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Cia - Org. that advises the n.s.c

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Cia - Org. that advises the n.s.c Cia - Spy org Cia - K.g.b.'s cold war foe Cia - Tom clancy subj Cia - Fact-gathering grp Cia - 'harlot's ghost' subj Cia - Iran-contra org Cia - Spy's org Cia - Secret employer, maybe Cia - K.g.b. rival Cia - Cloak-and-dagger org Cia - Hush-hush org Cia - The company Cia - Bush sr. headed it Cia - Org. headed by george tenet Cia - Langley outfit Cia - 'world factbook' compiler Cia - Subject for tom clancy Cia - Org. featured in "the good shepherd" Cia - 'the company' Cia - Org. with rats and moles Cia - Org. in 'patriot games' Cia - 'alias' org Cia - Bush sr.'s bailiwick, 1976-77 Cia - Org. in "patriot games" Cia - Operative's employer Cia - Kind of operation Cia - Snoop gp Cia - Org. in langley, va Cia - Oss successor Cia - Fbi ally Cia - Former oss Cia - It's known for its intelligence Cia - Bug group?: abbr Cia - Jack ryan's employer (abbr.) Cia - Oss follower Cia - Clandestine org Cia - Bay of pigs org Cia - Oss replacer Cia - Org. once headed by bush Cia - Kgb counterpart Cia - Agcy. once headed by a bush Cia - 'the bourne supremacy' org Cia - It's based in mclean, va Cia - Secretive org Cia - Intelligence grp Cia - It has moles: abbr Cia - Allen dulles headed it for eight years under d.d.e Cia - "alias" org Cia - Provision of the natl. security act, 1947 Cia - The elder geo. bush once headed it Cia - Org. involved in the bay of pigs Cia - The world factbook publisher: abbr Cia - Undercover org Cia - Porter goss's org Cia - Covert gp Cia - Not a good place for a leak: abbr Cia - Org. in many spy novels Cia - Info supplier for a natl. security briefing Cia - Espionage org Cia - 9/11 commission subj Cia - Org. based in langley, va Cia - Subj. of many conspiracy theories Cia - American equivalent of britain's mi6 Cia - Bug group? Cia - Org. formerly headed by porter goss Cia - "world factbook" compiler: abbr Cia - Org. with operations Cia - Langley, va., group Cia - Employer on "american dad!" Cia - Org. based in langley Cia - Bush once headed it Cia - "spy game" org Cia - "the company" Cia - Govt. agency Cia - Org. headed by george bush in 1976 Cia - Org. concerned with leaks Cia - Langley-based org Cia - Kgb rival Cia - Grp. with moles Cia - Org. in the 2006 film 'the good shepherd' Cia - Org. once led by george bush Cia - Org. in 'the good shepherd' Cia - Covert fed. group Cia - Org. with moles Cia - Langley-based gp Cia - Mi6 : u.k. :: __ : u.s Cia - Mole's home?: abbr Cia - World factbook org Cia - Org. whose seal contains a bald eagle and a compass Cia - Undercover agcy Cia - Org. in tom clancy books Cia - 'the good shepherd' subject Cia - Gen. hayden's org Cia - "the world factbook" publ Cia - General hayden's org Cia - U.s. equivalent of britain's mi6 Cia - Kgb's cold war foe Cia - Snooper's org Cia - Espionage gp Cia - Hush-hush gp. based in langley, va Cia - 'the bourne identity' org Cia - U.s. spy org Cia - Subj. of the 2006 film 'the good shepherd' Cia - Org. created by the 1947 national security act Cia - Grp. known as the company Cia - Hirer of v. plame Cia - 'the good shepherd' org Cia - Org. in 'the bourne identity' Cia - Langley org Cia - V. plame's ex-employer Cia - Spy-novel org Cia - Org. based in langley, virginia Cia - Langley-based grp Cia - Org. at the center of the 2007 memoir 'at the center of the storm' Cia - Spy grp Cia - Govt. group with a director Cia - Org. in alias Cia - Michael hayden's org Cia - Its seal has a star with 16 points Cia - "the recruit" org Cia - Covert org Cia - Intel-gathering group Cia - Org. in the bourne series Cia - Org. in the 1982 film 'enigma' Cia - G.h.w.b.'s bailiwick, 1976-1977 Cia - Spying org Cia - Virginia creepers? Cia - Tenet's former org Cia - George bush once headed it Cia - Org. in "the good shepherd" Cia - Valerie plame's former employer Cia - Org. in the 2008 film "burn after reading" Cia - U.s. espionage org Cia - Valerie plame scandal gp Cia - Org. featured in 'the good shepherd' Cia - Langley, va. grp Cia - Org. with operatives Cia - Letters on bush 41's rã©sumã© Cia - Operative's org Cia - Letters associated with tenet Cia - Snoop group Cia - George h.w. bush once headed it Cia - "bourne identity" org Cia - Spy novel org Cia - Plame affair org Cia - U.s. spy group Cia - Operatives' org Cia - Covert govt. group Cia - Org. collecting info Cia - Tenet's org., once Cia - U.s. undercover outfit Cia - World factbook producer Cia - Mole user: abbr Cia - Org. once headed by george tenet Cia - Org. in "the bourne identity" Cia - Org. that deals with rats and moles Cia - Org. in 'burn after reading' Cia - Org. in the 'bourne' series Cia - U.s. spy agency Cia - "the world factbook" publisher Cia - Subj. of stansfield turner's 'burn before reading' Cia - Employer of 10-downs: abbr Cia - Information-gathering org Cia - Org. once headed by bush sr Cia - Org. with covert ops Cia - O.s.s. successor Cia - Org. for spies Cia - Leon panetta's org Cia - 'fair game' org Cia - American counterpart of britain's mi6 Cia - "covert affairs" org Cia - Hush-hush fed. gp Cia - M16's american counterpart Cia - "american dad!" org Cia - U.s. espionage gp Cia - Operation neptune spear org Cia - 'the com-pany' Cia - Snoop grp Cia - Snoop group: abbr Cia - Snoop group. for short Cia - Kgb's rival Cia - 'spy game' org Cia - Bush's old org Cia - U.s. spy grp Cia - Spy-novel grp Cia - 'bourne identity' org Cia - 's*p*y*s' org Cia - Spy gp Cia - U.s. spy gp Cia - Org. in spy novels Cia - Subject of the 2007 book 'sabotage' Cia - Cold war foe of the 45-down Cia - World factbook compiler Cia - Spy novel grp Cia - American intelligence organisation Cia - A c.a. has the intelligence like this to be blooming yellow Cia - Are they so intelligent in the usa? Cia - Radioactive addition of first letter, symbolises greater intelligence Cia - American spies Cia - Us agency for national security Cia - Us security agency Cia - American agency concerned with intelligence Cia - Famous american intelligence agency, advises president Cia - American organisation for national security Cia - Org. with virginia creepers? Cia - Org. based in mclean, va Cia - Famous intelligence agency in us Cia - Us investigative organisation Cia - American secret service agency Cia - Secret service agency of usa Cia - American secret service organisation Cia - Us spy org Cia - "the bourne identity" org Cia - Subj. of the 2005 pulitzer-winning book 'ghost wars' Cia - Panetta's org Cia - World factbook publisher, in brief Cia - Snoop group, for short Cia - Espionage grp Cia - "legacy of ashes" recounts its history Cia - 'three days of the condor' org Cia - Org. in tom clancy novels Cia - "the company," briefly Cia - Org. in many spy movies Cia - Org. in "burn after reading" Cia - Org. once run by george bush Cia - "world factbook" producer Cia - Cold war kgb rival Cia - Cold war foe of 48-down Cia - Black ops org Cia - Bad place to have a leak, briefly Cia - The company, for short Cia - Org. featured in "three days of the condor" Cia - Langley letters Cia - Org. in robert ludlum novels Cia - "the bourne supremacy" org Cia - Operation mongoose org Cia - Oss supplanter Cia - Espionage letters Cia - Mi6 : britain :: ___ : u.s Cia - Spy novel org., sometimes Cia - American espionage org Cia - Successor of the oss Cia - Gp. with moles Cia - Valerie plame scandal org Cia - 'homeland' org Cia - Org. once helmed by helms Cia - Petraeus's former org Cia - Publisher of a world leaders online directory Cia - Employer of spies: abbr Cia - Org. once headed by george bush Cia - "american dad!" employer Cia - "world factbook" publisher Cia - Operation cyclone org Cia - 'argo' org Cia - Surveillance org Cia - Org. in the "bourne" series Cia - Covert ops gp Cia - Org. based in langley, virg Cia - 'zero dark thirty' org Cia - The sculpture 'kryptos' sits outside its hdqrs Cia - Possible coup instigator, for short Cia - Org. whose headquarters is named for george bush Cia - Org. in clancy novels Cia - Carrie's org. on "homeland" Cia - Org. in 'argo' Cia - Affleck employer in "argo" Cia - Jack ryan employer Cia - "argo" employer Cia - 75 down employer Cia - "charlie wilson's war" org Cia - "the firm," to agents Cia - Us intelligence organisation Cia - Org. whose seal has a bald eagle and a compass Cia - Bush led it for about a yr. in the '70s Cia - Org. in many tom clancy novels Cia - Valerie plame's old org Cia - "bourne" org Cia - Grp. with the office of iraq analysis Cia - Org. that issues 'the world factbook' Cia - Its hq is named for george bush Cia - American spy org Cia - Covert u.s. org Cia - Grp. with many operations Cia - Corsican drops corns? it's something to do with intelligence! Cia - "three days of the condor" org Cia - Clancy novel staple Cia - Operation specialist Cia - Lead-in to a 2000s '-gate' Cia - 'burn notice' grp Cia - 'profiles in leadership' publisher, briefly Cia - Us spy bureau Cia - Clandestine government org Cia - Intel-gathering grp Cia - Hush-hush fed. org Cia - Felix leiter's org., in bond films Cia - Petraeus once headed it Cia - Org. in 'homeland' Cia - Jason bourne employer Cia - Group based in mclean, va Cia - Intelligence org Cia - Secretive government agency Cia - Org. that declassified the 'family jewels' in 2007 Cia - Org. in 'the bourne ultimatum' Cia - Decoder ring, for short? Cia - Covert-ops org Cia - Subject of many conspiracy theories Cia - Us government body Cia - Where some moles come from Cia - Org. in ludlum novels Cia - Org. with the office of transnational issues Cia - Black-ops org Cia - Oss replacement Cia - Org. in many a spy thriller Cia - World factbook publisher, for short Cia - The company, in govt. lingo Cia - Country comparisons compiler Cia - K.g.b. adversary Cia - Spooks' org Cia - Snoop group, in brief Cia - Us intelligence org Cia - Covert org. in "argo" Cia - Org. headed by john o. brennan Cia - Org. in many spy thrillers Cia - Org. headed by john brennan Cia - Government spy org Cia - Certain spy org Cia - Security org Cia - Counterpart of mi6 and mossad Cia - Us espionage org Cia - Mi6 counterpart Cia - 52 down's employer Cia - U.s. snoop gp Cia - 'the usa, the big ___ / the bloods and the crips and the kkk' (black eyed peas lyric that got me woke about america) Cia - Cloak-and-dagger u.s. org Cia - Spy org. in "argo" Cia - Conspiracy-y org. that i believe framed roger rabbit Cia - Subj. for robert ludlum or tom clancy Cia - "world factbook" compiler Cia - Employer whose workers don't discuss their jobs much, in short Cia - Org. liam neeson belonged to in 'taken' Cia - Secretive u.s. org Cia - Publisher of world-nation maps Cia - Stan's employer on 'american dad!' Cia - "argo" org Cia - Org. with headquarters at langley Cia - Supersecretive u.s. org Cia - Secret agent org Cia - "homeland" org Cia - "the world factbook" org Cia - Spy agcy Cia - Org. of many spies Cia - John brennan heads it, briefly Cia - Org. in jason bourne movies Cia - Service d'espionnage créé en 1947 Cia - "patriot games" org Cia - Spy org. in virginia Cia - Spy outfit, for short Cia - Org. with hq named for george bush Cia - It seeks intelligence Cia - U.s. org. with moles Cia - Org. whose seal contains a compass rose Cia - Jack ryan's org Cia - Security briefing org Cia - Group with moles in virginia? Cia - Target of 2017 wikileaks dump Cia - Mole employer Cia - Org. once headed by leon panetta Cia - Spy org. created under truman Cia - Fact-gathering org Cia - Agents looking for intelligence of some da vinci artefacts Cia - Immersed in financial branch overseas looking for agents Cia - Spooky grp.? Cia - Org. headed by bush 41 Cia - Cuban missile crisis org Cia - Spy-fi employer Cia - Clandestine u.s. org Cia - Bourne's former employer Cia - Big-time spy grp Cia - 'homeland' spy org Cia - Mike pompeo's org Cia - "homeland" spy org Cia - Secretive government org Cia - Org. with many secrets Cia - Service d'espionnage Cia - George tenet's 'at the center of the storm: my years at the ___' Cia - Kgb counterpart, once Cia - Spying grp Cia - Spying grp Cia - Agency whose current director is mike pompeo