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Loses - Comes in second, third or fourth

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  • Loses - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word S

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Loses - Accepts defeat Loses - Allows to get away Loses - Blows, perhaps Loses - Comes in last Loses - Comes in second Loses - Comes in second, third or fourth Loses - Comes up short Loses - Comes up short, say Loses - Ditches Loses - Doesn't carry the day Loses - Doesn't maintain Loses - Doesn't win Loses - Draws the short straw, say Loses - Drops in the standings, perhaps Loses - Earns the booby prize Loses - Emulates many las vegas visitors Loses - Emulates most las vegas visitors Loses - Fails Loses - Fails to prevail Loses - Fails to retain Loses - Fails to show Loses - Fails to win Loses - Falls short, in points Loses - Finishes a close second Loses - Finishes last Loses - Finishes out of the money Loses - Finishes second Loses - Finishes second at best Loses - Finishes with fewer votes Loses - Forfeits Loses - Gets bested Loses - Gets knocked off Loses - Gets licked Loses - Gets licked, in battle of bands Loses - Gets rid of, as weight Loses - Gets the booby prize Loses - Gets the consolation prize Loses - Gets the high score ... in golf Loses - Gets the short end Loses - Gets whupped Loses - Gives the slip Loses - Gives the slip to Loses - Goes down Loses - Goes down to defeat Loses - Has confiscated Loses - Heads for the cellar Loses - Is defeated Loses - Is deprived of Loses - Is stopped on the field Loses - Is unable to find Loses - Leaves in the dust Loses - Manages to elude Loses - Meets one's waterloo Loses - Mislays Loses - Mislays or is defeated Loses - Misoplaces Loses - Misplaces Loses - No w, in s Loses - One just can't win if there's such a loss around the east Loses - Places last Loses - Seems there's no w in this Loses - Seems there's no win this when one does it Loses - Shakes Loses - Shakes off Loses - Shakes, as a tail Loses - Shakes, as in a car chase Loses - Shakes, so to speak Loses - Squanders Loses - Succeeds with one's diet Loses - Suffers a 47-across Loses - Suffers defeat Loses - Suffers defeats Loses - Takes a dive Loses - Takes a drubbing Loses - Takes a licking Loses - Takes it on the chin Loses - There's no w in this Loses - Throws, say Loses - To have one foot in the water is enough to make your pet droop Loses - What second place at battle of the bands does Loses - Wins the battle of the bulge, ironically