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Adage - 'love thy neighbor' is one Adage - Saw Adage - Words of wisdom Adage - 'too many cooks spoil the broth,' e.g Adage - 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it,' e.g Adage - 'waste not, want not,' e.g Adage - Saying Adage - 'time is money,' e.g Adage - Byword Adage - "haste makes waste," e.g Adage - "a neat ship is a sweet ship," e.g Adage - "what goes around, comes around," e.g Adage - Wise old saying Adage - Wise saying Adage - Ben franklin witticism Adage - Old saw Adage - "beauty is only skin deep," e.g Adage - Often-quoted line Adage - Condensed, memorable saying Adage - Traditional saying Adage - "that's life!" e.g Adage - Old saying Adage - You can say that again Adage - "time is money," e.g Adage - Truism Adage - "love conquers all," e.g Adage - Oft-repeated words of wisdom Adage - Poor richard's almanack item Adage - Succinct saying Adage - "a stitch in time saves nine," e.g Adage - Memorable saying Adage - Traditional truism Adage - Maxim Adage - Proverb Adage - Condensed but memorable saying Adage - "penny-wise, pound-foolish," e.g Adage - Silence is golden, e.g Adage - Timeworn truism Adage - "look before you leap," e.g Adage - Poor richard's forte Adage - Age-old expression Adage - "a stitch in time ...," e.g Adage - Bit of folk wisdom Adage - Saying to remember Adage - Time-honored truism Adage - "crime doesn't pay," e.g Adage - Bit of wisdom Adage - "look before you leap," for example Adage - Part of poor richard's almanack Adage - "penny wise, pound foolish," e.g Adage - Pithy saying Adage - Simple saying Adage - Bit of old wisdom Adage - Maxim or saw Adage - Words to the wise Adage - Murphy's law, e.g Adage - Madison ave. publication Adage - "waste not, want not," e.g Adage - Words to live by Adage - "a stitch in time" starts one Adage - Sometime sampler stitching Adage - "beggars can't be choosers," e.g Adage - 'time is money,' for one Adage - "measure twice, cut once," e.g Adage - Memorable words Adage - Oft-repeated words Adage - "still waters run deep," for example Adage - "what goes up must come down," e.g Adage - 'poor richard's almanack' bit Adage - "if the shoe fits, wear it," e.g Adage - "he who hesitates is lost," e.g Adage - 'still waters run deep,' for example Adage - Oft-repeated dictum Adage - Item in 'poor richard's almanack' Adage - "beauty is only skin-deep," e.g Adage - Proverbial saying Adage - Words from the wise Adage - Pithy platitude Adage - "haste makes waste," for one Adage - Common observation Adage - "love conquers all" is one Adage - "money talks," for one Adage - 'love is blind,' e.g Adage - "too many cooks spoil the broth," e.g Adage - It may become a cliché Adage - "red sky at night, sailor's delight," e.g Adage - Timeworn observation Adage - Time-tested truism Adage - "let sleeping dogs lie," e.g Adage - "time is money," for one Adage - Wise words Adage - Wise truism Adage - "a watched pot never boils" is one Adage - Saw this as a time for advertisement Adage - Saw father had returned before time Adage - Proverb or saying Adage - Proverb, saw Adage - Old saying, maxim Adage - True old saying Adage - Saw, proverb Adage - "nothing ventured nothing gained," e.g Adage - Terse truth Adage - Saw how long the commercial ran Adage - "a watched pot never boils," for one Adage - Pearl of wisdom Adage - 'poor richard's almanack' inclusion Adage - Short statement expressing a general truth Adage - One might be rendered in needlepoint Adage - Saw an american lawyer, for example, taken aback Adage - Saw notice on time Adage - Saw a daughter grow old Adage - Saw girl, huge, being cut in half Adage - Notice antiquity of a proverb Adage - Saw, say, a girl upset Adage - Saw bill decline Adage - Saw a number ahead of time Adage - "two heads are better than one," for one Adage - 'honesty is the best policy,' e.g Adage - Old truism Adage - 'honey catches more flies than vinegar,' e.g Adage - "time flies," e.g Adage - "nothing ventured, nothing gained," for one Adage - Terse observation Adage - Cliché, often Adage - Saw commercial season Adage - "love is blind," e.g Adage - 'a penny saved is a penny earned,' e.g Adage - 'don't shit where you eat,' e.g Adage - "haste makes waste", e.g Adage - "don't count your chickens before they hatch," e.g Adage - 'let sleeping dogs lie,' e.g Adage - Oft-quoted saying Adage - Saw one’s daughter get on Adage - 'if the shoe fits, wear it,' e.g Adage - Aphorism Adage - Slogan of the commercial era Adage - Saying a jocular oath the wrong way Adage - Saying old-fashioned goodness needs a backing Adage - Saw lady macbeth's poor cat mentioned here? Adage - Saying of lovelace, say, has turned up Adage - Proverb expressing a general truth Adage - Proverb, maxim Adage - Old saying, proverb Adage - Saw notice with only half the meeting's items Adage - Saying a mild oath when upset Adage - Saw girl with large us corporation Adage - Old saying; proverb Adage - True proverb or saying Adage - True proverb Adage - Familiar saying Adage - 'poor richard's almanack' item Adage - "what goes around, comes around," for one Adage - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," e.g Adage - 'better safe than sorry,' e.g Adage - Pearl of wisdom, perhaps Adage - "that's how the ball bounces," e.g Adage - Saw a daughter get on Adage - Saying a daughter needs to become more mature Adage - Regulars in hard gang few saw Adage - Saw an american lawyer (with good english) Adage - Saw a number over a period of time Adage - Saw bill get on Adage - Saw a large number grow old Adage - Saw a dunderhead get on Adage - Saying, saw Adage - Axiom Adage - Saw a daughter get mature Adage - ... saying: 'notice the time' Adage - Saw maturity after promotion Adage - Saying 9 say said say regularly Adage - Advert contracted at great expense. but what are they principally saying? Adage - Saw a duke grow old Adage - Saw a duke get older Adage - Maxim for our time Adage - A saying Adage - Saw commercial decline Adage - Proverb; saw Adage - Often-quoted saying Adage - Commercial will take a very long time -- say it again and again! Adage - Dictum Adage - Bit of grandmotherly advice Adage - Saw; proverb Adage - What may follow 'they say' Adage - Memorable maxim Adage - Timeworn words Adage - Saw commercial article, as an example, being sent back Adage - 'as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving nazis or hitler approaches one,' for one Adage - Saw a duke decline Adage - Saying 'gadzooks!', ace relapses Adage - "two wrongs don't make a right," e.g Adage - "money talks," e.g Adage - 'every dog has its day,' e.g Adage - 'look before you leap,' e.g Adage - 'poor richard's almanack' offering Adage - Poor richard pronouncement Adage - Old maxim Adage - 'money talks,' say Adage - 'haste makes waste,' e.g Adage - Apothegm Adage - "poor richard's almanack" bit Adage - "a closed mouth gathers no foot," e.g Adage - Maxime Adage - Maxime ancienne et populaire Adage - "clothes make the man," e.g Adage - 'better a witty fool, than a foolish wit,' e.g Adage - "better a witty fool, than a foolish wit," e.g Adage - "many hands make light work," e.g Adage - "stupid is as stupid does," e.g Adage - Time-honored saying Adage - Time-honored saying Adage - Instead, a general saying Adage - Instead, a general saying Adage - Old saw? Adage - Saying american lawyer is in time