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Primadonna - Tantrum thrower

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Primadonna - Italian for 'first lady' Primadonna - Tantrum thrower Primadonna - One who's rarely a team player Primadonna - Carlotta, in 29-down/60-across Primadonna - Hard-to-please one Primadonna - Temperamental diva, e.g Primadonna - Female opera star Primadonna - She's the first to be in 13 across Primadonna - Diva Primadonna - Leading lady, proverbially temperamental Primadonna - (over-sensitive) leading lady Primadonna - Britney spears? publicity stunt with international megastar Primadonna - Prince, one very keen on north american singer Primadonna - Publicity is not half wanted by mary, a right madam? Primadonna - Like schoolmarm taking trouble to upset girl, temperamental sort Primadonna - Very self-important person Primadonna - Pair one rock star with diva? Primadonna - Proper commotion, with knights confronting a lady centre stage Primadonna - One comes between prince and pop singer, a temperamental lady Primadonna - Proper fuss preceding heartless sister, a drama queen Primadonna - Demure mary, sharing bethlehem's ultimate star Primadonna - Publicity one pop star got for opera singer Primadonna - Prince seen with one star singer or another Primadonna - The sort of person to rip off the virgin mary? Primadonna - Crybaby suffered random pain Primadonna - Fairylike creature lacking energy, singer and temperamental type? Primadonna - One creating a scene in a prom and flipping out? Primadonna - Having regular parts in opera, one singer's a temperamental type Primadonna - Opera singer, and one leading pop star after publicity Primadonna - First lady to make a song and dance? Primadonna - High-maintenance sort Primadonna - Hard-to-please diva Primadonna - Rip-off. pop singer is no pop singer! Primadonna - Cantatrice qui tient le premier rôle Primadonna - Norman paid off by diva Primadonna - Vain, temperamental sort [7] Primadonna - 'rip' mistakenly put by female icon or diva