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Curse - Invoke misfortune

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Curse - Invoke misfortune Curse - Whammy Curse - Persistent bad luck Curse - Imprecation Curse - Put the whammy on someone Curse - One that's ill-prepared? Curse - Turn the air blue Curse - 'may you live in interesting times,' e.g Curse - Call evil upon Curse - Put a hex on Curse - Pox Curse - Say '@#$%!' Curse - Witch's threat Curse - Hex Curse - A mummy may have one Curse - Evil legacy Curse - Give a damn? Curse - This spell's trouble Curse - Oath Curse - Treasure hunter's worry Curse - Witch's bestowal Curse - Swear Curse - Deleted part Curse - Witch's hex Curse - Reason for the woes of 20-across, supposedly Curse - Blaspheme Curse - Swear like a sailor Curse - Jinx Curse - Evil spell Curse - What a mummy might have Curse - Give a fuck, say Curse - Place a hex on Curse - '#@&%!,' e.g Curse - Use four-letter words Curse - Talk a blue streak? Curse - Swear-word Curse - You'd swear there's a little sulphur in the remedy Curse - Profane or obscene expression Curse - It's no blessing to make it well around the south Curse - Oath or a call for evil to come upon person Curse - Imprecation or oath Curse - Unlucky charm Curse - Malediction or expletive Curse - You'd swear they're brutal over the east Curse - You'd swear this'd get you well about the south Curse - You'd swear those are the dogs 'e follows Curse - You'd swear the brutes get to the east Curse - Damn Curse - 'damn!,' e.g Curse - One may bring eternal bad luck Curse - Swear because hounds get early start Curse - South in remedy for a 9 in scotland Curse - Some security is violated - damn! Curse - Medicine containing sulphur is a disaster Curse - Swear - oath Curse - Execrate Curse - Evil spell - oath Curse - Cuss Curse - Blasphemous cry Curse - Bit of voodoo Curse - Trouble for a tomb raider Curse - Wish evil on Curse - Invoke evil upon Curse - Opposite of a blessing Curse - Blasphemy Curse - Malediction Curse - Expletive Curse - Scoundrels ultimately misbehave and use bad language Curse - "dog" is term of abuse - so is this Curse - Blaspheme; damn Curse - Priests get special rise for oath Curse - Imprecate Curse - Swear solution's about right Curse - Execration Curse - Swear that sulphur is included in the remedy Curse - Swear remedy involves sun Curse - Swear there�s nothing missing from sequence of treatment Curse - Damn solution consuming last of brains Curse - Swear sulphur is part of remedy Curse - Plague remedy includes sulphur Curse - Swear by remedy when taking in sun Curse - Swear remedy needs to include sulphur Curse - Caught gaelic as spoken word -- crude language Curse - Invocation of evil; swear Curse - Bane Curse - Tomb raider's worry Curse - A mummy may have one, perhaps Curse - Swear there's nothing missing from the circuit Curse - Wish harm on Curse - Damn dogs chase charles away Curse - With 45- and 58-across, frequent result of a diyer's attempt to do 17-/29-across Curse - College pool fails to open for a spell Curse - Opposite of blessing Curse - Use foul language Curse - Sleeping beauty was under one Curse - Say "[email protected]#$%" Curse - Wish evil upon Curse - Fixes for son to get a small promotion? damn! Curse - Vulgarity often rejected by editor, to be replaced by literary stars? Curse - Evil bestowal Curse - Risk getting bleeped Curse - Say bad words Curse - Mean witch's pronouncement Curse - Put a whammy on Curse - Put a whammy on Curse - Swear nothing is taken from path