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Aced - Had a hole in one

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Aced - Made a great point Aced - Got 100 on Aced - Passed with flying colors Aced - Got 100 on, as a test Aced - Scored 100 on Aced - Shot one Aced - More than passed Aced - Put one past? Aced - Zipped through Aced - Got 100% on Aced - Put past? Aced - Sailed through Aced - Scored on serve Aced - The opposite of failed miserably Aced - Made a hole in one Aced - Had a hole in one Aced - Got no return, in a way Aced - Like a poor tennis player, frequently Aced - Served well Aced - Nicely served Aced - Earned a perfect score Aced - Did perfectly Aced - Breezed through Aced - Served a winner Aced - Served perfectly Aced - Didn't just pass Aced - Breezed through, as a test Aced - Opposite of flunked Aced - Passed and then some Aced - Didn't merely pass Aced - Caught flat-footed on a tennis serve, maybe Aced - Got an eagle on a par-3 Aced - Served well? Aced - Got a 100, plus extra credit Aced - Gave great service? Aced - Scored on the serve Aced - Passed easily Aced - Scored very well on Aced - Served perfectly, in tennis Aced - Got a top grade in Aced - Scored 100 out of 100, e.g Aced - Served past Aced - Scored perfectly Aced - Breezed through, as an exam Aced - Got a hole in one on Aced - Did great on, as a test Aced - Holed a drive Aced - Got a hole in one Aced - Handled perfectly Aced - Made a great point? Aced - Got no return in tennis Aced - Scored the highest grade Aced - Got the highest score on, e.g Aced - Served up a winner Aced - Passed handily Aced - Did great on Aced - Scored 100 on, e.g Aced - Nailed Aced - Served ideally Aced - Had a hole in one, e.g Aced - Served as well as possible Aced - Did well on Aced - Didn't just 51-down Aced - Finished with flying colors Aced - Completed perfectly Aced - Easily passed Aced - Got a perfect score on, e.g Aced - Scored 100% on Aced - Served superbly Aced - Got a perfect score on Aced - Got an a+ on Aced - Sailed through, as a test Aced - Completed without error Aced - Scored quickly against Aced - Made one on Aced - Served perfectly? Aced - Opposite of blew Aced - Shot one on Aced - Passed with ease Aced - Provided unbeatable service? Aced - Served to perfection? Aced - Served perfectly at wimbledon Aced - Did spectacularly on Aced - Nailed, as a test Aced - Scored very high on Aced - Got a 15-across on Aced - Scored perfectly on Aced - Did very well on, as a test Aced - Rocked, as a test Aced - Did very well on Aced - Hit a serve past Aced - Beat easily, with "out" Aced - Didn't bomb at all Aced - Served flawlessly Aced - Oned Aced - Nailed, as a 53-across Aced - Solved with ease Aced - Served them right? Aced - Whizzed through Aced - Scored very well Aced - Handled swimmingly Aced - Got an a-plus on Aced - Got no return? Aced - Got an a on Aced - Got the top grade Aced - Got the top grade on Aced - Got an a Aced - Got an a+ Aced - Eagled a par-3 Aced - Got a hole-in-one Aced - Scored 100 Aced - Shot a hole-in-one Aced - Passed, and then some Aced - Served very well Aced - Prevented a return Aced - Did spectacularly on, as a test Aced - Got a hole-in-one on Aced - Did perfectly on Aced - Killed, as a test Aced - Did extremely well on, as a test Aced - Beaten by a single stroke Aced - Scored a hole-in-one on Aced - Couldn't have done better on, as a test Aced - Didn't miss any questions on Aced - Prevented a return from Aced - Got a top grade on Aced - Didn't just pass a test Aced - Easily knocked off Aced - Served a ball past Aced - Scored 100 on, as a test Aced - Blasted through Aced - Completed without error, as a test Aced - Handled handily Aced - More than passed the test Aced - Waltzed through Aced - Got everything right on Aced - Crushed, as an exam Aced - Got a 41-across on Aced - Made no mistakes on Aced - After top honour, duke worsted in court, in a way Aced - Completed with one stroke Aced - Achieved a perfect score on Aced - Carded a hole in one Aced - Produced a perfect serve Aced - Passed with no trouble Aced - Got 100 on, say Aced - Crushed, so to speak Aced - Top-class daughter gave fine service Aced - Produced excellent service for 80% of the leading characters Aced - Part of peace dividend foiled with first shot Aced - Seven years almost up, perhaps, served in exemplary fashion Aced - Set the curve on, in a way Aced - Nailed, as an exam Aced - More than just passed Aced - Perfectly served Aced - Didn't get a return from Aced - Excelled, as on an exam Aced - Got nothing back from? Aced - Didn't have to putt on Aced - Got one's serve past Aced - Finished flawlessly Aced - Nailed, in a way Aced - Got 103% on (including extra credit) Aced - Nailed perfectly Aced - Made a great serve Aced - Competed on track, losing the lead, and beaten at tennis Aced - Crushed, as a test Aced - Sailed through audition Aced - Breezed through audition Aced - Nailed the audition Aced - Breezed through the audition Aced - Passed perfectly Aced - Served and scored, in tennis Aced - Crushed, as the final Aced - Answered all test questions perfectly Aced - One derbyshire opener beaten by unplayable ball Aced - Slipped one by, in a way Aced - Got completely correct Aced - Cruised through Aced - Scored 100 on, say Aced - Scored 100 percent on Aced - Performed flawlessly on Aced - Did more than pass Aced - Got all the questions right on Aced - Beat (out) Aced - Reached a golf hole in one shot Aced - Closed (out) Aced - Got 100% on, as a test Aced - Breezed through a test Aced - Completed with no errors Aced - Served smashingly Aced - Served without return