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Papa - One-fourth of a '60s group

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Papa - Perry como's '___ loves mambo' Papa - Madonna's '___ don't preach' Papa - Bear of literature Papa - A bear Papa - Tot's cry Papa - Hemingway's handle Papa - John paul, e.g., to the italians Papa - Haydn's sobriquet Papa - One of the three bears Papa - Family man Papa - Bishop of roma Papa - Daddy Papa - Family pillar Papa - Mate of 1-across Papa - Storybook bear Papa - Family member Papa - One-fourth of a '60s group Papa - "---was a rollin' stone" Papa - Dad Papa - John phillips, professionally Papa - Fairy-tale bear Papa - "--- was a rolling stone" (temptations hit) Papa - '___ was a rollin' stone' Papa - One of the smurfs Papa - Old man Papa - Member of a '60s singing group Papa - Bear in the big chair Papa - Biggest bear, of three Papa - Hemingway sobriquet Papa - Family member, familiarly Papa - Bear name Papa - One of three bears Papa - Hemingway moniker Papa - Bear of a story Papa - 'come to ___' Papa - Bear that children hear about Papa - Hemingway, for one Papa - Tevye, to hodel Papa - Smurf elder Papa - One-fourth of a '60s pop group Papa - Sobriquet for haydn Papa - Mama's mate Papa - Mama's partner Papa - Term of affection for 37-across Papa - A smurf Papa - Famous bear Papa - Biggest of the three bears Papa - Literary sobriquet Papa - Smurf patriarch Papa - 542-year-old smurf Papa - Bear or hemingway Papa - Haydn sobriquet Papa - P, in radio lingo Papa - One bear Papa - Bear in a kid's tale Papa - Haiti's ___ doc Papa - "___ was a rollin' stone" Papa - Father Papa - Mama's spouse Papa - Hemingway nickname Papa - Haydn or hemingway Papa - Big-chair bear Papa - ___ john's Papa - What a junior might call a senior Papa - The eldest smurf Papa - Sobriquet for singer john phillips Papa - ___ bear Papa - Haydn nickname Papa - He was a rolling stone in song Papa - Largest of the three bears Papa - He was a rollin' stone Papa - Storied bear Papa - Man for mama Papa - Madonna's '__ don't preach' Papa - "___ was a rollin' stone" (1972 hit) Papa - With 39 across, prime minister st laurent Papa - Hemingway handle Papa - Bear with a big chair Papa - One of goldilocks' victims Papa - Nickname for hemingway Papa - Madonna begged him not to preach Papa - "come to ___" Papa - P, in a phonetic alphabet Papa - Haydn's handle Papa - Nickname for hemingway or haydn Papa - Streisand song addressee Papa - Bear in the goldilocks story Papa - Mama loves him Papa - Nickname of margaux and mariel's grandfather Papa - ___ john's (domino's competitor) Papa - Family nickname Papa - Young boxers Papa - Three bears patriarch Papa - Bear in a tale Papa - Smurf leader Papa - One of a storied trio Papa - Address of many pizzerias? Papa - The family guy Papa - Ernest hemingway's nickname Papa - Bear whose bed was too hard Papa - Nickname for haydn Papa - Person honored in this puzzle Papa - "___ loves mambo" Papa - Baby bear's dad Papa - ___ john's (pizza chain) Papa - 'come to ___!' Papa - Parent Papa - Smurf who wore red clothes Papa - With 10-across, sobriquet for bill o'reilly used by 39-across Papa - Bearded smurf Papa - Bear with too-hot porridge Papa - Bear whose porridge was deemed too hot Papa - Mama's man Papa - Bear with a hard bed Papa - Senior smurf Papa - Certain bear? Papa - Smurf with a beard Papa - One of the bears Papa - Heming-way nickname Papa - One of a bear trio Papa - Hemingway or haydn Papa - Mama's other half Papa - "__, can you hear me?": song from "yentl" Papa - He comes at the double with his family Papa - Joe, to ted Papa - A father or two Papa - Eddie fisher's 'oh! my ___' Papa - Elderly smurf Papa - ___ roach ('scars' band) Papa - The old man Papa - Oscar-quebec go-between Papa - This father at fifty is like the pope Papa - Mama's main man Papa - Mediocre writing by a follower of oscar Papa - "come to ___!" Papa - Husband of mama Papa - Father repeats himself Papa - Household moniker Papa - Literary nickname Papa - Oldest smurf Papa - With 46-across his porridge was too hot , Papa - Hemingway's nickname Papa - Respected smurf Papa - Father repeats himself for pope Papa - Letter after oscar Papa - Smurfette's old man Papa - "__ was a rollin' stone": temptations hit Papa - Quebec preceder, to pilots Papa - Bear with the biggest chair Papa - Bear whose porridge was too hot Papa - One of the 44 across Papa - Male family figure Papa - Not mama Papa - Comms code for 'p' Papa - Nickname of john schnatter of chain fame Papa - Dada Papa - Haiti's ______ doc duvalier Papa - Bear with the big chair Papa - Title for conservative pizza magnate john schnatter Papa - Family guy Papa - 41-down's mate Papa - Bear seen by goldilocks Papa - Father; p (radio comms.) Papa - The old man needs two assistants in the office Papa - Father, p (radio comms.) Papa - Pop publicists Papa - Two old men, one after oscar Papa - Oscar follower's nonsense on opening of awards Papa - Father; p (radio) Papa - One offering up a teat? wrong parent! Papa - Old man cut fruit Papa - Oscar's successor in pop Papa - Dear old dad Papa - Member of a '60s quartet Papa - Patriarchal nickname Papa - Nickname in the family Papa - Mama's other half? Papa - Mama's love Papa - '___ don't preach' (#1 madonna hit) Papa - Smurf in red Papa - Bear with a hard chair Papa - "___ don't preach" (madonna hit) Papa - Daddy] Papa - Old man has wages cut, then doubled Papa - Dad, at half past, starts packing Papa - The old man that's after oscar Papa - Biggest of the berenstain bears Papa - Parent has two personal assistants Papa - Theme of the puzzle Papa - It comes between oscar and quebec in the phonetic alphabet Papa - Feature of mum first to attract dad Papa - Nana's son Papa - Letter between oscar and quebec Papa - Daddy found in the three longest across answers Papa - Guy in the nato phonetic alphabet Papa - June honoree Papa - Mama's guy Papa - Nickname of ernest hemingway Papa - Kid-lit bear Papa - P, in the nato phonetic alphabet Papa - Famous bear? Papa - Sobriquet for food-industry vip john schnatter Papa - *___ john's Papa - Storied bear with a hard chair Papa - Hemingway's moniker Papa - He was a "rolling stone" Papa - He was a "rollin' stone"? Papa - Carl weathersby "come to ___" Papa - One of three fairy-tale bears Papa - Terme familier et affectueux Papa - Leader of the smurfs Papa - Bear whose bed was too hard for goldilocks Papa - Bear with a hard chair and bed Papa - A bear encountered by goldilocks Papa - Mama's mate, often Papa - Bear with a hard bed and chair Papa - The bearded smurf Papa - Rollin' stone, in a motown classic Papa - Madonna "___ don't preach" Papa - Pop to see oscar's successor Papa - Bear whose chair goldilocks tries first Papa - Take unauthorised photo of a man with offspring Papa - 'goldilocks' bear with the hardest bed Papa - Letter before quebec in the phonetic alphabet Papa - Fatherly nickname Papa - Father; p Papa - Pizza magnate "___ john" schnatter Papa - Pizza maker john schnatter's nickname Papa - Oscar follower, in communications Papa - With 57-across, storied hot-porridge eater Papa - 'come to ___!' (gambler's cry) Papa - Who is told 'don't preach,' in a madonna hit Papa - Father; letter p Papa - Nato phonetic alphabet letter after oscar Papa - Nato phonetic alphabet letter after oscar Papa - Old man, twice party leader