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Mic - Tape rec. input

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  • Mic - Letter on M
  • 1 - st. word M
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word C

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Mic - 'american idol' prop Mic - 4-down's item Mic - Abbr. near an audio input Mic - Abbr. on an input jack Mic - Amp attachment Mic - Amp attachment, informally Mic - Amp input label Mic - Amp plug-in Mic - Amplifier jack letters Mic - Amplifier plug-in, for short Mic - Audio jack label Mic - Bit of a/v equipment Mic - Bit of karaoke bar equipment, informally Mic - Boom box abbr Mic - Boom box port Mic - Boom ___ Mic - Boom-box abbr Mic - Certain clip-on, briefly Mic - Dropped thing in a freestyle rap battle Mic - Emcee's aid Mic - Emcee's device Mic - Emcee's prop Mic - Hearing aid, briefly Mic - Hearing aid? Mic - Hip-hop handful Mic - Host of show holds one Mic - Input jack abbr Mic - Input-jack label Mic - It may be open at a bar Mic - It may be open at a comedy club Mic - It may get dropped Mic - It might be open at a bar Mic - It might receive feedback, briefly Mic - It's passed at many a rap show Mic - Item that names a person holding it when its middle letter is removed Mic - Jack insert, briefly Mic - Jack letters Mic - Karaoke need Mic - Karaoke need, briefly Mic - Karaoke need, casually Mic - Karaoke need, for short Mic - Karaoke prop, for short Mic - Karaoke singer's need, for short Mic - Karaoke stage item Mic - Label on a cassette recorder jack Mic - Lapel attachment Mic - Lapel attachment briefly, Mic - Lapel attachment for an interview Mic - Lapel attachment, on talk shows Mic - Mc's aid Mic - Mc's need Mic - One may be open at the bar Mic - Open __ Mic - Open __ night Mic - Open ___ Mic - Open ___ night Mic - Plug-in in an amp Mic - Rapper's handful Mic - Recorder input: abbr Mic - Recording abbr Mic - Recording aid briefly, Mic - Singer’s prop Mic - Small hearing aid? Mic - Speaker's amplifying aid, briefly Mic - Stand-up comic's need Mic - Stereo jack label Mic - Stereo jack letters Mic - Tape player port Mic - Tape rec. input Mic - Tape recorder abbr Mic - Tape recorder input (abbr.) Mic - Tape recorder jack label Mic - Tape-recorder jack label Mic - Voice amplifier Mic - Voice amplifier, briefly Mic - Voice amplifier, for short Mic - What a dj speaks into Mic - What a rapper raps into Mic - What an mc grips Mic - What an mc wears Mic - What rappers 'rock' Mic - Word after hot or open Mic - Word after open or hot Mic - You might say 'one, two' into one Mic - __ drop Mic - ___ drop (triumphant gesture after a winning performance)