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Straight - Lead-in for face or flush

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Straight - Lead-in for face or flush Straight - Flat Straight - ___ as an arrow Straight - Poker hand Straight - Good poker hand Straight - Linear Straight - No twisted sound of 27 across Straight - Not to be a crook is enough to make a tart sigh Straight - Five cards in sequence makes this neat Straight - It's on the cards it's not 18 across Straight - You don't need to be a crook to have five like this in hand Straight - Gets the art back in sight, directly Straight - Having no deviations Straight - One might be honest to have this in hand with the poker Straight - Directly the painting turns up in sight Straight - Back art with insight and without a corner in it Straight - Cards in sequence without a bend Straight - Honest and direct Straight - Without deviation Straight - Poker hand with 5 consecutive cards Straight - Without curve or bend Straight - With no deviations Straight - Uncurved Straight - How painting comes up without a bend in sight Straight - No deviations Straight - Honest, not crooked Straight - Without deviations or curves Straight - Sat right in unbending way Straight - Direct, having no deviations Straight - Five-in-hand in sequence with the poker Straight - For poker it has not got a bent Straight - Undiluted art up in sight Straight - You need a poker for a five that don't have to follow suit Straight - Art in sight of sound of 9 across Straight - The water sounds narrow in sequence for the poker Straight - Our beach is in sight, frank Straight - Frank, a saint? a right drunk! Straight - Frank and art returned in a sense Straight - Frank's flat Straight - Frank, no mixer Straight - Neat hand Straight - In a sense, abstract art is conventional Straight - Honest - direct Straight - Direct Straight - Instantly - honest Straight - Neat (of drinks) Straight - Unembellished paintings turned up in vision Straight - Not going around in circles here if that's not too forward Straight - Poker-winning hand Straight - Unbending Straight - Of course, part is in apple-pie order Straight - Seven, six, five, four, three on the cards, honest! Straight - Unwavering Straight - Poker hand, 5 consecutive cards Straight - Not curved or bent Straight - Undeviating Straight - Reliable rig that's exploded Straight - Frank view about art going the wrong way Straight - Classic finishing six? Straight - Heterosexual (colloq.) Straight - (of drink) undiluted Straight - Respectable poker hand Straight - Liking the opposite sex in proper place Straight - Unswerving Straight - Plain-speaking in a row Straight - Neat square Straight - Candid, vocalising one of those dire difficulties? Straight - Seven, six, five, four, three to be honest! Straight - Plain-spoken Straight - Poker hand of 5 consecutive cards Straight - Honest Straight - Yet a crooked dealer may deal himself one Straight - Immediately right about a good man coming first Straight - Neat and honest Straight - Frank is not kinky Straight - Honestly, it isn't crooked Straight - Flat that's neat Straight - A winning hand - honest! Straight - Part of a race-course you won't find cheating jockeys on? Straight - Direct channel round ends of greenwich Straight - In a direct line Straight - Honest tory holding ace on street... Straight - Normal maritime passage in broadcast Straight - Honest about a hand at poker? Straight - ...just for a good hand? Straight - Immediately see frame for painting is upside-down Straight - Undiluted Straight - Frank brings craft up into view Straight - Even less than a flush Straight - Respectable hand Straight - Five to nine, for example? right Straight - Conventional and revolutionary paintings, say, in spectacle Straight - Sound heard that's dramatically serious Straight - Honest view about retrograde art Straight - View about pictures put back to front? not funny! Straight - Candid Straight - Someone saintly and correct penning article that's plainly expressed Straight - Directly; neat Straight - Neat poker hand Straight - Conventional poker hand Straight - Raised skill, in a sense, in finishing part of course Straight - Uninterrupted narrow passage in the ear? Straight - Fidgeting, sat right honourable Straight - Honest end of a course Straight - Honest view about what's on gallery wall being upside-down Straight - Any sequence of five cards in poker Straight - That sounds sound to be honest Straight - Poker hand of five consecutive cards Straight - Honest hand? Straight - Frank's mouth mostly visible? Straight - Frank is right about answer after serious thought, initially Straight - A type of 1a 45, or a fast part of a racing circuit Straight - Unbending hand not pulling any punches Straight - Frank view about paintings put up Straight - Frank blunt? Straight - Poker hand like a poker face?