Fete - Celebration

Word by letter:
  • Fete - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Fete - Celebration Fete - Big bash Fete - Lavish party Fete - Bash Fete - Treat lavishly Fete - Honor with a party Fete - Big party Fete - Wine and dine Fete - Gala Fete - Big do Fete - It may be an honor Fete - Entertain grandly Fete - Pay high honor to Fete - Grand banquet Fete - Garden party Fete - Pay homage to Fete - Entertain an honoree Fete - Celebratory occasion Fete - Festive occasion Fete - Fancy affair Fete - Gala event Fete - White house affair, maybe Fete - Big celebration Fete - Lavish entertainment Fete - Elaborate party Fete - Party Fete - Big bash Fete - Grand celebration Fete - Red-carpet treatment Fete - Grandly honor Fete - Elaborate entertainment Fete - Fancy party Fete - Gala gathering Fete - Pay honor to Fete - Commemorate lavishly Fete - Lavish celebration Fete - Celebrate Fete - Grand affair Fete - Throw a party for Fete - Honor with a roast, say Fete - Fancy celebration Fete - Gala get-together Fete - Occasion for a 65-across Fete - Roast, e.g Fete - Honor with a dinner Fete - Elaborate bash Fete - Sounds as if it's one's destiny to raise money (4) Fete - Sounds as if one's destiny sounds bizarre Fete - Outdoor entertainment often for charity Fete - Outdoor get-together Fete - Festival, fiesta Fete - Outdoor entertainment run for charity Fete - A festival of feet Fete - Outdoor entertainment or sale, may be for charity Fete - Organised series of acts and performances Fete - Outdoor entertainment and sale, often for charity Fete - 'all the fun of the fair for destiny, by the sound of it (4)' Fete - Wine and dine lavishly Fete - Carnival produces a lot of sound Fete - Entertain a lot, say Fete - Putting the head in charge is fair Fete - Shuffling feet in the bazaar Fete - Sounds a lot to make much of Fete - French summer celebration Fete - Party payment tory leader's pocketed Fete - Carnival makes fortune, we hear Fete - Party time, charge around Fete - Event held to raise money Fete - Outdoor bazaar for charity Fete - Village festival Fete - (honour with) festivities Fete - Festival Fete - Garden event Fete - Outdoor gala Fete - Organised outdoor party or charitable event Fete - Outdoor festival Fete - Tory leader in charge of function Fete - Do put your feet in it Fete - Lavish bash Fete - __ champêtre: garden party Fete - If wet, he heads off for holiday Fete - Elaborate outdoor party Fete - Grandly celebrate Fete - Mardi gras, for one Fete - Grand party Fete - Charity garden party Fete - Celebrate a lot by the sound of it Fete - Honor in style Fete - Pull out all the stops for Fete - Festival; gala Fete - Wine and dine a lot, from what we hear Fete - Shakespearean clown's given up second charity event Fete - Entertain a lot, by the sound of it Fete - Fund-raising function; festival Fete - Marilyn monroe's real first name' constellation Fete - Party a lot, reportedly Fete - Outdoor function Fete - Lavishly entertain; charity function Fete - Fund-raising event Fete - Outdoor charity event Fete - Lavishly entertain stars, so to speak Fete - Celebrate payment - about time! Fete - Honour lavishly; outdoor function Fete - Money paid, over time, to entertain lavishly Fete - Service charge includes time and lavish entertainment Fete - Odd characters leaving after the party Fete - Fundraising event Fete - Fund-raising event held in cafeteria Fete - Honour death of speaker Fete - Celebrate the end of cut in pay Fete - Entertain lavishly, and a lot, we hear Fete - Outdoor charity function Fete - Charge includes opening of team charity event Fete - Cost includes tenor for gala Fete - Finishes for chef before breakfast dispute in charity event Fete - Festival makes an utter fortune Fete - Provide lavish entertainment, as is only fair Fete - Celebrate with cases of favourite tipple Fete - Gala money initiator of tombola brought in Fete - Celebration produces a lot of sound Fete - Fair sounding lot Fete - Party's destiny, we hear Fete - Time in charge is fair Fete - Festivity Fete - Holiday ill-fortune reported Fete - Bazaar Fete - Holiday festival Fete - Fair Fete - Fair time in charge Fete - Fine summer in france for a fair! Fete - Fair tory leader in charge Fete - A fair fortune, so they say Fete - Fair charge - about time! Fete - Celebration held in a cafeteria Fete - Party's destiny in speech Fete - Fine summer in provence for holiday Fete - Charity event making money over short time Fete - Report of how things turn out in charitable event Fete - Fair charge getting time inside Fete - Festival event Fete - Fine summer in france for holiday Fete - Holiday charge includes tea, we are told Fete - Fair; celebrate Fete - Praise paper covering eastern europe Fete - Celebrate; village fair Fete - France's summer celebration Fete - Fair chance, some say Fete - Honour head of transport in charge Fete - Announced what's going to happen to one charitable function Fete - Fair chance, some would say Fete - Outdoor party in safe territory Fete - Finishes for chef before breakfast dispute in carnival Fete - Big affair Fete - Fundraiser goes around feeling inadequate Fete - Garden party with lot to be announced Fete - Give a grand party for Fete - Cheese-paring on english holiday? Fete - Have a dinner for, say Fete - Iron lawrence found at the fair Fete - Blowout Fete - Celebrate fine summer in paris Fete - Fair to put the head in charge Fete - Celebrate a lot we hear Fete - Regale Fete - Outdoor celebration in tenerife terminated Fete - Épiphanie Fete - Swanky celebration Fete - Fiesta Fete - Lot heard making summer celebration Fete - Honor in a big way Fete - Honoré Fete - Supports making a switch to deliver celebration Fete - Red-carpet affair Fete - $1,000-a-plate dinner, maybe Fete - Some of the tenerife temperatures raises the capital and it's put to a good cause Fete - Outdoor party Fete - The charitable function of federal state banks? Fete - Honour lavishly Fete - Festival payment -- it's about time Fete - Parish event held in cafeteria Fete - Sale of goods and refreshments to raise funds for charity Fete - Iron outside of tie for party Fete - Wingding Fete - Honor with a dinner, say Fete - Honor with a dinner, say Fete - Charity event raising funds for part of wildlife teleconference
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Celebration (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - celebration. word on "F". 1 - st. letter F. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E.

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