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Ogre - Grimm villain

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Ogre - Grimm villain Ogre - Bogeyman Ogre - Brute Ogre - Menace Ogre - Nasty sort Ogre - Meanie Ogre - Grimm character Ogre - The grinch was one Ogre - Evil one Ogre - Very nasty sort Ogre - Bugbear Ogre - Fearsome one Ogre - More than a goblin Ogre - Grimm figure Ogre - Mean one Ogre - Fiend Ogre - Snake, so to speak Ogre - Folklore fiend Ogre - No mr. nice guy Ogre - Fiend of dreams Ogre - Fairy tale menace Ogre - Tyrant Ogre - Ghoul Ogre - Monster Ogre - Fairy-tale monster Ogre - Fairy tale villain Ogre - Shrek, for one Ogre - Fairy-tale villain Ogre - Grim grimm character Ogre - Shrek is one Ogre - Grimm beast Ogre - Brutish one Ogre - Shrek, for example Ogre - 'the lord of the rings' figure Ogre - Fairy tale meany Ogre - Certain monster type Ogre - Beast Ogre - Fairy-tale heavy Ogre - Shrek, e.g Ogre - Folklore villain Ogre - Storybook brute Ogre - Folklore baddie Ogre - Mean man Ogre - Hobgoblin Ogre - Unpleasant one Ogre - Brutish beast Ogre - Tyrannical type Ogre - Fabled monster Ogre - Human-eater, in folklore Ogre - Folklore meanie Ogre - Fairy tale monster Ogre - Cruel brute Ogre - Mythical meanie Ogre - No friendly fellow Ogre - Storybook meanie Ogre - Fairy tale fiend Ogre - Mythical monster Ogre - Horrible boss Ogre - Cruel character Ogre - Gummi bear's foe Ogre - Blackguard Ogre - Storybook monster Ogre - Grimm baddie Ogre - Grimm heavy Ogre - Nightmarish boss Ogre - Grimm one? Ogre - Fairy-tale fiend Ogre - Hideous creature Ogre - Monster of a boss Ogre - Foul-tempered fellow Ogre - Nasty brute Ogre - Despotic boss Ogre - Cruel fellow Ogre - Brutish boss Ogre - Villain Ogre - Fairy tale beast Ogre - Folklore monster Ogre - Giant of folklore Ogre - Barbarous person Ogre - Fairy tale baddie Ogre - D&d character Ogre - Fairytale monster Ogre - Beastly sort Ogre - Bedtime story baddie Ogre - Grimm fiend Ogre - Grimm meany Ogre - Fairy-tale villain, often Ogre - Troll kin Ogre - Fairy-tale baddie Ogre - Big brute Ogre - Hideous sort Ogre - Shrek or fiona, e.g Ogre - Grimm goon Ogre - Grimm fellow Ogre - Very mean boss Ogre - Filmdom's shrek, for one Ogre - Barbarian Ogre - Cruel dude Ogre - Monstrous one Ogre - Cruel one Ogre - Scary sort Ogre - Troll's cousin Ogre - Fairy-tale meanie Ogre - Fearsome sort Ogre - "fee, fi, fo, fum" caller Ogre - Snarly sort Ogre - 'puss in boots' beast Ogre - Fantasy villain Ogre - Frightener Ogre - One to avoid Ogre - Brutish dude Ogre - Shrek, notably Ogre - Grimm monster Ogre - Brutish sort Ogre - Storybook villain Ogre - Beast in some fairy tales Ogre - Fearsome storybook figure Ogre - Damsel antagonist Ogre - Dictatorial boss Ogre - Grimm meanie Ogre - Fairy-tale menace Ogre - Fairy tale antagonist Ogre - Bad guy Ogre - Nightmare of a boss Ogre - Gruff guy Ogre - Grimm creation Ogre - Storybook giant Ogre - Mean-tempered fellow Ogre - Frightening figure Ogre - Fairy tale meanie Ogre - Hallowe'en monster Ogre - Frightful giant Ogre - Mean person Ogre - Fairy-tale beast Ogre - Grimm bad guy Ogre - Fearsome employer Ogre - Very mean one Ogre - Folktale monster Ogre - Tough boss Ogre - Grumpy guy Ogre - Beast of many a fairy tale Ogre - Awful meanie Ogre - Big bad boss Ogre - Cruel sort Ogre - Troll Ogre - Fiend of folklore Ogre - Folklore meany Ogre - Dungeons & dragons figure Ogre - Inhuman brute Ogre - Legendary meanie Ogre - Monster of legend Ogre - Shrek or fiona Ogre - Beastly bloke Ogre - Cruel person Ogre - Hideous beast Ogre - Fabled meanie Ogre - Tyrannical sort Ogre - Fairy-tale figure Ogre - Fairy-tale creature Ogre - Animated fiona, e.g Ogre - Dungeons & dragons character Ogre - Mike myers creature Ogre - Gross, overbearing sort Ogre - 'fee, fi, fo, fum' caller Ogre - Nasty type Ogre - Fairy tale brute Ogre - World of warcraft beast Ogre - Villain in some fairy tales Ogre - Roleplaying beast Ogre - "puss in boots" beast Ogre - Shrek, for instance Ogre - No gentle giant Ogre - Giant Ogre - Fairy-tale brute Ogre - Grumpy boss, perhaps Ogre - Fee-faw-fum Ogre - 38-down is one Ogre - Man-eating giant Ogre - Insensitive jerk Ogre - "revenge of the nerds" bully Ogre - Norse giant Ogre - Kid lit baddie Ogre - Mythical beast Ogre - Nightmare figure Ogre - Hideous giant Ogre - Jerk-off Ogre - Fairy-tale character Ogre - Tyrannical one Ogre - Brutish man Ogre - Giant who's not jolly Ogre - Cantankerous sort Ogre - Figure in magic: the gathering Ogre - One may put a damsel in distress Ogre - Beastly character Ogre - Scary figure Ogre - Tyrannical boss Ogre - "puss in boots" villain Ogre - Beastly fairy tale creature Ogre - Mean dude Ogre - Brute of folklore Ogre - Princess fiona, e.g Ogre - Mean fellow Ogre - Grumpy boss Ogre - Ymir, for one Ogre - Mean boss Ogre - What shrek is Ogre - Dungeons & dragons creature Ogre - Nasty boss Ogre - Nursery-rhyme baddie Ogre - 'fee fi fo fum' sayer Ogre - Troll's kin Ogre - Baddie in perrault's tales Ogre - Figure in tom thumb tales Ogre - Big meanie Ogre - Foul-tempered one Ogre - Evil beast Ogre - 'puss in boots' figure Ogre - Folklore brute Ogre - Storybook beast Ogre - Princess fiona, really Ogre - Shrek, for one Ogre - Story monster Ogre - Shrek for example , Ogre - Fairy tale baddie - Ogre - Shrek for one, Ogre - Giant in a nightmare, maybe Ogre - Real meanie Ogre - Cruel beast Ogre - Mean beast Ogre - Monster with an underbite, often Ogre - 'revenge of the nerds' character Ogre - Uncouth sort Ogre - 'revenge of the nerds' bully Ogre - Storybook character Ogre - How horrible it is to go back about that Ogre - Go into reverse about one that is the reverse of good Ogre - Gee, it's horrible to be in such unrefined surroundings! Ogre - How horrible for him to go up about it! Ogre - Go up about a frightful one Ogre - Don;t come up about anyone so horrible Ogre - Might one go back about that horror? Ogre - Go the wrong way about anyone so horrible Ogre - Go back about what's horrible Ogre - Giant in a fairytale Ogre - Giant of folklore who liked to eat humans Ogre - Demon, fiend Ogre - Giant of folklore who ate humans Ogre - 'demon, fiend (4)' Ogre - Cruel giant of folklore Ogre - How revolting a mixture of gore can be! Ogre - Evil giant Ogre - Storybook baddie Ogre - The giant is some goer Ogre - D&d enemy Ogre - Wicked giant Ogre - A fairytale giant Ogre - Scary character Ogre - Go back about someone so horrible Ogre - Go back about the horror Ogre - Go back about this horror Ogre - Minotaur, e.g Ogre - Damsel distresser Ogre - Mother goose baddie Ogre - The brute returned therefore, to a roman of old Ogre - Princess fiona, for one Ogre - Hideous humanoid Ogre - 'puss in boots' villain Ogre - Storybook heavy Ogre - Purple people eater, e.g Ogre - The game's up - the sappers have exposed a monster Ogre - No green party would have such a monster in it Ogre - Monster turns back therefore Ogre - Monster looking down on you, so looking up! Ogre - I got up to receive the king - a terrible person Ogre - Monster undergoing partial inversion Ogre - He may play a part in panto, great in size Ogre - Old greek and english monster Ogre - Head of government into scandinavian money, the beast! Ogre - Monster so elevated Ogre - One at home in a bog (really evil type) Ogre - Man-eating monster Ogre - Monstrous person Ogre - Fairy tale giant Ogre - Monstrous giant Ogre - Ugly giant Ogre - Man-eating monster of fairy tales Ogre - One to avoid reporting to Ogre - Common enemy in dungeons & dragons Ogre - Figure in 'jack and the beanstalk' Ogre - Fiona or shrek Ogre - Shrek, famously Ogre - Grotesque giant Ogre - Mean monster of fairy tales Ogre - Really cruel guy Ogre - Cruel fairytale giant Ogre - Nothing at last missing from great monster Ogre - Monster of folk tales Ogre - Hard-to-please type Ogre - Fire-breathing boss Ogre - Fairy-tale meany Ogre - He's a monster - and so regressive! Ogre - Barbarous one Ogre - 'hop-o'-my-thumb' figure Ogre - Hardly a nice guy Ogre - "puss in boots" figure Ogre - Nursery baddie Ogre - Grimm nasty Ogre - Unpleasant boss Ogre - Grimm menace Ogre - Gruesome sort Ogre - The animated shrek is one Ogre - Beast of fables Ogre - The giant in "jack and the beanstalk," e.g Ogre - Bad thing in fairy tales Ogre - Mythical maneater Ogre - Jack's giant, e.g Ogre - Troll's larger kin Ogre - Unpleasant sort Ogre - Grim grimm guy Ogre - Jack's giant Ogre - Cruel boss Ogre - Basis for tolkien's orcs Ogre - Grendel in "beowulf," e.g Ogre - Creature outwitted by hop-o'-my-thumb Ogre - Unlikely mate for a princess Ogre - Mean sort Ogre - Terrifying man wanting bloodshed - love to go to the front Ogre - Terrifying giant Ogre - Conger eel regularly viewed as monster Ogre - Terrifying monster Ogre - Has a monstrous role in the rake's progress Ogre - Turn back, about to meet this monster Ogre - Magog regarded to some extent as a giant Ogre - Terrifying person Ogre - Tyson at his most fearsome Ogre - Warthog recognised to some extent as a man-eater Ogre - Fairy-tale monster spills gore Ogre - Turn up with soldiers to get monster Ogre - Consequently turned into monster Ogre - She was one of jennifer johnston's novel outsiders in nineteen seventy seven Ogre - Cruel giant Ogre - A giant, so it appears, when standing up Ogre - Giant read about in mother goose Ogre - A beast is so, on its back Ogre - So grendel takes this form Ogre - Bogey-man Ogre - ... turning therefore into villain Ogre - Man-eating giant of folklore Ogre - Nasty being so elevated Ogre - So greatness lies about me Ogre - Giant conger eel seen regularly Ogre - Brute with twisted personality overcoming resistance Ogre - Monster encountered in hop garden regularly Ogre - One to gobble flesh from soldiers after blunder in field Ogre - Turn back, about to discover monster Ogre - "dungeons & dragons" figure Ogre - Simon legree type Ogre - Brute of legend Ogre - Big beastly type starts olympic games race at last minute Ogre - Wicked and inhuman person Ogre - Beasty type opens obvious grave records for last time Ogre - Dreamworks feature creature Ogre - Giant of folklore, eats humans Ogre - Fairy tale figure Ogre - Kid-lit baddie Ogre - Jack's giant perhaps Ogre - Impossible-to-please type Ogre - Animated shrek Ogre - Dreaded character Ogre - Giant blunder by one defending teaching of religion Ogre - Fairy-tale nemesis Ogre - Big fellow therefore got up Ogre - A monster held in no great esteem Ogre - Therefore return the monster Ogre - Giant who found source of gold in mineral Ogre - A monster, and therefore elevated! Ogre - A monstrous creature, so should be retired Ogre - Monster duck, almost entirely grey Ogre - The monstrous creature is sent up so! Ogre - Monster making some progress Ogre - Man-eater makes cockney woman turn back Ogre - Fairytale giant Ogre - Backward, ergo a monster? Ogre - Giant turnover about to follow Ogre - Monster therefore got up Ogre - Turn up, about to get the fiend Ogre - Monster] Ogre - Giant: monster Ogre - Monster therefore returns Ogre - I rose to receive the king - a terrible person Ogre - Old king george english? a monster! Ogre - So upstanding, though not the story's hero Ogre - Monster note in scandinavian currency Ogre - Terrible person held in no great esteem Ogre - Monster consequently returned Ogre - There's nothing good about wicked person Ogre - One�s monstrous and so upsetting Ogre - I turned up to throttle frankenstein's second monster Ogre - Ergo (anag.) Ogre - Horrific party putting government in tangle Ogre - Heartless gold-digger turned out to be man-eater Ogre - Monster therefore must be overthrown Ogre - Monster on the retreat in 'mother goose' Ogre - Monster, troll Ogre - Consequently turned up as character in 'puss in boots' Ogre - Major menace Ogre - Brutish fairy tale being Ogre - Revolting, i must grab right brute! Ogre - For that reason, review giant Ogre - Horrifying beast Ogre - Fairy tale bad guy Ogre - Man-eater Ogre - Nasty guy Ogre - Fearsome boss Ogre - Therefore returning monster Ogre - Folklore beast Ogre - Fairy tale heavy Ogre - Grimm (or grim?) character Ogre - People eater, perhaps Ogre - Cruel, fearsome person Ogre - One carrying a spiked club, maybe Ogre - Fantasy beast Ogre - Monster hiding in the three longest answers Ogre - "once upon a time" antagonist Ogre - Classic fairy tale bad guy Ogre - Scary storybook figure Ogre - Kiddie-lit monster Ogre - Fairy tale nemesis, sometimes Ogre - See 35-across Ogre - Beastly character of nursery rhymes Ogre - "fee fi fo fum" sayer Ogre - Fairy-tale giant Ogre - Jack's giant, for one Ogre - Fearsome folklore figure Ogre - Try to get upset about monster Ogre - Hulking beast Ogre - "puss in boots" baddie Ogre - Awful beast Ogre - Folklore heavy Ogre - Barbarous type Ogre - 'world of warcraft' behemoth Ogre - Man-eating giant in folklore Ogre - Beast of fairy tales Ogre - Beast of folklore Ogre - Brutal sort Ogre - Monstrous villain Ogre - Bad-tempered boss Ogre - Brutish fellow Ogre - Grimm brute Ogre - Il mange les petits enfants Ogre - Gargantua Ogre - Scary brute Ogre - World of warcraft monster Ogre - Some dog reared to be monster Ogre - Man-eating giant of myth Ogre - Shrek in the movie series, but not in the original william steig book Ogre - Savage Ogre - Less kissable fairy tale figure Ogre - Grendel in 'beowulf,' e.g Ogre - Barbaric sort Ogre - Any creature like shrek Ogre - Kiddie lit monster Ogre - Mythical baddie Ogre - Il se nourrit de chair humaine Ogre - Beast of kid literature Ogre - Creature like shrek Ogre - Il est vorace Ogre - Especially cruel boss Ogre - Grimm guy Ogre - Brutish beast of folklore Ogre - Shrek is an animated one Ogre - Grimm bully Ogre - Brutish creature of folklore Ogre - Beast like shrek Ogre - Couth he is not Ogre - Human-eating giant Ogre - 'hop-o'-my-thumb' villain Ogre - Shrek talks about being one a lot Ogre - Fantasy game role Ogre - Kiddie lit meanie Ogre - Puss in boots adversary Ogre - Fairy tale baddie (unless it's shrek) Ogre - Fierce giant Ogre - Nasty fairy tale character Ogre - "world of warcraft" beast Ogre - Some watchdog research leads to monstrous type Ogre - Monster thus returns Ogre - Amateur de festins Ogre - Kid lit monster Ogre - Brutish monster Ogre - Dungeons & dragons monster Ogre - Grotesque folklore figure Ogre - Man-eating monster of myth Ogre - Princess fiona, after sunset Ogre - Part of backlog repudiated by pantomime villain Ogre - Beastly fairy-tale creature Ogre - Man-eater of folklore Ogre - Monster incorporated into the four long across answers Ogre - Shrek en est un Ogre - Giant making some progress Ogre - Monster will make a certain amount of progress Ogre - One who's hardly hospitable Ogre - Legendary brute Ogre - Scary fairy-tale character Ogre - Scary fairy-tale character Ogre - Beastly creature Ogre - Brothers grimm villain Ogre - Brothers grimm villain