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Natter - Yackety-yak

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Natter - A bit of caution at terms for talk Natter - Babble Natter - Beat one's gums Natter - Being more stylish, one missed the chinwag Natter - Casual conversation Natter - Casual talk Natter - Casually chat Natter - Chat Natter - Chat - gossip Natter - Chat away informally Natter - Chat busily Natter - Chat casually Natter - Chat informally Natter - Chat, getting into train at terminus Natter - Chatter Natter - Chatter (colloq.) Natter - Chatter idly Natter - Chew the fat Natter - Chew the fat, shoot the breeze Natter - Chinwag Natter - Flap one's gums Natter - Gab Natter - Gab Natter - Go on Natter - Go on and on Natter - Gossip Natter - Gossip maybe to jack - what a toad! Natter - Gossip to jack - what a toad! Natter - Gossip, maybe annoyingly Natter - How one gets near to having a chat about a teetotaller Natter - How one might talk of toad with jack Natter - Jaw Natter - Keep yakking about nothing Natter - Local talk of rent at building Natter - New topic not opened for discussion Natter - Ramble on Natter - Run off at the mouth Natter - Run on Natter - Run one's mouth Natter - Say plenty of nothing Natter - Shoot the breeze Natter - Talk about the jumper without jack Natter - Talk casually Natter - Talk continually or annoyingly Natter - Talk during commemoration at tercentenary Natter - Talk idly Natter - Talk inconsequentially Natter - Talk like this to jack for toad Natter - Talk like toad with jack? Natter - Talk nonstop Natter - Talk of jack for toad Natter - Talk of jack to ad Natter - Talk of this with jack to a d? Natter - Talk of toad! Natter - Talk on and on Natter - Talk socially without exchanging too much information Natter - Talk to jack, toad Natter - Talk too much Natter - Talk, talk, talk Natter - That's the way to talk to jack for the toad Natter - Thus might jack talk like toad Natter - Toad might talk like this to jack Natter - Toad, not sprat, is to chew the fat Natter - What a toad to talk to jack, one would be! Natter - Yackety-yak Natter - Yak Natter - Yak away Natter - Yak, yak, yak Natter - Yap