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Ugli - Tangelo

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Ugli - Unattractive fruit that sounds that way Ugli - Wrinkly fruit Ugli - Aptly named fruit Ugli - Appropriately named fruit Ugli - Hybrid citrus fruit Ugli - Not a pretty fruit? Ugli - Fruit from jamaica Ugli - Tangelo Ugli - Citrus fruit Ugli - Jamaican fruit Ugli - Fruit that sounds unattractive Ugli - Jamaican export Ugli - Aptly named citrus fruit Ugli - Fruit with a wrinkled rind Ugli - Wrinkled fruit Ugli - Appropriately named citrus fruit Ugli - Tangelo variety Ugli - Fruit with wrinkled skin Ugli - Type of fruit Ugli - Wrinkly, yellowish fruit Ugli - Jamaican tangelo Ugli - ___ fruit (large tangelo) Ugli - Misshapen citrus Ugli - Jamaican hybrid fruit Ugli - Hybrid fruit Ugli - West indies citrus fruit Ugli - Tangelo trademark Ugli - Unattractive tropical fruit Ugli - Jamaican citrus Ugli - It's wrinkled and edible Ugli - ___ fruit Ugli - Trademarked fruit name Ugli - Wrinkly tangelo Ugli - Large tangelo Ugli - Citrus hybrid Ugli - Unsightly citrus fruit? Ugli - Large fruit Ugli - Wrinkly jamaican fruit Ugli - Not a pretty fruit Ugli - Certain large fruit Ugli - Jamaican citrus fruit Ugli - Not-so-cute fruit Ugli - Grapefruit hybrid Ugli - Large juicy fruit Ugli - Jamaican fruit export Ugli - Less-than-cute fruit Ugli - Wrinkly-skinned fruit Ugli - Homely fruit? Ugli - Not an attractive fruit Ugli - Hybridized fruit Ugli - Tangelo's kin Ugli - Unattractive fruit? Ugli - Good fruit with an unattractive name? Ugli - Gross-sounding fruit Ugli - Citrus variety Ugli - Fruit named for its appearance Ugli - Tangelo kin Ugli - Citrus fruit variety Ugli - Not a pretty-sounding fruit Ugli - Wrinkly citrus Ugli - Aptly named tropical fruit Ugli - Unattractive fruit Ugli - "the exotic tangelo from jamaica" trademark Ugli - Tangerine/grapefruit/orange hybrid Ugli - Fruit hybrid Ugli - Large, sweet, juicy fruit Ugli - Not so great-sounding name for a tangelo Ugli - Grapefruit cousin Ugli - Grapefruit-tangerine hybrid Ugli - Trademarked citrus Ugli - Hybrid citrus Ugli - Wrinkly produce section item Ugli - Wrinkly tangelo variety Ugli - "the exotic tangelo from jamaica" Ugli - Wrinkled citrus Ugli - Fruit that tastes better than it looks Ugli - Relative of a grapefruit Ugli - Fruit from the tropics Ugli - Homely fruit Ugli - Fruit Ugli - Large, sweet fruit Ugli - "unattractive" citrus Ugli - Citrus fruit similar to a grapefruit Ugli - Less-than-cute fruit? Ugli - Tangerine and grapefruit hybrid Ugli - Tangelo relative Ugli - Not a pretty sounding fruit Ugli - Uncomely citrus fruit? Ugli - Tangelo fruit Ugli - Wrinkly tangelo with an unattractive name Ugli - Wrinkled citrus fruit Ugli - Fruit that isn't pretti? Ugli - Rough-skinned tangelo Ugli - Aptly named hybrid Ugli - Hybrid citrus from jamaica Ugli - Grapefruit and tangerine hybrid Ugli - Grapefruit relative Ugli - Tropical fruit Ugli - Tangelo type Ugli - Misshapen citrus fruit Ugli - Hybrid fruit, sounds nasty Ugli - Unattractive jamaican fruit Ugli - Grapefruit-tangerine combo Ugli - Homely citrus fruit Ugli - Hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit Ugli - Tropical citrus fruit Ugli - Hybridized jamaican fruit Ugli - Furrowed fruit Ugli - Nasty sounding mongrel in the citrus grove Ugli - Fruit, nothing like a peach we hear Ugli - Fruit taken from william in italy Ugli - Fruit nasty, we hear Ugli - Fruit for the audience? that's not fair Ugli - Reportedly tasteless fruit Ugli - Fruit turning up in brazil, guyana etc Ugli - Citrus fruit of the west indies Ugli - West indian citrus fruit Ugli - Cross between tangerine, grapefruit and orange Ugli - Citrus fruit cross (which sounds offensive!) Ugli - Trademarked fruit Ugli - (repulsive-looking?) fruit Ugli - Cross between seville orange, grapefruit and tangerine Ugli - Trademark name for a hybrid citrus fruit Ugli - Wrinkly citrus fruit Ugli - "unattractive" jamaican fruit Ugli - Fruit with a wrinkly rind Ugli - Fruit that doesn't sound pretty Ugli - Mixing grapefruit and tangerine sounds awful Ugli - Large jamaican fruit Ugli - Wrinkly tangelo with a bad name Ugli - Hybrid edible Ugli - Unfortunately named fruit Ugli - Tangerine-grapefruit hybrid Ugli - Aptly named fruit? Ugli - Type of tangelo Ugli - Cross between grape­fruit and tangerine Ugli - Hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit Ugli - Unappealing-sounding fruit? Ugli - Trademarked tangelo Ugli - Unsightly fruit? Ugli - Fruit not looking so good, a third wasted Ugli - Good fruit with an unattractive name Ugli - Large fruit that's sorta like its name Ugli - Large juicy fruit with thick wrinkled skin Ugli - 'unattractive' citrus Ugli - Edible fruit Ugli - Fruit that's not cute Ugli - Fruit of jamaica Ugli - Certain citrus Ugli - Tangerine/grapefruit hybrid Ugli - Wrinkly skinned fruit Ugli - Wrinkly tropical fruit Ugli - Terrible-looking tangelo Ugli - Using litchi (outer parts only) or some other fruit Ugli - Fruit gobbled up by frail guy Ugli - Grapefruit/tangerine hybrid Ugli - Fruit of unpleasant appearance, so they say Ugli - Orange-grapefruit cross Ugli - Hybrid of grapefruit and tangerine Ugli - Bills go up regularly, in turn making one cross Ugli - Black/violet element Ugli - Saying morally repugnant, but it's pithy Ugli - A citrus fruit Ugli - Audibly threatening and cross Ugli - ___ fruit (tangelo variety) Ugli - Bad-looking fruit? Ugli - -- fruit (tangelo kin) Ugli - Fruit, cross between grapefruit and tangerine Ugli - Fruit, cross between grapefruit and orange Ugli - Fruit popular with the italian Ugli - Fruit of unpleasant appearance, so it's said Ugli - Fruit which customer for duckling suggested Ugli - Fruit picked up regularly throughout silly glut Ugli - Fruit's unpleasant, you'd have to say Ugli - Fruit of regular visits to bungaloid Ugli - Something fruity in jug -- lime? Ugli - Gathered in trug, light fruit Ugli - Citrus fruit some consider strange Ugli - Wrinkly fruit Ugli - Certain fruit Ugli - Fruit cores taken from huge saplings Ugli - Wrinkled tangelo Ugli - Fruit, nothing like a peach, we hear Ugli - Evil guy gobbles up fruit Ugli - Sounds like nasty fruit Ugli - It's discovered in slug-like wrinkly fruit Ugli - Jamaican fruit with an unattractive name Ugli - Unpeeled huge, slim fruit Ugli - ___ fruit (relative of a tangelo) Ugli - Unattractive-sounding hybrid fruit Ugli - Citrus fruit from jamaica Ugli - Unattractive citrus fruit Ugli - A fruit that sounds repulsive Ugli - Unattractive-sounding citrus Ugli - Citrus hybrid from jamaica Ugli - Plain-sounding fruit Ugli - Grapefruit/ tangerine hybrid Ugli - Citrus hybrid whose name suggests its appearance Ugli - Wrinkly-looking fruit Ugli - Fruit that isn't cute? Ugli - Fruit that's unlike peach, by the sound of it Ugli - Jamaican form of 6 Ugli - Certain jamaican fruit Ugli - Citrus named for its appearance Ugli - Fruit refined with difficulty cut in half Ugli - Wrinkly hybrid fruit Ugli - 'broadcast not fair!': sweet, wrinkly thing Ugli - Fruit named for its unsightliness Ugli - Relative of a tangelo Ugli - Wrinkly hybrid Ugli - This fruit bug lives to a limited extent Ugli - Trademarked citrus fruit Ugli - Thick skinned fruit Ugli - Unattractive-sounding tangelo variety Ugli - Grapefruit and tangerine cross Ugli - Jamaican form of tangelo Ugli - Fruit is nasty-looking, we hear Ugli - Fruit that's a cross between a grapefruit and an orange Ugli - Fruit that's a cross between a grapefruit and an orange Ugli - Unveil gum tree and turn up fruit