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Stub - Hit, as the toe

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Stub - Hit, as the toe Stub - The short end Stub - Concert memento Stub - Check mate Stub - Theater souvenir Stub - It's shown to the usher Stub - Short end Stub - Ticket part Stub - Not much of a pencil Stub - Bit of theater litter Stub - Theater-goer's memento Stub - Much-used pencil Stub - Concertgoer's keepsake Stub - Hit, as one's toe Stub - Check mate? Stub - Premiere evidence? Stub - Paycheck keepsake Stub - Put out a butt Stub - Pencil remnant Stub - Ticket leftover Stub - Check writer's record Stub - Checkbook record Stub - Ticket's end Stub - Theater memento Stub - Split ticket? Stub - Check attachment Stub - Pitiful pencil Stub - Proof you were at the big game Stub - One-time stogie Stub - Evidence of an admission Stub - Pencil leftover Stub - One-inch pencil, for example Stub - It's ripped off at the movies Stub - Remains in the theater? Stub - Pencil remainder Stub - Remnant Stub - Writer's remains Stub - Ticket end Stub - Injure, as one's 4 down Stub - One-inch pencil, e.g Stub - Remains in the aisle? Stub - Much-used pencil, e.g Stub - Check end Stub - Paycheck attachment Stub - Broadway souvenir Stub - Bit of a pencil Stub - Stumpy remnant Stub - Bump Stub - Torn-off part Stub - Usher's request Stub - Ticket remnant Stub - Almost-finished cigar Stub - Candle remnant Stub - Theatergoer's memento Stub - Proof of admission Stub - Counterfoil Stub - Proof you saw brad pitt? Stub - Checkwriter's remainder Stub - Torn ticket Stub - Theatergoer's souvenir Stub - Short end of the stick Stub - Ticket tear-off Stub - Whack (a piggy) Stub - Evidence of admission Stub - Kept part of a ticket Stub - Movie souvenir Stub - Check remainder Stub - Concert souvenir Stub - Moviegoer's memento Stub - Movie memorabilia Stub - Check record Stub - Ticket portion Stub - It's ripped at the movies Stub - Tiny pencil Stub - Butt Stub - Short pencil Stub - It's returned by a ticket-taker Stub - Ticket souvenir Stub - Very short pencil Stub - Bang, as one's toe Stub - Ballgame souvenir Stub - Ticket half Stub - Check user's reminder Stub - Ticket holder's memento Stub - Moviegoer's souvenir Stub - Checkbook memo Stub - Ticket buyer's souvenir Stub - Moviegoer's receipt Stub - Ticket receipt Stub - Counterfoil of cheque Stub - Strike against hard object - one's toe, perhaps Stub - Counterfoil of cheque, receipt etc Stub - Counterfoil, of a cheque say Stub - Half a ticket Stub - They may be made game of Stub - Counterfoil of cheque or receipt Stub - Counterfoil of cheque or butt of cigarette Stub - Counterfoil of a cheque, say Stub - A short stump as of cigar Stub - Returned part of a ticket Stub - Counterfoil as of cheque Stub - Fag-end of cigerette or cheque counterfoil Stub - Extinguish the cigarette on a counterfoil Stub - Stump, of a cigarette say Stub - Counterfoil of cheque etc Stub - The butt of a pencil Stub - Claim check Stub - Raffle ticket part Stub - What's left after the ticket is gone Stub - Butt of pencil or cigarette Stub - End of cigarette or counterfoil of cheque Stub - All that's left, although the south is up there Stub - It may be shown to an usher Stub - Checkbook remnant Stub - Counterfoil reveals rise in objections Stub - End of guinness barrel, or of cigarette Stub - Smoking tip (only half difficult!) Stub - Counterfoil - cigarette end Stub - Fag end Stub - End of a cheque or a cigarette Stub - Counterfoil - fag end Stub - Blunt end Stub - Strike (toe) against hard object Stub - Strike (a toe, say) against something hard Stub - Accidentally strike (the toe) Stub - Residue of cigarette or cheque Stub - Butt - counterfoil Stub - Short remaining piece Stub - Short piece left over Stub - End of a cheque (or a cigarette) Stub - Short bit of pencil, say Stub - Returned part of a theater ticket Stub - Movie ticket memento Stub - Ticket part you keep Stub - Hit accidentally Stub - For the record, ticket for skinhead found on pot Stub - Pencil that's obviously seen better days Stub - Part torn from a paycheck Stub - Re-entry request Stub - Theater keepsake Stub - Short piece Stub - Strike one's toe accidentally (against something) Stub - Ticket remainder Stub - Remnant of a sort Stub - Short remnant Stub - Ticket for transport coming back across tallaght initially Stub - Just the ticket for springsteen, travis, u2, boyzone to begin with! Stub - Puny pencil Stub - It gets ripped off at concerts Stub - Cheque end Stub - Check section Stub - Part of a ticket Stub - Plague Stub - Proof you attended the show Stub - Bump, as one's toe Stub - What little remains of naval vessel over time Stub - Knock (toe); short remnant Stub - End objections raised Stub - Knock (e.g. toe) Stub - (pencil) remnant Stub - Accidentally strike (toe) Stub - Ticket counterfoil difficult to remove? not half Stub - Objections about what smoker drops in street? Stub - To do this could bust a toe Stub - Tooth remnant surgeon finally removed from animal painter Stub - Cheque counterfoil Stub - Cigarette end Stub - Pencil/cigarette remnant Stub - Objection's over evidence of smoking, for example Stub - Truncated remnant Stub - Last bit of payment in advance? what's left of cheque? Stub - Counterfoil's not half difficult to remove Stub - Leftover part of a ticket Stub - Itty-bitty pencil Stub - Counterfoil seen in the ash-tray Stub - Put out in small boat Stub - What one must do to stop cigarette smoking Stub - Either remains or you put out Stub - Put out when objections are raised Stub - Obstinate, not half, when producing short piece Stub - Bust (anag.) Stub - A writer's short piece? Stub - What is left when one stops smoking Stub - But's otherwise butt Stub - The end of the cigarette? objections may be raised Stub - Retracted objections a bit after a drag? Stub - Objections over cigarette end Stub - Stump Stub - Small boat's bit at the end Stub - Broken-off end Stub - Fag end is beginning to smoulder on boat Stub - Mounting objections end Stub - Bump, as a toe Stub - Musical souvenir Stub - Concert re-entry request Stub - Objections about end of the cheque Stub - Check remnant Stub - Cheque receipt Stub - Record of cheque for small container Stub - Remainder of a used ticket Stub - Something shown to an usher Stub - Bust criminal for slip Stub - Bit of concert memorabilia Stub - Incomplete wikipedia entry Stub - Incomplete wikipedia article Stub - Re-entry need Stub - All that's left of singular unseaworthy craft Stub - Admission evidence Stub - What's left of a ticket after it's used Stub - Well-worn pencil Stub - Bang, as a big toe Stub - This remnant has raised objections Stub - Reminder of an admission Stub - What's left when objections are raised? Stub - Small piece, especially of something cut down or worn away Stub - Hit thumb regularly on front of sill Stub - End objections being raised Stub - Well-used pencil