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Parabola - Firecracker's path

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Parabola - Result of plotting, perhaps Parabola - Firecracker's path Parabola - It has a mathematical focus Parabola - Geometric curve Parabola - Satellite dish curve shape Parabola - Mathematical curve Parabola - Graph of the equation y = ax2 + bx + c Parabola - Certain conic section, in math Parabola - What's represented by x2 = 4py Parabola - Trajectory shape Parabola - Curve like path of object thrown in the air Parabola - Curve like path of thrown object Parabola - Section for muslim (probably) in croatian port Parabola - Trajectory of missile soldier shot high in air over area Parabola - Conic section Parabola - Curve - arab opal (anag) Parabola - Kind of curve Parabola - A conic section Parabola - It looks like something may be thrown in this section Parabola - A polar bear regularly jumping in an arc Parabola - Symmetrical curve Parabola - A high throw and a knock skyward will show this path Parabola - Wild boar blocking friend by curved path Parabola - (mathematical) curve Parabola - Type of curve Parabola - Flight of a bowl before a knock up? Parabola - Knock back a shot with backspin, achieving a curve Parabola - Shape of curve described by moor in almost arctic environment Parabola - A high shot, one hit on the turn, might describe this Parabola - Norm has a short missile for this trajectory Parabola - Curve in a tennis shot coming up after one following service? Parabola - Curve ball from spain undermines good round by amateur Parabola - Soldier retraced a launch's curve Parabola - Described by a throw before a strike back? Parabola - One of the conic sections of a curve Parabola - A pitch then a strike turning in curve