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Basis - Foundation

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Basis - Foundation Basis - Groundwork Basis - First principle Basis - Rationale Basis - Footing Basis - Cornerstone Basis - Amount from which to figure sale profit Basis - Grounds Basis - Underlying principle Basis - Fundamental principle Basis - Bottom Basis - Starting point Basis - Foundation for something Basis - Part of a capital-gain calculation Basis - Justification Basis - Presupposition Basis - Reason Basis - Foundation, as of an argument Basis - Underpinning Basis - If your little sister has her degree, that gives her something to build on Basis - The 24 across way to get one into a fish Basis - A degree gives a foundation to one's little relative Basis - Does your little sister get a degree for the foundation? Basis - Foundation or support, or a main principle Basis - Underlying support for a theory Basis - Foundation or main principle Basis - Foundation of a theory or process Basis - Principle on which a theory is founded Basis - Main ingredient Basis - Principle Basis - Graduate joining sister foundation Basis - The first principle is to follow the bachelors Basis - Fish one consumed in foundation Basis - Foundation and front of building unchanged Basis - Degree to which sister will go for foundation Basis - On a need-to-know __ Basis - Main principle Basis - Foundation is supporting former undergraduates Basis - Support for anecdotes taken from xenophon's history Basis - Foundation exists to support scholars Basis - Ground, foundation Basis - Groundwork, foundation Basis - Underlying support Basis - First principle when taken in for a second time Basis - Form of support is provided by degrees Basis - Underlying support (for an idea) Basis - Male voice, one joining in support Basis - Principle single voice carries Basis - Ground's black under the current conditions Basis - Fundamental part in book unaltered Basis - Reason graduate succeeded with tips from instructors Basis - Singer needs one in support Basis - Book, in current state, providing foundation Basis - Underpinnings Basis - One getting into fish to find fundamental ingredient Basis - One's following graduate's groundwork Basis - Fish caught round island provides fundamental ingredient Basis - Fundamental ingredient found by one in the deep Basis - Groundwork by graduate with half-sister Basis - In a singer, ego is fundamental Basis - Groundwork of book unaltered Basis - Foundation is backing graduates Basis - Groundwork done by graduates one's completed Basis - Foundation exists to support graduates Basis - Bachelor and little sister form foundation Basis - Fish one caught is the fundamental ingredient Basis - In ground, one's in voice Basis - Something for player going around independent grounds Basis - Foundation of an argument Basis - Disco biscuits "___ for a day" Basis - Fire party song about the foundation of something? Basis - Demos: heard on a need-to-know ___ Basis - Singer touring one's grounds Basis - Fundament of individual bitten by fish Basis - Idea's foundation Basis - On a need-to-know ___ Basis - Need-to-know ___ Basis - Underlying support for an idea Basis - Singer tours one ground Basis - Bit of blusher, without changing foundation