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Emeritus - Professor ___

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Emeritus - Like many a professor Emeritus - Professor ___ Emeritus - Retiree's designation Emeritus - Honored academic retiree Emeritus - Honorably retired professor Emeritus - Honorary title Emeritus - Part of an academic title Emeritus - Type of professor Emeritus - Retired prof's title Emeritus - Retired Emeritus - Retired, as a professor Emeritus - Retired prof Emeritus - He's kept on to give him time to muse about his career Emeritus - Retired and retaining title, say professor Emeritus - Use merit to describe retained title Emeritus - Rue items that describe person retired but retaining title Emeritus - Use remit for retained title of retired professional Emeritus - Title of one honourably retired from duty Emeritus - Description of retired professor who has retained his title Emeritus - Retired and retaining title as an honour Emeritus - Does 'e deserve to be with us? Emeritus - Fitting term to use about one that's retired Emeritus - Retired non-fliers, overweary at heart Emeritus - Retired? semi-true, unfortunately! Emeritus - See 23 Emeritus - Retired, as a chair Emeritus - With me in hospital ward situ, doctor refers to retired professor Emeritus - Retired female retained worth as an honorary professor Emeritus - Honourably retired but retaining title Emeritus - Retired, but retaining the title of one's office Emeritus - Honored retiree Emeritus - Keeping rank, retired, and suit reme organisation Emeritus - With hon. title in retirement Emeritus - Keeping hon. title in retirement Emeritus - No longer having old chair that's worth being kept by girl in recession Emeritus - (of professor) retired, but retaining title Emeritus - (of professor) retired but retaining the title Emeritus - Certain retiree's title Emeritus - Academic retiree Emeritus - Girl keeps watch perhaps when this retired don returns Emeritus - Title given to retired professor Emeritus - Retired and rues time wasted Emeritus - Retired title of susan holding up order inside Emeritus - Retired prof given warrant in eastern states Emeritus - One who's retired will have free time, sure! Emeritus - Retired and rues time worked Emeritus - Retired australian runner's holding flag aloft Emeritus - Retired fellow showing appeal in elaborate resume Emeritus - Time sure to be wasted for academically retired Emeritus - Retired australian natives conducting strange rite Emeritus - Retired person rues time at work Emeritus - Academic formerly with hull partner's going over tax returns Emeritus - Retired with time sure to be wasted Emeritus - Having retired, little woman retrospectively retains value Emeritus - Dicky is mature but with energy for a retired professor Emeritus - Former international body's without worth Emeritus - Misfit rues time out of university? it's academic! Emeritus - Retired female retains worth as an honorary professor Emeritus - Retired title, especially for a professor Emeritus - Non-fliers, holding us wheel-protector back, honourably discharged Emeritus - (of academic) keeping title after retirement Emeritus - Use timer training out of university? it's academic! Emeritus - Professor honourably retired Emeritus - Honorably retired Emeritus - Retired professor's status Emeritus - Take to court over retaining worth and title in retirement