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Libya - Tripoli's locale

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Libya - Qaddafi's land Libya - Gulf of sidra locale Libya - Tripoli's locale Libya - Opec land Libya - Country with an all-green flag Libya - Tripoli's land Libya - Chad's northern neighbor Libya - Qaddafi's country Libya - It achieved independence in 1951 Libya - Tripoli's country Libya - Country on the mediterranean Libya - Saharan land Libya - Algeria neighbor Libya - Tripoli is its capital Libya - Tripoli's turf Libya - Nation with a solid green flag Libya - Country west of egypt Libya - Gulf of sidra setting Libya - Mediterranean land Libya - Muammar el-qaddafi's land Libya - African oil nation Libya - Arab league member Libya - Tobruk's land Libya - It's a little bigger than alaska Libya - Country whose flag is solid green Libya - North african nation Libya - Chad neighbor Libya - Muammar al-qaddafi's land Libya - Benghazi is there Libya - Chad's neighbor Libya - Subject of 2011 no-fly-zone debates Libya - Qaddafi's home Libya - Neighbor of egypt Libya - Neighbor of egypt Libya - Egypt neighbor Libya - Neighbor of chad Libya - Tripoli's nation Libya - Mummar al-gadaffi's country Libya - Colonel gadaffi's country Libya - Its flag is solid green Libya - Country with a 2011 civil war Libya - Party always backed by the state Libya - Party unknown to a foreign country Libya - The land transformed by ali Libya - North african republic Libya - North african country Libya - Petroleum-rich african desert country Libya - Tripoli locale Libya - Egypt's neighbor Libya - Opec member Libya - African opec member Libya - 2011 civil war setting Libya - Land that's mostly sahara desert Libya - Where idris was king Libya - Benghazi's land Libya - Politician always going around the country Libya - One can get by in the foreign country Libya - Land in tripoli by accident Libya - Year for king in house in country Libya - N. african country Libya - Politician with yen to take on a country Libya - Assault; pester Libya - Playbill includes retrospective of another country Libya - Times in trouble for upsetting the nation Libya - Times gets into trouble backing african country Libya - Party member with yen to oversee a whole country Libya - It is run in tripoli by arabs Libya - Land in trouble over involving times Libya - Party, unknown, leading a nation Libya - Country north of chad Libya - Its capital is tripoli Libya - N african country Libya - Benghazi is a coastal city in this country Libya - Country in north africa Libya - Country in n. africa Libya - Country invested in, say, billions after revolution Libya - Pay billionaire about to back country Libya - Egypt's neighbour Libya - Saharan nation Libya - Algeria's neighbour Libya - Gadhafi ruled it, once Libya - I passed in us city or north african country Libya - African country in past beset by revolutionary trouble Libya - Onetime italian colony on the mediterranean Libya - Destination getting into tripoli by air? Libya - Country in the balance - yen for end of war? Libya - Arab spring country Libya - Tripoli's home Libya - Opec member since 1962 Libya - Nation on the mediterranean Libya - Nation west of egypt Libya - Modern home of ancient tripolitania