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Attend - Look after, with 'to'

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Attend - Be at Attend - Look after, with 'to' Attend - Come to Attend - Work on, with 'to' Attend - Sit in on Attend - Join the party Attend - Make it Attend - Go to Attend - Wait on Attend - Be there Attend - Show Attend - Don't skip Attend - Show up for Attend - Look after (with "to") Attend - Make the party Attend - Show up Attend - Make Attend - Come to the party Attend - Show up at Attend - Be a student at Attend - Go to, as a concert Attend - Go to the game Attend - Go to, as a class Attend - See (to) Attend - Sit in Attend - Take care of Attend - Make an appearance at Attend - Come to, as an event Attend - Show up for class Attend - Avoid being a no-show Attend - Make it to the party Attend - Wait upon Attend - Be present Attend - Make it to Attend - Be present at Attend - Be part of the crowd? Attend - Just for the present one would be able to do this Attend - Be there at an end of a race Attend - Just listen to what the boycott came to at last! Attend - There will not be a drink at the funeral, but you will go to it Attend - Pay heed at 10 + 500 Attend - Though there won't be a drink at the funeral, one will go to it Attend - Do this to show you're all there Attend - Be there at the finish of a race Attend - Be there at a finish of a race Attend - Be there, even if there's not a drink to be had at the funeral Attend - The way for one to be all there Attend - Being all there, a sober man at last Attend - Just listen to a non-drinker at last Attend - Not a drink to be had at the funeral one may be at Attend - Be in at the death where there's nothing to drink Attend - Be there when it's a dry 19 down Attend - Just pay heed to the finish of a race Attend - Be at a dry funeral Attend - Be present at the funeral where there's no drink Attend - One will be there, but not have a drink at last Attend - Not even a little scotch at the funeral you go to Attend - So to the funeral;, even if there's nothing to drink there Attend - After a teetotaller at last they pay attention Attend - Go to the funeral where there's nothing to drink Attend - At last a teetotaller will be present Attend - Listen, there's no drink for him at last Attend - A putt has one, if you listen to it Attend - The last of a race must be all there Attend - Listen: this is a finish without a drink Attend - Be present at, turn up Attend - Be present at, say meeting Attend - Be present at, turn up for Attend - Be present or appear at Attend - Wait upon or be present Attend - Be present at, or accompany Attend - No spirits at this sort of funeral and be 21 across Attend - Listen, a butt has one Attend - Be all there as a race may finish Attend - Go to the funeral where you won't get a drink Attend - A dry death to be at Attend - Pay attention to the last of a race if one is all there Attend - Not a drink to be had at last if you're there Attend - 'if you're all there, pay attention (6)' Attend - 'where there's not a drink to be had, be there at last (6)' Attend - Be at the finish of a motor race Attend - Be in at the death that's not from dt's Attend - No drink at last for him, if he can come Attend - Batten down the hatches: wait! Attend - Be there to serve Attend - Go along to listen Attend - Be there at the start and finish Attend - Be there at the beginning and end Attend - Appear to listen Attend - Wait on nondrinker, whose after a tip Attend - Pay heed to a bike race's finish Attend - Amateur race which is dangerous, being over the limit in escort Attend - Be there ? pay attention Attend - Listen Attend - Listen carefully Attend - Concentrate Attend - Sit in on a race to the finish Attend - Listen to variation of new testament date Attend - Show up to Attend - Not cut, say Attend - Not skip Attend - Be in the audience Attend - Be at a meeting Attend - A race has to finish, so take heed Attend - A time to get nurse to visit Attend - Follow a race to the conclusion Attend - Go regularly to (school) Attend - Completed Attend - Approaching the eleventh hour, daughter becoming minister Attend - Watch a number of races finish Attend - Pay attention to Attend - Escort for minister Attend - Be present at (an event) Attend - Be present at (a meeting) Attend - Escort (someone) Attend - Minister to put in an appearance Attend - Being 16 volunteers returned to nurse Attend - Listen when news is on with daughter Attend - Are there times when a tip goes round? Attend - Be there to feed up unfeminine daughter Attend - When news is on tv, dad's first to listen Attend - Watch a temperature being taken by nurse Attend - Show up and apply one's mind Attend - Go to listen Attend - Listen out for a racing tip Attend - Wait for a series of races to terminate Attend - Serve a non-drinker, getting a tip Attend - Wait on result of a race finish Attend - Wait on a races' finish Attend - Minister appeared mid-morning with daughter Attend - Come and listen Attend - Wait a short time before nurse appears Attend - Wait; be present Attend - Be inclined to follow a team leader and listen Attend - Pay attention at final moment when time is limited Attend - A time to care and be there Attend - Pay heed Attend - Notice an abstainer's on edge Attend - Wait on non-drinker, being after a tip Attend - Listen closely Attend - Follow a race tip Attend - Be there at the beginning and finale Attend - Minister to finish after a heartless taunt Attend - Listen for what may follow news on daughter Attend - Go to a nurse about onset of tonsillitis Attend - Go to someone's falling-off-the-wagon party? Attend - Follow a series of races to finish Attend - Visit nurse after a time Attend - When bongs were used by day nurse Attend - Show up to lure out of laundrette Attend - Not cut Attend - Go a couple of hours before midnight to meet date Attend - A dry conclusion is frequent Attend - Go to, as a show Attend - Be at (a meeting) Attend - Wait on minister after a time Attend - Be there for Attend - Help at 10 down Attend - Go regularly to, church perhaps Attend - Go to nurse with a temperature Attend - Go regularly to, perhaps to church Attend - Wait on dry space in trailer Attend - Go to put on weight, giving up following diet initially