing item Tee - Swinger's stand Tee - It'll prop your balls up Tee - First stroke setting Tee - L.p.g.a. supporter? Tee - Titleist's spot Tee - Ball raiser Tee - Peg of the links Tee - Summer shirt Tee - ___ time Tee - ___ time (course slot) Tee - Country club item Tee - Pga peg Tee - Elevator on a golf course? Tee - Golf ball raiser Tee - Support at the links Tee - Unisex wear Tee - Peg of woods Tee - Wood from which woods hits woods Tee - Little elevator Tee - Golfer's device Tee - Something to drive off Tee - It's ball-bearing Tee - It's only one until you cross it Tee - A driver may hit it Tee - Driving need? Tee - Shirt with a slogan Tee - Simple shirt Tee - Shirt shape Tee - Top with a slogan Tee - Place for a ball Tee - Part of a jeans outfit Tee - Crossed letter Tee - Third of october? Tee - See 55-down Tee - Object at the beginning of a hole Tee - Placekicker's prop Tee - It gets the ball off the ground Tee - Golf course feature Tee - Golfer's prop Tee - Prop for tiger Tee - Drive setting Tee - Basic top Tee - Start a hole, with "off" Tee - Golf-ball platform Tee - Follower of ess Tee - Links gadget Tee - Green need Tee - Improper attire at most golf clubs Tee - It must be crossed to become more than one Tee - Sports supporter Tee - Kicker's need Tee - Oft-embellished garment Tee - Item in a golfer's pocket Tee - Place for a drive Tee - It provides a lift for golfers Tee - Item with a concave head Tee - Simple top Tee - Ball supporter Tee - Golf-range prop Tee - Shot or time preceder Tee - Links area Tee - Ess follower Tee - Kind of square Tee - Put on a peg Tee - Kicker's prop Tee - Woods' wood item Tee - Type of top Tee - Driver's starting point Tee - Beach shirt Tee - There's usually one on the 30-yard line at the start of an nfl game Tee - Place to start a round Tee - Place for a swing Tee - Caddie's offering Tee - Casual top Tee - Bit of a snicker Tee - Kicking aid Tee - Ball-bearing prop Tee - Informal top Tee - It's used in kicking off some events Tee - Booter's aid Tee - Driving-range prop Tee - Small prop Tee - Stand with a concave head Tee - Site for some shots Tee - Golf area Tee - Course support Tee - Summer top, casually Tee - Ball elevator Tee - Ball peg Tee - Golf-bag item Tee - Jersey, for short Tee - Curling goal Tee - Golf game gizmo Tee - Golfer's time Tee - Place to drive from? Tee - It holds one of your balls Tee - Driver's little helper Tee - Tiger starts with it on or off the golf course Tee - Pro's prop Tee - Cat has one to cross Tee - "fore" site? Tee - Hole start Tee - It's all about the ball bearing Tee - Item with a concave top Tee - Kind of ball or shirt Tee - Joint shape Tee - Start of a hole Tee - Summer top Tee - Slogan holder, often Tee - Football kicker's aid Tee - Concert memento Tee - Three-way pipe joint Tee - Stake in the grass? Tee - Gadget for 58-down Tee - Item seen on the 30-yard line when the game starts Tee - Light top Tee - Place to start a hole Tee - Nog Tee - Golf ball's perch Tee - Golfer's support Tee - Where a hole begins Tee - Sports item with a concave head Tee - Thing frequently hit by drivers Tee - Wearable souvenir Tee - __ time (course slot) Tee - Comfy shirt Tee - World's smallest elevator? Tee - Half of a laugh Tee - Tiger's shortest stick Tee - Peg for nancy lopez Tee - Tick (off) Tee - First-stroke need Tee - Ace's starting point Tee - Souvenir shop top Tee - Driver's gadget Tee - Beginning of a hole Tee - Golfer's aid Tee - It comes after ess Tee - Trip souvenir Tee - Bag peg Tee - Golden ___ golf (bar video game) Tee - Golf ball launcher Tee - "time out!" hand signal Tee - Peg Tee - Fore site Tee - ___ time (golf course slot) Tee - Golfer's platform Tee - Fourth of september? Tee - It's crossed in time? Tee - It's one until you cross it? Tee - Starting point for a long drive? Tee - Driver's need Tee - Peg under a dimpled ball Tee - Little stake in the grass Tee - Peg with an indentation Tee - Place-kicker's aid Tee - ___ party (golfers' bash) Tee - Elevator on the links? Tee - Course need Tee - Hitter's prop Tee - 'time out!' signal Tee - The beginning of time? Tee - *what 'fore' may precede Tee - "fore" site Tee - Elevator in a country club Tee - Summer shirt, for short Tee - Golfer's gismo Tee - Ball support Tee - To a ____ Tee - Ball bearer Tee - Golf ball holder Tee - Start of a drive Tee - Vijay singh thing Tee - Beachgoer's shirt Tee - Duffer's doodad Tee - It's supportive to golfers Tee - Help for a driver Tee - Golf-hole starter Tee - Golfer's accessory Tee - Links launching point Tee - Football holder Tee - Peg for a golfer Tee - Collarless top Tee - Peg stuck in the ground Tee - Beginning of time? Tee - __ time (golf-course slot) Tee - It's only one until you cross it? Tee - Golf course part Tee - Prop for a pigskin Tee - Driving-range platform Tee - Follower of 115-across Tee - Ball-bearing article Tee - Driver's doodad Tee - Ball-bearing device Tee - Couples' pedestal? Tee - Titleist holder Tee - Casual shirt, casually Tee - Golf starting area Tee - Letter that, as it appears in the middle of this grid, can precede the first words of the starred entries Tee - Bit of gym attire Tee - Plumber's fitting Tee - Driving range prop Tee - Certain pipe joint Tee - Shot enabler Tee - Driving device? Tee - A driver might hit it Tee - What your driver may hit Tee - Bit of gymwear Tee - Item in a golfer's bag Tee - Some long drives begin here Tee - Souvenir with four holes Tee - Place to practice driving Tee - Kind of shot Tee - Golf-ball holder Tee - Ball's platform Tee - Place for a golf ball Tee - Links elevator? Tee - Gym shirt Tee - ___ time (golf-course slot) Tee - Basketball timeout sign Tee - Rec room attire Tee - Kick-off prop Tee - Merch table merch Tee - It may be hit by a driver Tee - Prop for the course Tee - Where to start playing a round Tee - Kick stand? Tee - Duffer's peg Tee - Golf need Tee - Golf course area Tee - Golf prop Tee - Golf aid Tee - Links need Tee - Peg for palmer Tee - Ball point? Tee - Golf need Tee - Course area Tee - Driving site Tee - Player's peg Tee - Pebble beach peg Tee - Golfer's peg Tee - Golf support Tee - Golfer's need Tee - Course peg Tee - Starting point for rich beem Tee - Augusta prop Tee - Place-kicker's prop Tee - Driver's prop Tee - Driver's spot Tee - Golf-bag gizmo Tee - Gadget for els Tee - Prop for ernie els Tee - Unisex garment Tee - Ball-bearing item? Tee - Shirt style Tee - Prop for rich beem Tee - Football prop Tee - Ball-bearing gizmo Tee - Links support Tee - Fairway start Tee - Golfer's starting point Tee - Placekicking prop Tee - 27-down follower Tee - Golf-ball prop Tee - Fairway entrance Tee - Golf gizmo Tee - Casual shirt Tee - Ball balancer Tee - Gridiron gadget Tee - Golfer's gizmo Tee - Driving peg Tee - Peg on a driving range Tee - Leisure shirt Tee - Letter that appears at least once in every single answer in this puzzle Tee - Peg in a golf bag Tee - Golfer's item Tee - No-frills shirt Tee - Kickoff equipment Tee - Second of a pair of letters swapped six times in this puzzle's theme entries Tee - Golf-hole area Tee - Country-club prop Tee - As a matter of course, that thing troubles children Tee - It's never green, of course Tee - It's not a 28 across that gets driven away from here Tee - Where to 29 down, as a matter of course Tee - Where the driver gets some 14 down, by the sound of it Tee - That's never green enough for you to follow, by the sound of it Tee - That's the thing with babies that gives so much trouble, of course Tee - Sounds as if he might follow this on the course for 35 across Tee - 16 across are not the thing for it Tee - The thing that makes babies troublesome gives a sound start to 1 down Tee - Where it's not putted, perhaps Tee - This thing of course is what drives parents mad Tee - That's the thing - or one of them - to drive your baby, and you too, round the bend Tee - Before you, by the sound of it, one needs a driver Tee - For driving, you might follow it, of course Tee - That's one thing to drive you crazy with children Tee - It's for a driver to sound 17 across Tee - Of course that's the thing that's 13 across Tee - Starting place in golf Tee - Golfer drives from it Tee - Starting place on the golf course Tee - 'drive off it, half-laughing (3)' Tee - Drive off it, half-tittering Tee - That sounds like a drink for the driver Tee - A golfer drives from it Tee - Of course it comes before you, by the sound of it (3) Tee - The thing is it's enough to drive you crazy with the children Tee - The thing that may drive one round the bend with babies, so drive off from it Tee - Word with "shirt" or "ball" Tee - From which to drive Tee - Split end? Tee - It helps people from driving into the ground Tee - Place to begin a round Tee - Follower of 63-down Tee - Wooden item used by woods Tee - Young hitter's need Tee - Golfer's holder Tee - That's the thing that's driving one mad with baby Tee - You need a driver for this thing with baby Tee - The thing with baby is driving one round the bend - and off it (3) Tee - That's the place for the driver, of course Tee - Of course you need a driver here before you Tee - The thing that is enough to drive parents mad, of course Tee - The place to drive a thing in the mouth Tee - Something golfers often break Tee - Tiger's platform Tee - Swinging place Tee - Thing to drive off of Tee - Peg in the lpga? Tee - __ shot Tee - Driving range aid Tee - Elevator on a golf course Tee - Stake in the grass Tee - Prop Tee - Shape of some office desks Tee - It's not used in the fairway nor in a tree Tee - Kickoff gadget Tee - One may say 'i'm with stupid' Tee - Rugby prop Tee - Supporter stuck in the ground Tee - It holds a golfer's balls Tee - Leisure top Tee - Starting peg Tee - Where one drives from Tee - Three-way pipe connection Tee - Letter giving support, of course Tee - Ball-bearing piece Tee - It helps tiger woods drive off Tee - "time out" hand signal Tee - Peg for bubba watson Tee - Golfer's doohickey Tee - Rock concert souvenir Tee - Funny shirt, perhaps Tee - Get ready to start, with 'up' Tee - Casual top, casually Tee - Kickoff helper Tee - Souvenir shop buy Tee - Gives you a lift while driving of course Tee - Football supporter Tee - Prop for 29-down Tee - Peg on the links Tee - Golf bag peg Tee - Shirt to wear with shorts Tee - Prop for a ball Tee - Golf bag gadget Tee - Three-way pipe connector Tee - Raised golf course feature Tee - Golfing prop Tee - Shirt prohibited at most golf courses, ironically Tee - Golf shirt? Tee - "time out" signal Tee - Hole starter Tee - Lawrence has drug of course Tee - Tiger's smallest wood Tee - Three-way hardware linkage Tee - Prop on the course Tee - It's frequently broken on the links Tee - Capital of tunisia Tee - Top-flite holder Tee - Golfer's smallest wood Tee - Golfer's expendable Tee - Ball-bearing gadget Tee - Three-way plumbing joint Tee - Rounds begin on the first one Tee - Certain joint Tee - Golf course peg Tee - Comfy top Tee - Where the masters begins Tee - Slogan site Tee - Golf ball supporter Tee - Starting place on course Tee - Driving-range aid Tee - Buttonless shirt, informally Tee - Driving necessity? Tee - __ time Tee - Fairway gizmo Tee - Top of cotton? Tee - Casual summer wear Tee - It may have a ring collar Tee - Driving range peg Tee - Concert shirt Tee - Thing to drive from Tee - Prop for rory mcilroy Tee - Golf peg 18. 23-across dial Tee - Shape of some car mats Tee - It's at one end of a fairway Tee - Golfers' necessity Tee - Relative of a tank top Tee - Game gadget, or the area where it's used Tee - Support for a golfer Tee - Golf-hole start Tee - Summertime shirt Tee - Bit of sportswear Tee - Gift shop buy Tee - Golfer's smallest wood? Tee - Stand for driving Tee - Football stand Tee - Letter after ess Tee - Starting point for a hole Tee - Where a course begins Tee - Prop for a dimpled ball Tee - Polo alternative Tee - Tapered support item Tee - Three-way pipe Tee - Driver's site Tee - Golf starting place Tee - One may have a ball at the country club Tee - Texas has a big one Tee - Where a driver is often needed Tee - Control center Tee - Shape of a timeout signal Tee - Souvenir shop purchase Tee - Drivers often hit it Tee - With 41-down, tittering laughs Tee - Capital of texas? Tee - With 51-across, end of the london blitz? Tee - Casual friday top Tee - Gadget in golf Tee - Golfing gadget Tee - Word before shot or shirt Tee - Shorts top? Tee - Silkscreen target Tee - From which to drive off Tee - The driving seat? Tee - Letter read out in support of leisure activity Tee - Peg gets to fall heavily after losing footing Tee - Time for golf? Tee - Time to drive off Tee - Time for the driver, perhaps Tee - Edwin starr's conflict Tee - Driving area Tee - Sounds like time for golf! Tee - Film backed by european supporter on course Tee - Drink, say, and drive here Tee - Golfing support Tee - Part of course of singular river? Tee - Souvenir-shop staple Tee - Batting-practice aid Tee - 15-across shape Tee - Golfing peg Tee - Golf ball elevator Tee - Rectangular links area, usually Tee - Shirt with a band's logo, maybe Tee - Shirt with a slogan, often Tee - Rock-concert souvenir Tee - Golfer's necessity Tee - Support on the links? Tee - Collarlesss shirt Tee - With 7-down, punny message site Tee - It gets swung over Tee - Where you can drive and drink, we're told Tee - Starting-place in golf Tee - Stand Tee - Golf-peg Tee - You may lack hard support Tee - Golf starting point Tee - There�s on-and-off support Tee - Peg for golfer Tee - Greens may be more approachable given such support Tee - Where one can drive famous us model, we hear Tee - Hanes purchase, informally Tee - Support showing inner steel Tee - Gym wear Tee - Drive site Tee - Peg for a range Tee - Golfer's gadget ... or where it's used Tee - Timeout signal Tee - Golfing equipment Tee - Ball perch Tee - Casual wear Tee - Buttonless top Tee - Shorts go-with Tee - One end of a fairway Tee - Prop for a driver Tee - Golf ball propper-upper Tee - Football support Tee - Of course, one is looking for it in orienteering Tee - "fore!" site Tee - Football formation Tee - Pro's support Tee - Amusement park souvenir Tee - ___ time (golfer's starting point) Tee - Kickoff prop Tee - Maybe oak's not right for one type of support Tee - Athletic supporter Tee - Golfer's frequent discard Tee - Implement for a kicker or a golfer Tee - Support on the course Tee - Masters gadget Tee - Shirt often overpaid for by tourists Tee - Masters peg Tee - Augusta supporter Tee - Shirt that may be shot from a cannon Tee - Apparel with a message, perhaps Tee - Plumbing joint Tee - Driving prop Tee - Links supporter Tee - Driving zone Tee - Stick in the grass Tee - Place to drive from Tee - Tank top relative Tee - Implement in a golf bag Tee - Rugby stand Tee - Gap buy Tee - Ball-bearing peg Tee - Shirt for a workout Tee - Piece of rugby equipment Tee - Masters prop Tee - Souvenir shirt Tee - Timeout sign Tee - Vacation souvenir, briefly Tee - It gives golfers a little lift Tee - Top choice Tee - Golfer's requirement Tee - Bit of apparel with a ring neck Tee - Peg at pebble beach Tee - Country club elevator Tee - Perch for a golf ball Tee - It might prop up a titleist Tee - Jockey purchase, informally Tee - Titleist support Tee - Peg for pebble beach Tee - On le fixe en terre Tee - Twentieth alphabet letter Tee - Cheville fixée en terre Tee - What "hamlet" ends with Tee - It's not used in miniature golf Tee - Small prop in the grass Tee - Lieu de départ d'une partie de golf Tee - Player's support Tee - Dans le sac d'une golfeuse Tee - 10k souvenir Tee - Augusta area Tee - Petit socle Tee - Sold at show Tee - What tom higgenson wears? Tee - Certain sleeveless top Tee - Petit support Tee - Utile pour le premier coup Tee - Shirt that might say 'i'm with stupid' Tee - Stylized tesla logo Tee - What starts today? Tee - Lieu de départ Tee - Peg in a round Tee - Shirt with a picture Tee - Shirt picturing a band, perhaps Tee - Buttonless garment Tee - Three-way intersection Tee - Golfer's "time" Tee - Prop for a golf ball Tee - Accessoire de golfeur Tee - Utile au golf Tee - Next stop after most greens Tee - Technical foul signal, in basketball Tee - On y place une balle de golf Tee - Concert purchase Tee - Stand on a football field? Tee - Shape of a three-way intersection Tee - Wooden golfing gadget Tee - Titleist prop Tee - Shirt that might have a crew neck, informally Tee - Golf item Tee - One of a group of 18 Tee - Provider of a small raise Tee - Of course, it's concealed in white elephant Tee - One of a golfer's pocketful Tee - Silkscreened garment, perhaps Tee - Short shirt Tee - Starting place for a golfer Tee - On y place une balle Tee - Letter after 22-across Tee - Old navy purchase Tee - It's supportive for golfers Tee - One of several found in a golf cart Tee - You might slice from it Tee - Rend service au golf Tee - Peg in a pro's pocket Tee - End of august? Tee - Letter-shaped plumbing fitting Tee - Golfing item Tee - Elevator for a titleist Tee - It gives a driver a little height Tee - Short-sleeved shirt Tee - "time!" hand signal Tee - One in eighteen? Tee - Perch for a ball Tee - Shirt picturing a rock star, perhaps Tee - What's big in texas? Tee - Shirt with a sports logo, often Tee - Se plante au début comme à la fin de l'été Tee - Center of austria? Tee - Batting practice device Tee - Sports item often carried in a pocket Tee - Tool for a placekicker Tee - Shirt picturing a band, maybe Tee - With 6-down, start a round of golf Tee - Permet de surélever une balle Tee - Peg for a drive Tee - Popular shirt Tee - Wearable souvenir, informally Tee - On y place une petite balle Tee - Intersection at which one must 37-down Tee - Driver's aid, or where one may be used Tee - One of 18 on a course Tee - Rock concert souvenir, perhaps Tee - "timeout" hand signal shape Tee - Golfer's widget Tee - Golfer's widget Tee - Sous une balle Tee - One in a golfer's bag