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Dec - Eggnog mo

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Dec - 'the holidays': abbr Dec - 'there might have been an ember there for a month, in short (3)' Dec - 12 of 12, briefly Dec - 12/ Dec - 12th mo Dec - 12th of 12, briefly Dec - 1998 compaq acquisition Dec - 31-day mo Dec - 71-across mo Dec - Advent mo Dec - Advent time: abbr Dec - Ant's geordie mate on saturday night Dec - Ant's partner Dec - Ant's tv partner Dec - Australian summer mo Dec - Big holiday mo Dec - Big mo. for "messiah" Dec - Big mo. for toy sales Dec - Big mo. for toy stores Dec - Big mo. for vacations Dec - Big mo. in retail Dec - Big mo. in the retail world Dec - Big travel mo Dec - Boston tea party mo Dec - Boxing day mo Dec - Boxing day's mo Dec - Brief time to shop? Dec - Busiest month for atm usage Dec - Busy bowl game mo Dec - Busy mo. for delivery companies Dec - Busy mo. for fedex Dec - Busy mo. for retailers Dec - Busy mo. for ups Dec - Busy month for the usps Dec - Busy time for malls: abbr Dec - Cal. closer Dec - Cal. end Dec - Cal. ender Dec - Cal. page Dec - Calendar abbr Dec - Calendar page: abbr Dec - Calendar pg Dec - Calendar ref Dec - Carol mo Dec - Carolers' mo Dec - Caroling mo Dec - Christmas mo Dec - Christmas time: abbr Dec - Cold mo Dec - Datebook abbr Dec - Eggnog mo Dec - End of the fourth qtr Dec - End of the fourth qtr., typically Dec - End of the yr Dec - End-of-the-year mo Dec - End-of-year abbr Dec - Final mo Dec - Follower of 46-across Dec - Follower of nov Dec - Four mos. after 20-down Dec - Fourth qtr. ender Dec - Fourth-qtr. month Dec - Fourth-quarter mo Dec - Hanukkah mo., this year Dec - Hanukkah's mo Dec - Holiday mo Dec - Human rights day mo Dec - It always starts on the same day of the week as sept Dec - It may get the last photo in the calendar: abbr Dec - Jan. preceder Dec - Jan.'s preceder Dec - Kwanzaa mo Dec - Kwanzaa time: abbr Dec - Last cal. page Dec - Last calendar pg Dec - Last mo Dec - Last of 12 pp Dec - Last of 12, for short Dec - Last of an annual dozen, briefly Dec - Last of the mos Dec - Last page in the calendar: abbr Dec - Last page of many calendars (abbr.) Dec - Last-qtr. month Dec - Main mo. in so-called 'oscar season' Dec - Mistletoe mo Dec - Mo. for turquoise Dec - Mo. for which tanzanite is a birthstone Dec - Mo. in which the nobel prizes are awarded Dec - Mo. known for lights Dec - Mo. kwanzaa begins Dec - Mo. of the year Dec - Mo. when bookstores have a lot of calendars Dec - Mo. when kwanzaa begins Dec - Mo. when norad tracks an annual delivery Dec - Mo. whose birthstone is turquoise Dec - Mo. with a solstice Dec - Mo. with the shortest day of the year Dec - Mo. with world peace meditation day Dec - Month after nov Dec - Month, abbr Dec - Natl. safe toys and gifts mo Dec - New year's eve ends it (abbr.) Dec - New year's eve mo Dec - Nobel prize day mo Dec - Nog mo Dec - Nov. follower Dec - One solstice mo Dec - Part of the fourth qtr Dec - Pearl harbor day mo Dec - Pearl harbor mo Dec - Present mo Dec - Present mo.? Dec - Present time, for short Dec - Present time: abbr Dec - Present time?: abbr Dec - Read a new book mo Dec - Safe toys and gifts mo Dec - Sagittarian's mo., probably Dec - Santa's mo Dec - School vacation mo Dec - Snowy mo Dec - Snowy mo., often Dec - Solstice mo Dec - Solstice time: abbr Dec - The present mo.? Dec - Universal human rights mo Dec - Washington holds election initially at the end of the year Dec - What 12 might mean (abbr.) Dec - When st. nick visits Dec - When the nov. 2000 election was over Dec - When winter starts: abbr Dec - Winter mo Dec - Winter solstice mo Dec - Winter-starting mo Dec - Wintry mo Dec - Xmas abbr Dec - Xmas mo Dec - Xmas month Dec - Xmas time Dec - Year end abbr Dec - Year ender, for short Dec - Year-end abbr Dec - Year-end abbr. ... Dec - Year-end calendar abbr Dec - Year-end mo Dec - Yr. closer Dec - Yr. end Dec - Yr. ender Dec - Yr.'s end Dec - Yr.-end month Dec - Yr.-end period Dec - Yr.-ending month Dec - Yule mo Dec - Yule time: abbr Dec - Yule's mo Dec - Yuletide mo Dec - ___ 20, natl. games day