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Taipei - Chiang's headquarters

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Taipei - Chiang kai-shek's capital Taipei - Asian capital of 2.6 million Taipei - Asian capital Taipei - Chiang's headquarters Taipei - Chinese capital Taipei - Nationalists' capital Taipei - Capital on the tanshui river Taipei - Taiwan's capital Taipei - Capital of 2.6 million Taipei - National capital since 1949 Taipei - Capital of taiwan Taipei - Republic of china capital Taipei - Eastern island capital Taipei - Taiwan city Taipei - Chinese nationalists' city Taipei - __ 101, world's tallest building Taipei - Chiang kai-shek memorial hall site Taipei - Taiwanese city Taipei - Chinese island metropolis Taipei - Capital ssw of seoul Taipei - Danshui river capital Taipei - Taiwan capital Taipei - ___ 101, world's tallest building, 2004-07 Taipei - Taiwanese capital Taipei - Major city off the coast of china Taipei - Taiwan metropolis Taipei - Southeast asian island metropolis Taipei - Island capital of 2.6 million Taipei - Capital city that hosted the 2007 baseball world cup Taipei - Asian island capital Taipei - Capital on the tan-shui Taipei - Asian capital Taipei - Chinese city Taipei - A chinese capital Taipei - Chinese island capital Taipei - Chiang kai-shek's city Taipei - City that lost its 'tallest building' distinction in 2007 Taipei - Patrick is back around one, taking an aer lingus flight for the asian city Taipei - Class of active person given a hearing in the capital Taipei - Capital of the republic of china Taipei - Word of advice about a flight on aer lingus from asian city Taipei - Capital affected by typhoons Taipei - Looking back, this is for detective getting at republic of china capital Taipei - Asian capital that was from 2004-07 home of the world's tallest building Taipei - Advice that is circulating about a foreign capital Taipei - Crown welcoming area that is built up in capital Taipei - Thanks for address for irish carrier of asian capital Taipei - Island capital between the east china sea and the south china sea Taipei - Asian capital nicknamed the city of azaleas Taipei - First person in secure institute gets asian capital Taipei - Home of the world's tallest building, 2004-10 Taipei - Capital asian wages, reportedly Taipei - Tamsui river capital Taipei - National dr. sun yat-sen memorial hall locale Taipei - Asian capital that's home to the dalongdong baoan temple and i'm sorry but that first word is hilarious Taipei - Chiang kai-shek memorial hall location Taipei - Far east capital Taipei - Country capital with the world's tallest building before the burj khalifa Taipei - Asian capital that sounds very tense Taipei - Republic of china's capital Taipei - Taiwanese metropolis Taipei - Irishman retires over his heart and takes aer lingus flight to asian capital Taipei - World's tallest building locale, 2004-2009